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Dec 192012

Here is my review that seems to have flagged/filtered/removed for their own stupid reasons.

Five Stars ***** for 1Up Collectibles

This is the best comic shop in the area hands down!

I have had issues with other shops giving you attitude (think Comic Book Guy in the Simpsons). NOT HERE.

The owner is super friendly and knowledgeable about his products (and customers). I went in looking for back issues because my previous store had screwed up my subscriptions so bad I was missing loads of issues. When they did not have them in stock he went out of his way to find them for me and I have been a regular ever since.

Since I have started getting my subscriptions here there have been a few hiccups but every single one of them was dealt with promptly and with superior customer service.

For one of the best in shop comic book experiences around head to 1Up Collectibles.

I feel censored by them when I come in and give a good review only to have it disappear because they feel my review (my thoughts, my opinions) are not valid. Instead of removing these supposedly bought/paid for reviews why not simply require us to put in a FCC disclaimer at the end of every review (we have to do it for blog posts why shouldn’t they have to do it as well?) Then the world could judge for itself if the review is valid or not.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I was not given anything in exchange for this review. Unless you count the bag full of comics I come home with every time I visit 1Up Collectibles, but I pay for those…oh yeah…I do get a discount but that’s part of my subscription service (anyone will get that if they subscribe), so I don’t think that counts as a gift. Besides it was not in exchange for this review.

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  2 Responses to “Review: 1Up Collectibles Comic Shop”

  1. Glad you had a good experience, because mine with 1uo collectibles was terrible. I had one comic subscription mail order as I live in Michigan, out of the 12 months only 1-2 issues came in time. I had to call all the time and while they were always very nice on the phone I still had trouble getting my issues in. Some took weeks to get to me one time I just told them to send me the issue with the next one. So when it came time to renew my issue for another year I went with midtown comics. Which cost me more I. Shipping, but I can track my comic and know it is comic to me. 1up collectibles claimed they mailed my comics on time but never got them. They had to resend them, in fact just a couple weeks ago I got an issue that was really old sent to me by them. It was one they had already sent me months ago. The owner even told me they would extend my subscription for three months, but it never got any of those issues. So I would not recommend this store if your buying online.

    • I have heard bad things about their mail order processes before and totally sympathize with you. It is pretty much a one man show and while he is AWESOME in house I can see where the online shopping experience could be this bad. Personally it took him 2 years to approve my affiliate link (he thought he already did it for me). So yeah definitely need to follow up on any online deals with him, sadly.

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