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Jun 032008

Okay, not the Wii itself rather the Wii points cards. These are going to be an environmental disaster. The small plastic credit card sized card comes in a 5×7 inch plastic clamshell package. When global warming takes its toll we can all turn to Nintendo and point fingers. Why aren’t these points cards printed on cardboard and why are they in such huge plastic containers?

Wii Plastic PointsNintendo needs to take a page from the pre-paid cell phone people who have been doing this point thing a lot longer. Print on recyclable paper and require the card to be activated by the cashiers at the time of purchase. Come on Nintendo wake up to the greener side of gaming.

I know I will be buying my points right through the console or maybe online if available, but I won’t add any more plastic to the landfill by buying the points through a retailer. Besides if they killed the huge plastic packages maybe they could give us more points for our twenty bucks.

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