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Aug 132008

Okay, so I guess Bela and I are not the only ones out there questioning whether the Chinese girls were of the minimum 16 years old for Olympic gymnasts. Here is a list of what the world is searching for on this matter (not like it matters as we’ll never know the truth. The Chinese government says they are 16 so therefore we must all believe them to be 16 even if they are only 14 or younger). Besides they did an amazing job and have the gold medal to prove it.

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Well it looks like Deng Linlin’s teeth have given them away. The Chinese really should have instructed her to keep her mouth shut so we wouldn’t see them. If this is happening on my little site I would like to see what is happening on Yahoo or Google right about now. I am just having fun watching this whole thing unfold. It really all seems to be about the teeth. 🙂

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  11 Responses to “World Looks for Ages of Chinese Gymnasts”

  1. That is not a missing baby tooth, she’s always had that gap, see this video at 6:55 which was filmed way before the olympics

  2. Thanks for the link and the info. Hopefully this video will help all the other people looking for information on those tiny little teeth of hers.

  3. The video at 6:55 shows no gap in her teeth. It would appear, then, that she did recently lose a tooth. Now, will the Chinese authorities remove the tooth that grows in its place?

  4. Does this look like a 16 year old (in western years, or 17 years old in Chinese years) to anyone?

    She looks younger than my 9 year old (in western years). Granted, Asians often look younger than westerners, but that’s generally not the case for kids — it shows up later.

    This girl is 11 at most, 12 in Chinese/Korean years.

  5. Reuters photo of Deng Lilin was the URL that this blog left out of my last post, for some reason.

  6. this is pathetic that everyone is judging them by their teeth. from the looks of it, she DOES HAVE TEETH, it’s just pushed back. these chinese girls work many many hours everyday and do not get adequate nutrition. it is hard for them to grow fat, because all the fat is turned into muscle. as a chinese girl myself, i know how hard it is to “grow breasts” . even for young girls around 15-16 there are no signs of breasts. So i think that everyone should STOP picking on these girls because of their appearance. These girls works so hard for this opportunity. dont wreck it for them, no matter what countries’ athletes are being questioned.

  7. GoChina – I have to agree. Even though I originally posted about my shock at how young these girls appear to be, I don’t think the world and especially these sports writers like Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo, should be hounding them. They deserved the medals they got no matter their ages. It is poor sportsmanship on behalf of the USA coach, her huband and the rest of the news media to keep it up.

  8. LOL…Pathetic, but not unpredictable, the O’ so “strong” chinese making sure there “ringers” can particapate in the olympics to make them proud in there home town….Come on, I think the girls are great,,,well done and I dont discredit THEM at all…but, there are rules to the games if the age restriction is unimportant enough to investigate,the bring back groth hormones and stop testing for them…lol….Why not honor, integrity have no place in this self absorbed world. Every country, every human is trying to figure out a way to bend rules and laws in there favor, hell even our constitution means $hit these days…We as human beings have failed the test…greed, gluttony….the list goes on and were all guilty in some way…so back to the topic…yeah the girls are what..China lied, gave them new passports and shutdown websites that disclosed there real ages…what are you going to do about it????nothing…enjoy the rest of your time on planet earth,,this $hiTTT is way to small to be whining over..

  9. Take a look at that photo again. There’s a shadow there that is level with the rest of the teeth. It looks as though the “missing” tooth is present, but pushed back from the rest of her teeth. Which happens all the time when you have a baby tooth that stays too long and the permanent tooth comes down behind it. Also, as mentioned, Deng’s had that gap for a long time. Look up the clips from the Moscow World Cup on YouTube; that’s six months ago and she has the same gap.

    Also, even if she is missing a tooth–she’s in gymnastics. Gymnasts don’t wear mouth guards and have about 1000 ways to hit their faces on the apparatus and damage their teeth. At the 2006 World Championships one of the American girls, Natasha Kelley, hit her face on the uneven bars and ended up getting emergency surgery to save her teeth. So it’s absolutely possible the girl had a mishap and knocked out the tooth at some point.

    I actually do think that some of the girls on the Chinese team are underage. It’s horrible that they would have been exploited by their country that way. The tooth this is ridiculous, though, and Deng Linlin is one of the gymnasts on the team that actually seems to have a clean paper trail.

  10. The “missing baby tooth” is a myth, just like “Bigfoot”, the “Loch Ness Monster” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

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