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Feb 132010

Well if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I have an ongoing issue with Comcast Cable and their crappy service. This time it is their customer service. I have already pointed out their enormous cost before so let me just tell you how shocked I was by my bill once my triple play pricing special ran out. So I grabbed a phone and gave them a call. I was put on hold then disconnected. Okay, so I call back this time I get some one who says they are going to look into it for me. Again I am put on hold and the call is disconnected! At this point my frustration has turned to anger so I decide I am going to wait a few days and call back.

A couple of days go by and I try calling again. This time I get some one who seems eager to help and isn’t hanging up on me. He supposedly tries to  change my plans to reduce my costs, but every time he does his computer crashes. He reboots twice before telling me to call back again.

Well their ploy worked. I gave up trying and I continue to pay them way too much money all because I could not get any customer service.

Their commercials talk about how wonderful they are and how if they don’t fix something on the first call they’ll give you $20. Wonder if that guarantee works when you cannot get satisfaction from their call center?

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