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Apr 132010

One of my guilty little pleasures in life are Pringles. I know, I know they aren’t good for you. That’s is why it is called junk food after all! But I just really enjoy them every once in awhile.

But how’s a person to know when their junk food could potential be even more of a health risk?

I am talking about food recalls. Granted when it is a REALLY big and deadly food recall it will be all over the news, but what about when it is just a “this could make you sick maybe” recall?

You have to assume the stores are on top of these things and pull them from the shelves ASAP. But do they really? It could be a full time job just keeping up with all the recalls. I would never have known about the Pringles recall had I not stumbled on it by accident today. (Thank goodness it isn’t one of the flavors that I normally break down and buy, but it would be nice to know these things before you buy them and not after they have all been consumed.)

So where do all the recalled foods go? My hope is that they are pulled from the shelves and destroyed, but are they? I won’t even go into my theory on discount grocery stores.

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