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Feb 192010

A little while back I wound up with a really nasty virus on my computer. I was not only afraid my new laptop would crash and burn on me, but also that my personal information and credit cards were all open to any hacker who wanted them.

My PC is protected by anti-virus software that is supposed to also watch out for spyware or malware so how in the world did my computer wind up getting infected?

I scoured the web searching high and low for help in removing this rather nasty bug from my system. Turned out it was a Trojan and I needed trojan horse remover to get rid of it. I had to take my computer off to the doctor to get it all better. The guy who worked on it told me about CyberDefender, wish I had known about them before hand. But as they say,  hindsight is 20/20.

If you don’t have good protection on your PC, get some now.

Sponsored by CyberDefender.

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