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May 012008

Beer and Cigarettes Beer and cigarettes, not your usual treats for kids is it? When my nieces were little and my mom would be watching them they would stop by this little local general store and buy just that, beer and cigarettes.

Okay, so it was root beer and candy sticks (called candy cigarettes back in my day). They would love this. Made them feel like they were being bad and all grown up. (Funny thing about this is no one in the family drinks or smokes in real life. So where do the kids get these ideas? TV?)

 Now they are just about all grown up (20 and 17) but the other day when we were passing that little store we asked if they wanted to stop in for beer and cigarettes and the answer was yes. We got an added bonus of (bubble gum) cigars too.

So we had ourselves a wild little party of Guitar Hero, beer and cigarettes. Pretty fun afternoon especially since the teenagers decided to hang out with us old farts.

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