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Feb 122010

Way back when I was a kid in the 70s copper bracelets were all the rage. Fashion, like history, always seems to repeat itself. That is not always a bad thing. The good old copper bracelet is a good example of that. It seems like everyone is sporting a bangle or a cuff made of copper these days.

Besides being fashionable there are supposed health benefits to wearing a copper bracelet too. Not that it has miraculous healing powers or anything but it is thought to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis by absorbing the copper through the skin.

Copper Bracelet Arthritis pain relief is not just another urban legend. Studies show that people can actual get more copper in there system via a bracelet than dietary supplements. Kind of cool isn’t it?

If you are looking for some very fashionable copper bracelets check out, they have some really nice bracelets at great prices and with free shipping.

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