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May 222012

That’s right I gots ideas in my head and I want to get the out. Problem is they appear there while I am driving.

And I always lose the idea / thought once I reach my destination.

Sucks to be me.

So I tried Dragon Dictation for my iPhone (see the last two days).

I hate the idea of talking to myself. That’s one of the reasons I did not jump on the new iPhone with SIRI (although she does talk back).

I feel self conscientious about talking to myself (or to a dictation software app), but I think I might be able to get away from that if I used it more often. I know for darn sure making an audio memo on the phone is out. I would never listen to it and if I did I would be afraid that someone would hear it. So that leaves me with either ignoring all the ideas that pop into my head during my commute or finding a speech to text that works and that I can get comfortable using.

Dragon did not work out for me. Guess I will try a few others before I give up the ghost completely.

I used to keep my digital pen in my car, but stopping to write down notes makes the commute a lot longer than it already is, besides the folks that made it stopped making the pads so no more digital pen for me. I just won’t buy the “adult” version that came out a few years ago and you can still get at Best Buy because of that. What happens when they decide to stop supporting the pen and special papers? Also they did not have any OCR software at first and I needed to become typed text not hand written images, you know?

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