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Aug 292011

Sitting here watching television when I decided I wanted to change the channel. Usually not a problem.

For some reason this time my Comcast remote switches to TV instead of Cable on its own. So when I went to page up or down it started flipping through CATTV 15 to CATTV 17 with nothing but snow and static on the screen. I figured I had some how switched the input modes. Nope. Reset the channels. Nope.

Months ago we noticed odd squiggly lines on the TV and found out it was the DVD recorder that I had the cable box running through before it went to the TV. I rerouted the cables at that time removing the DVD recorder from the equation. Cable box went straight to the TV.

So why tonight did the cables all of the sudden get plugged back into the DVD recorder? And how was I watching the TV in the first place?

It had to be Gremlins, but how did they sneak in and do it so fast?

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