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Apr 202009

Quite a while ago I got my kitty cat, Boris, a really cool cat toy from called the Mouse in the House. This is an automatic cat toy that will entertain your kitty while you are away from home and even while you are home with him.

A little mouse runs around a little house via a track. You can do this with your cat by pushing the red button on the toy. There is a warning squeak and then the little mousey runs the track twice. (The first couple of times you and your cat play with this he might be a little afraid of it, but curiosity wins out.)

To use the toy while you are away simply set the timer so the toy runs every 10 minutes or every hour. We actually got Boris to push the button all on his own with the help of his favorite treats (he bites at the button instead of pawing it, but it still works for him). One night while I was recovering from the accident and still sleeping on the sofa I was awakened by him playing with the toy ALL by himself!

Here’s a video from early on (I will have to get some new and better video soon)…

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