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Apr 252009

Today after coming home from a long hard morning of shopping (we went to the Black Creek Greenhouse to get loverly flowers since it was such a loverly day) the kitty cats and I sat down to have some fun with the Panic Mouse cat toy. It is a pretty funny toy that they all seem to enjoy to some degree.

First up was Bela she had a good time going after the “mouse” (that’s what they call all the attachments for this toy), but her favorite mouse was the feathers.

Next up was Abby, she really got crazy over the Panic Mouse’s original pom pom mouse. She even got so crazy she ripped the wand right off the toy a couple of times (no problem as they are real easy to swap out and put back on). Although I learned a valuable lesson…there is a reason the manufacture gives you the additional support legs to attach under the toy. She knocked the toy over once. So I made sure to get that support n the bottom for Big Boy’s turn.

Boris came in from outside (he helped put away the flowers) and was a bit tuckered out from all that “hard” work and could not really play with the Panic Mouse too much today (I have seen him go at it a lot better than this). He actually got the string from the original wand wrapped around his little paw (he asked me not to show that video as he is a bit embarrassed by it). Boris’ favorite wand seems to be the spring mouse.

Overall I feel this toy is a big success and I am glad I got the additional “mouse” attachments as each kitty seems to like a different one. (If you folks go buy one of these, we recommend getting it from and picking up the other replacement wands/mice for this way cool cat toy.)

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