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Jan 142008

User generated television is the primary goal of, but unlike AcceptibleTV they are not asking you to create mini television series they want your life story. You get to tell your story to a world wide audience via the website and to a TV audience based in Texas. I am not sure if the television series is or will be going national. In any case you get to have your fifteen minutes of fame thanks to YawpBox TV.

Unlike other online video sharing sites YawpBox offers up its content in categories. You choose which story you want to submit then upload original videos, photos, audio, and blog content then community members vote on your submissions. If you rate high enough from fellow Yawpers your story just might find its way to the YawpBox TV show. According to their website the magazine style TV show is filmed live in front of a television audience in Dallas, Texas using your content, your stories. Not simply reposting a clip from your local news shows without their consent.

The key to this site and I assume the television show too is to use community members stories, photos and video not to be a dumping ground for other people’s copyright material. Thus far it looks as if needs help in that area as all I could find were photoshopped images, pictures from other sources and video commercials. The best video on the site that I could find was of a couple doing a dance routine at their own wedding. Heck Lex and Terry give you some great homework assignments via the national radio show and TV program so come on folks put on those thinking caps and take up their challenge. YawpBox needs your original content so get to posting. This idea has potential but from what I can see the users are not living up to it at this time.

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