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Jan 282012

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

My favorite way to unwind on the weekends is with a bowl of ice cream and a good movie. Now that I have Dish Network I don’t have to rent a movie—there is always something on. Last weekend after the kids went to bed my wife and I scooped out some rocky road and sat down to watch The Client. Although it’s an older movie, my wife and I are both John Grisham fans and enjoy watching any movie based on his books. This one has especially good actors with Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones starring in major roles. I had forgotten that Brad Renfro was also in this one. If you haven’t seen it, it really is worth sitting down and watching. Brad Renfro plays a young man who witnesses the suicide of a mobsters lawyer. Susan Sarandon plays the attorney he hires to help him because both the police and the mob realize he knows too much. I can’t say much else without giving too much away, but you should definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it!

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