LEGO Brand Retail
Mar 312010

Series 1 Series 1 Series 1

I absolutely need to have these! They should be available in June. The 16 different minifgs will be individually bagged in blind bags so you won’t know what you are getting (unless you are like me and can feel what the hair/hats feel like through the bags. In any case I am going to need several of most of these so if you see them when you are out and about please pick a bunch of them up for me okay? You know I am good for payment, right?


  1. Crash Test Dummy
  2. Zombie
  3. Robot
  4. Astronaut (with ray gun)
  5. Cheerleader
  6. Magician
  7. Clown
  8. Caveman
  9. Wrestler
  10. Skateboarder
  11. Nurse
  12. Archer
  13. Ninja
  14. Indian
  15. Diver
  16. Adventurer
Mar 222010

Classic kerplunkGrowing up we did not have the game Kerplunk. Our cousin, Carla, did. So it was a fun thing we got to play whenever we went over to our Aunt’s house as kids.

I remember going up to her room and pulling out the game, putting it together and playing it (and probably losing  — I always lost no matter what games we played growing up).

Kerplunk has a very distinct sound when those marbles come crashing out. (And they never remained contained in that little tray at the bottom, so some of the fun was tracking down all marbles after they came crashing down. Kerplunk!)

A little while back I spotted a Toy Story version of the game at Target and thought I’d be back to get it. Well when I went back I could not find it any longer.

Aliens Ker PlunkThen I found it at Toys R Us, but who to play this “kids” game with?

A bunch of adults that’s who!

And you want to know something? I am pretty sure we all had a bit of fun playing it too!

Order Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game from Entertainment Earth!

Mar 162010

Okay, so if witnessing the murder of a groundhog this morning wasn’t bad enough, tonight’s no better!

Now I am faced with stinky, runny cat poop to clean up and a spider.

I give up. Today is just crappy.

Going to bed now.


Mar 162010

I had a rather disturbing thing happen on the way to work and quite frankly it was a horrible way to start my day.

I was speeding along the turnpike as usual when up ahead I spotted a little groundhog trying his hardest to make it across the road. He got across the first lane of traffic fine only narrowly escaping the Mack truck only to be struck down by the SUV in the next lane.

His, hopefully, lifeless body came tumbling towards me at a high rate of speed coming to rest up against the cement medium.

I still can’t shake that image. It really messed me up most of the day. Poor little guy. Even if he had made it across where would he have gone? Upon reaching the middle of the road he would have been met with an insurmountable cement wall. Why don’t they make them with a gap in them every few yards? Or make the mediums out of cement columns instead of solid walls? Something.

Mar 162010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

OMG! Have you tried the new Tony’s Pizza yet? It’s the new Crispy Crust Pizza from Tony’s and it is yummy. We almost always have a bunch of Tony’s frozen pizzas in our freezer, but did not know about this new crust until we got a coupon in the mail to give them a try. So give them a try we did and I must say we were glad we did. The pizzas are very tasty and that new crisp crust gives it a little extra yum in every bite.

These pizzas have become the new favorite snack food for movie nights around here. Sorry popcorn you just don’t cut it any more. Pizza reigns supreme. Speaking of supreme, they have that flavor as well as the other two flavors, cheese and pepperoni that we have tried. The supreme is next on our list. Maybe we’ll pick some up for the next movie night.

Do you think we can schedule that for this weekend, maybe?

You know, renting a movie and serving up a few inexpensive Tony’s Pizzas to your friends will cost you less than the admission to the theater and theater popcorn for two people!

If that doesn’t convince you to give them a try, just remember they also make an awesome midnight snack too. Perfect for all those late night online gaming sessions I know you are having!