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Sep 292012

All you do is bitch and moan
When I’m a nice, decent kid
And I didn’t do nuthin’.
That I shouldn’ta have did

So I don’t clean my room
And I live in a mess
But you don’t have to be
So much like Rudolf Hess.

You think my music’s too loud
And not that religious shit
But is that any reason
To throw a god awful fit?

You yell all day that I
Don’t save any money.
At least I’m not in the
Street doing drugs, honey.

And what is this that you have
Against my hair color?
So it’s a little purple
That’s no reason to holler.

When my clothes aren’t wrinkled
And even when they’re clean
You are still complaining
And you’re still terribly mean.

Sep 282012

A bulge of thoughts in my subconscious
I can feel its presence
But I do not understand
I cannot comprehend its meaning
It is there and yet
I’m not totally positive
About its existence
It is a feeling I have
Like knowing you’re being watched
And looking up and seeing no one

Sep 222012

Abby on my PC

Ever come home to find your cat on your PC? I don’t know why but mine have always been draw to it. Abby here always had to be on my lap or in this case on my laptop, whenever I worked on my computer.

But cats walking across a keyboard can actually be dangerous.

Not for the cat, but for the files on the PC.

I don’t know how many times she turned off my wifi just by hitting the right combo of keys. She even closed programs making me lose the file I was working on.

In this photo you can see she has brought up the task screen. Who knows what could have been deleted or reset on my PC!

Thank goodness I never lost any vital files (like all my photos of my kitties) or I would have been heartbroken.

Surdoc has the solution (and not just for us cat owners either). Get 30 GB of free online backup & storage for all your important files. Just use the promo code: CATPROOF to get your fee 30GB of backup storage now.

Here is a handy infographic with tips on how to cat proof your PC.

Cat Proof Your Computer


Sep 072012

I think a LEGO presidential debate would be awesome. I might actually watch it instead of simply waiting for the news to tell me the highlights.

But I think the set would have to be something difficult (at least age 5 or older). LOL