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Dec 082012

another 365 daysAnother 365 Days is a year in the life of Clemmie Atkins that takes you on a rollercoaster ride that is teenage love and angst (sometimes the same thing).

I have been devouring YA LGBTQ (boy that’s a lot of letters) books for the past year and this is one that rises to the top like cream. Yummy cream.

I wasn’t sure about the journal or diary style of writing but it worked well and I found myself rather enjoying it. In fact when I had finished reading it I wanted more! So left with wanting more and not having read the first book, 365 Days, I hoped on over to Amazon and bought it. Like I said I hadn’t read the first book but that did not seem to matter. I was quickly caught up on what events might have transpired in the past within the first chapter or two. Not knowing did not hurt this story at all (but I will be catching up and I don’t fear that reading the books out of order will be any problem).

I do believe KE Payne has made herself a new fan and I look forward to reading her other books as well. Once I consume the rest of her library I am going to want more so get to writing, please.

So I am over at GoodReads posting my review and decided to read other reviews (I don’t usually like to read others reviews because my thoughts often differ from theirs). So I am seein gall these reviews stating that the book was full of grammatical errors. It was? I hadn’t noticed (could be because my grammar is not the best but I honestly did not notice). It is written in a style of a diary being kept by a teen (and what teen worries about grammar when their life is full of drama). Maybe what they had a problem with was the language barrier. Yes, it was written in English, but in British English not American English and it takes some getting used to at times. I found myself actually reading it with a bit of an English accent in my head (guess I watch too much Brit TV).

Synopsis of the book:

Life’s sweet when you’re seventeen and in love, right? Clemmie Atkins certainly thinks so! She’s still madly in love with her girlfriend, the hot and super-confident EMO, Hannah Harrison, and her irritating sister, HRBH, will soon be leaving home to go to university.

But just when it seems that life is finally pretty darn cool, a new distraction at school threatens to upset everything, and the return of the enigmatic and sexy J with a startling confession confuses things further…

Clemmie has another 365 days to try to get her life back on track…but will it be enough?


Available from Bold Stroke Books, [amazon_link id=”1602827753″ target=”_blank” ][/amazon_link] and other booksellers.

Author’s website:

KE Payne on Live Journal (blog):

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