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Feb 282012

A friend of mine lost her house this week. She, her husband and her pets all got out safely. Fire really scares me  and this got me thinking about how quickly we could get the cats out of the house if this happened here.

We will be setting up an emergency kitty kit  and getting a plan of action in place ASAP!

I just hope in case of a fire that the fumes from all the LEGO and Star Trek toys doesn’t kill us first.

Boris’ twitter “anipals” set up a chip-in for donations to help both Sebastian and another cat, CJ, who was burnt in the fire.

If you can please consider a donation. We sent both cash through the chip-in (thanks to recent LEGO sales I made over at and boxes of cat toys to both kitties.

Boris blog post:

OMC Ma Pal Sebastian Lost His Home! keeps us updated on these two families:

Thankful Thursday…message from CJ


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