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Apr 302009

Target pharmacy has pissed me off. These days that is real easy to do (not that it isn’t pretty easy any old time, just more so now). Target no longer calls their customers — well, customers. They call them guests instead. I think it is to foster a better image, but it doesn’t work. All it does is allow them to ignore the age-old adage that the customer is always right (whoever heard of the guest is always right?) Heck, it even allows them to ignore the customer.

Well in my home the guest is treated with respect and gets pretty much what they want not so at Target especially the pharmacy. I went on Sunday; my only available day, to pick up my prescriptions and the pharmacy was closed for lunch! They can’t even man the pharmacy for the posted hours for their store. For god’s sake take people from other departments but don’t shut down in the middle of the day when people need to get their medications. I could not wait for it to re-open as I had to get to the hospital and it would be closed by the time I got home. I had to wait until my next day off to make a special trip in to Target just to pick up my pills. If I weren’t already boycotting CVS I would take my business there. Maybe I will see how the new Rite-aid does with my next Rx.

I’m just saying if you can’t be open during published hours then maybe you don’t deserve any business?

Apr 292009

Star Trek Bridge Wall MuralI have been telling FatHead for years that they needed to make Star Trek wall stickers. I even contacted the cardboard people to see if they were going to do them (they let their license go a bout two years ago and I bet they are kicking themselves now). Roommates has picked up the slack and their stuff looks good and costs less than FatHeads anyway.

Star Trek Wall MuralsI have to get me some of these. Wish I had a wall to do the full wall mural of the Enterprise bridge. (Wouldn’t that be sweet with the life-sized captain’s chair?)

I may wind up settling for the giant wall appliques. I could handle having just a Kirk or Spock standing next to my PC. But like I always asked when I was bothering the other companies, please bring us some big ships for our walls and ceilings!

Kirk Wall Applique Spock Wall Applique McCoy Wall Applique
Giant wall Appliques of Kirk, Spock and McCoy

Star Trek Wall Appliques
Small appliques of
Star Trek crew / ships / Icons

Apr 292009

Raid Kills BugsWired magazine had an article a little while back that caught my eye, it was titled “Kills Bugs Dead, And Cats Too.” The article tells us what’s inside RAID. If you are a cat owner like me, you will be removing this dangerous substance from your home. I absolutely hate spiders and relied on RAID to rid my house of these eight-legged monster, I’ll just have to find a new way to kill those spiders.

Raid contains Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids, which are poisons that cause nerve cells to remain open too long, according to Wired this makes “the neurons fire repeatedly resulting in paralysis and death.” They also go on to say that these two poisons are supposed to be the least deadly pesticides to mammals. However, you still have to keep it away from your cat as cats’ livers cannot process Pyrethrin fast enough and will die.

I don’t know about you but I would rather keep my cat healthy and deal with a few bugs than hurt my bestest best friend.

I will keep my eyes open for an alternative to RAID. I have been looking at a few natural pesticides and hope they will work and be safe for my cats.

Apr 252009

Today after coming home from a long hard morning of shopping (we went to the Black Creek Greenhouse to get loverly flowers since it was such a loverly day) the kitty cats and I sat down to have some fun with the Panic Mouse cat toy. It is a pretty funny toy that they all seem to enjoy to some degree.

First up was Bela she had a good time going after the “mouse” (that’s what they call all the attachments for this toy), but her favorite mouse was the feathers.

Next up was Abby, she really got crazy over the Panic Mouse’s original pom pom mouse. She even got so crazy she ripped the wand right off the toy a couple of times (no problem as they are real easy to swap out and put back on). Although I learned a valuable lesson…there is a reason the manufacture gives you the additional support legs to attach under the toy. She knocked the toy over once. So I made sure to get that support n the bottom for Big Boy’s turn.

Boris came in from outside (he helped put away the flowers) and was a bit tuckered out from all that “hard” work and could not really play with the Panic Mouse too much today (I have seen him go at it a lot better than this). He actually got the string from the original wand wrapped around his little paw (he asked me not to show that video as he is a bit embarrassed by it). Boris’ favorite wand seems to be the spring mouse.

Overall I feel this toy is a big success and I am glad I got the additional “mouse” attachments as each kitty seems to like a different one. (If you folks go buy one of these, we recommend getting it from and picking up the other replacement wands/mice for this way cool cat toy.)

Apr 202009

Quite a while ago I got my kitty cat, Boris, a really cool cat toy from called the Mouse in the House. This is an automatic cat toy that will entertain your kitty while you are away from home and even while you are home with him.

A little mouse runs around a little house via a track. You can do this with your cat by pushing the red button on the toy. There is a warning squeak and then the little mousey runs the track twice. (The first couple of times you and your cat play with this he might be a little afraid of it, but curiosity wins out.)

To use the toy while you are away simply set the timer so the toy runs every 10 minutes or every hour. We actually got Boris to push the button all on his own with the help of his favorite treats (he bites at the button instead of pawing it, but it still works for him). One night while I was recovering from the accident and still sleeping on the sofa I was awakened by him playing with the toy ALL by himself!

Here’s a video from early on (I will have to get some new and better video soon)…

Apr 122009

I found out today that has started de-ranking what they deem to be adult content. Funny thing about that though is that the only thing that Amazon seem to be flagging as adult content is gay and lesbian themed books. They are stripping these books of their sales rankings within Amazon so as to keep them from showing up on searches.

I knew when they yanked the ultra violent video Rapelay that is was a sign of more to come. Granted that video is horrible and needed to be removed. But this latest development only proves that censorship of any kind opens the door for further discrimination.

The problems I am seeing with what Amazon is doing is the out and out homophobia. While they are removing the gay and lesbian books they are continuing to allow mainstream, yet extremely trashy sexual, books such as Laurell K Hamilton’s Incubus Dreams to have sales ranks. How is that?

Mark R. Probst is an author who is affected by the changes. He has posted the response he got back from Amazon about the removal of sales ranks on his books over on his blog. Amazon’s reply clearly states it is a new policy for adult content, yet other people are posting that they are getting responses from Amazon that it is a glitch, an oddly specific glitch, but a glitch.

This has obviously caused quite the stir across the net with much of that fervor coming from the Twitter community, where they are flagging posts with #amazonfail and in the past hour nearly 3000 posts with that tag have come through.

I have to say I agree with their requests from users to stop supporting the site until this is either reversed or sales ranks are removed from all adult content not just that with gay and lesbian subjects. There are plenty of other stores on the web (many of them with better prices and service) so if you can please avoid them. Thanks.

Update: for even more information check out this call for a boycott of Amazon until the fix this issue.

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