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Jun 132011

June is Adopt a Cat Month so I think you should all go out right now and adopt a little kitty!

My friends at One By One have cats for adoption at all the local Petsmart and Petco stores. So finding a little guy to save should not be a problem.

In fact this sweet little kitten (along with 3 others) is at the Wymossing PetSmart. Go ahead and get him. You know you want to.

Jun 102011

No it’s not another superhero musical that’s about to fail on Broadway like Spider-man has. Neither Batman nor Robin make an appearance in this show.

This musical is based on the Weekly World News story of the Bat Boy.

You remember that tabloid don’t you? It used to be right next to the Enquirer in the grocery store check out and featured fantastical stories with manipulated photos and America LOVED it.

This musical is a fully licensed product of the Weekly World News (they need to make money some how now that their made up stories aren’t in print any more).

The show is at the Genesius Theater here in Reading now through Sunday.

It is a really fun production.