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May 232012

OK, last night I spent all that time driving home playing with the Dragon Naturally Speaking App on my phone thinking it would help me get my ideas out of my head and onto “paper” so to speak. Well, all it did was teach me a very valuable lesson.


I “missed” nearly 20 miles of my commute because I wasn’t paying attention to the road. I could have killed myself or some one else. It is never good to not be able to figure out how you got from point A to point B on a road trip, but to know it was because you were screwing around with an app on the phone this is doubly not good!

To add even more fear into my evening I got a call that my only sister was in a pretty bad car accident that night. She was not texting or even near her phone but it drove home the fact that something bad can happen in the blink of an eye.

PLEASE DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. This is now against the law in PA (thank goodness). But when will PA wise up and make using the phone while driving at all a crime?

More from AT&T on the Dangers of Text Messaging and Driving

May 222012

That’s right I gots ideas in my head and I want to get the out. Problem is they appear there while I am driving.

And I always lose the idea / thought once I reach my destination.

Sucks to be me.

So I tried Dragon Dictation for my iPhone (see the last two days).

I hate the idea of talking to myself. That’s one of the reasons I did not jump on the new iPhone with SIRI (although she does talk back).

I feel self conscientious about talking to myself (or to a dictation software app), but I think I might be able to get away from that if I used it more often. I know for darn sure making an audio memo on the phone is out. I would never listen to it and if I did I would be afraid that someone would hear it. So that leaves me with either ignoring all the ideas that pop into my head during my commute or finding a speech to text that works and that I can get comfortable using.

Dragon did not work out for me. Guess I will try a few others before I give up the ghost completely.

I used to keep my digital pen in my car, but stopping to write down notes makes the commute a lot longer than it already is, besides the folks that made it stopped making the pads so no more digital pen for me. I just won’t buy the “adult” version that came out a few years ago and you can still get at Best Buy because of that. What happens when they decide to stop supporting the pen and special papers? Also they did not have any OCR software at first and I needed to become typed text not hand written images, you know?

May 212012

Ok now I am really confused. I went to iTunes to leave a review and it told me I did not have the Dragon app on my phone. I just used it, or rather tried to use it, and could see it right there. So I removed it and reloaded it. It came back up with a different icon on the iPhone now it is Dragon Go and the app looks different. I will give it another try.

I figured it out. The first non-working Dragon app was Dragon Dictation the second one that works is Dragon Go. Dragon Go only searches the phone and operates apps. No note taking which is what I need. And as I said before Dragon Dictation did not work at least not in the car. I had the radio off but I guess the engine noise was too much for it??? So no Dragon note taking for me. I haz a sad now 🙁

May 202012

I just loaded Dragon Dictation on my iPhone.

First of all, I thought Dragon was supposed to be the leader in speech to text technology, so why then does their app for the iPhone suck so bad?

It would not pick up anything I said at first kept giving me an error message…try again. Again? I don’t remember what I just said! That is why I wanted to try out the app in the first place.

Finally it started picking up some words, but only after I started speaking very slowly and unnaturally. It worked best one word at a time. I had to keep looking at the phone and would have had to correct almost everything as it came up. They ONLY thing that worked in any regular fashion was the period. Every time I said period it put a period on the page.

Anyone out there know any good, as in working, apps for speech to text?