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Dec 192012

Here is my review that seems to have flagged/filtered/removed for their own stupid reasons.

Five Stars ***** for 1Up Collectibles

This is the best comic shop in the area hands down!

I have had issues with other shops giving you attitude (think Comic Book Guy in the Simpsons). NOT HERE.

The owner is super friendly and knowledgeable about his products (and customers). I went in looking for back issues because my previous store had screwed up my subscriptions so bad I was missing loads of issues. When they did not have them in stock he went out of his way to find them for me and I have been a regular ever since.

Since I have started getting my subscriptions here there have been a few hiccups but every single one of them was dealt with promptly and with superior customer service.

For one of the best in shop comic book experiences around head to 1Up Collectibles.

I feel censored by them when I come in and give a good review only to have it disappear because they feel my review (my thoughts, my opinions) are not valid. Instead of removing these supposedly bought/paid for reviews why not simply require us to put in a FCC disclaimer at the end of every review (we have to do it for blog posts why shouldn’t they have to do it as well?) Then the world could judge for itself if the review is valid or not.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I was not given anything in exchange for this review. Unless you count the bag full of comics I come home with every time I visit 1Up Collectibles, but I pay for those…oh yeah…I do get a discount but that’s part of my subscription service (anyone will get that if they subscribe), so I don’t think that counts as a gift. Besides it was not in exchange for this review.

Mar 262011

Being a child of the 80s the Go-Go’s are a big deal to me. They were one of the first bands I really liked and I still like their music even if it isn’t like all the other dark, gloomy, heavy stuff I usually listen too. The Go-Go’s will remain a favorite band of mine. That being said, it is with extreme pleasure (and a little bit of jealousy as I would like to keep this) that get to give away this autographed CD insert from the Go-Go’s signed by all five band members. This was given to me by band member Jane Wiedlin (you can also win signed copies of her Lady Robotika comic over at

She donated these great prizes to help us raise money for One By One Cat Rescue during SCIFIpawty (a virtual science fiction convention my cat Boris holds every year).

So how do you go about entering our contest? Just answer the trivia question in the comments below and you are entered into our random drawing for this super awesome prize.

Want more chances to win? Donate to our charity using the same email address as the used to answer the question below and you’ll get another entry for every $5 you donate.

Donate here×1

Answer this Question in the comments: Where was Jane on March 11th to 13th? (hint)

Fine Print: No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, odds of winning depends on number of entries. One entry per person, household, email address, etc. Contest ends 4/5/11.

Mar 022009

What’s wrong here?So I was over on checking for information on upcoming Marvel movies and the ad running on almost ALL pages was an ad for the new DC Comics animated Wonder Woman movie (I will of course be getting this film when it comes out on Tuesday).

But why is it popping up on I guess an advertisement is an advertisement even if it is for the competition.

Feb 282009

Nick FuryRemember the end of Ironman? We got a glimpse of SHIELD agent Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson. The geek in all of us LOVED the idea and assumed it was a sign of things to come. Apparently, it wasn’t and no deal was in place between Mr. Jackson and Marvel (at least that is what ThinkHero was telling us last month from info they got off the LA Times Hero Complex site). That was until recently.

According to Samuel L. Jackson has just committed to playing Fury in Ironman 2, which is good news for us fans.

Further more Variety reports, “Jackson’s deal is a long-term commitment to play Fury, the leader of the espionage unit the Shield. His deal contains an option to play the character in nine future Marvel superhero films, efforts that are expected to include Captain America, Thor, The Avengers  and The Shield  as well as potential sequels.”

All I can say is SWEET! This pretty much answers my questions about an upcoming Avengers movie (but will it be sans Spider-man, most likely as Sony still has the rights to make those films). You go Marvel with your nine film deals!

Feb 052009

Tomatoes AttackThis was one of those weird films that for some odd reason I really liked. But I never new there were so many sequels to it.

Apparently there is going to be a remake of the movie in 2009 and there was a comic book adaptation of the film released last year.

Here’s what I found over at (they have all kinds of out of print films on DVD and VHS — check them out).

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (Special Edition) [DVD](1978) DVD
A tomato farm downwind from the local nuclear reactor grows intelligent, monster-sized vegetables (or are they fruits?) that run amok and threaten Southern California. Can anything stop the killer fruits (or are they vegetables?), or will mankind drown in a sea of ketchup? Outrageous sci-fi spoof features David Miller, Jack Riley, a cameo by the San Diego Chicken and the hit song “Puberty Love.” 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; deleted scenes; featurettes; theatrical trailer; radio spots; trivia; more.

Return Of The Killer Tomatoes [DVD](1988) DVD
Just when you thought it was safe to open a bottle of ketchup, a mad scientist is stewing up a mess of trouble in his mansion as he mutates tomatoes into “vegemen” intent on taking over the world. Is humanity about to be trampled like…well, like tomatoes? John Astin (“The Addams Family”), George Clooney (“ER”), and Rick Rockwell (“Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire”) star. 98 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailer.

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! [DVD](1991) DVD
Mad doctor John Astin, posing as the host of a tabloid TV talk show, is set on taking over the world with his frightful fruit creatures. An ambitious cop and gorgeous scientist team up to stop the wacky doc before his plan, er…stews to perfection. Rick Rockwell, Crystal Carson, Debra Fares co-star. 87 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Killer Tomatoes Eat France! [DVD](1991) DVD
It’s the most frightening menace to hit Paris since Jerry Lewis! Evil scientist John Astin has taken his ketchupy killers across the Atlantic in his latest scheme of conquest, and it’s up to an American tourist and his girlfriend to save the day. Marc Price, Angela Visser co-star. 93 min. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital stereo, Spanish Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Spanish.

Sep 292008

Big Bang TheoryIn the season opener of Big Bang Theory we find Sheldon staying over at Howard’s because he cannot keep a secret Penny told him from Leonard. Once settled in bed Sheldon begins to ramble about Catwoman due to the Halle Berry Poster over Howard’s bed.

Here’s their conversation. After this I will give my list of favorite Catwomen.

Halle Berry as CatwomanSheldon: That poster of Halle Berry is a little unnerving.

Howard: So don’t look at it.

Sheldon: She’s like my fourth favorite Catwoman.

Howard: No Kidding.

Michelle Pfeiffer CatwomanSheldon: Yeah, Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt and then her.

Howard: What about Lee Meriweather?

Sheldon: Oh, I forgot about Lee Meriweather.

Howard: Well I’m glad that is settled.

Lee Meriweather as CatwomanSheldon: That makes Halle Berry my fifth favorite Catwoman. It’s Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriweather”

Howard: Please I’m begging you go to sleep.

Sheldon: I’m trying. I’m counting Catwomen.

Julie Newmar as catwomanSheldon: She did make a fine mutant in the X-Men movies, though.

Howard: Oh for God sake.

Sheldon: She’s not my favorite of the X-Men though. In order that would be wolverine, Cyclops — wait I forgot Professor X. Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman, then Storm, Angel, the Beast — No wait Nightcrawler. Professor X, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Cyclos, Iceman, then Storm, Angel, the Beast.

Eartha Kitt as CatwomanI have to disagree with Sheldon a little on the order of Catwomen.

My favorite Catwoman is Michelle Pfeiffer, then Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Halle Berry, Lee Meriweather. (And we’ll throw Adrienne Barbeau in there as well. She played Catwoman in Batman the Animated Series).

For more on Catwoman check out

Aug 282008

I was just reading about a Comic Book Show in Reading, PA at the Expo Center. The Expo’s website had no information about the show other than the dates (September 6-7). So I did a search for more info and learned that the show is hosted by Comic Geek Speak. For more show information check out their website at There you’ll find out who is exhibiting and what guests will be there. I might be going just to check it out.

It is sponsored by Golden Eagle Comics. I used really like that shop before the owner got sick and it was being run by this guy I don’t really care for mostly because he just wasn’t friendly like Lem. I really enjoyed stopping by and talking geek with Lem he was a great guy. I just learned tonight from a post over at comics bulletin from Lead Slinger Studios that he had passed away earlier this year. He will be missed. He has been missed. Golden Eagle just has not been the same without him.

Aug 252008

In answer (kind of) to my question about Batwoman (first seen in 52) I have stumbed on these posts over at the DC Boards…

A possible Batwoman monthly. Poster said they saw artwork at comic con. Could have been old artwork from plans after 52 that were scrapped.

Both Renee Montoya and Batwoman (perhaps back again as a couple) in the 5 part mini-series Final Crisis: Revelations.

Batwoman joining the Justice League or Birds of Prey? I don’t read either series so please let me know if anyone has info on either of these.

Then this all leads me to ask will Renee Montoya get her own book as the new Question?

Aug 212008

A few years ago I first wrote about the possibility of an animated version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer over at and much like the ill-fated animated Star Trek they teased me with as well was never to be.

BtVS AnimatedAfter fours year one gives up hope that anything will ever happen. The one day you stumble on a tiny little blip in the TV Guide telling you that just this month someone leaked the 3 minute pilot for the BtVS animated series and your little heart starts a pumping. Hell, with the success of the BtVS Season 8 comics (gosh those are good) maybe they could see fit to bring about this once shelved project and breath life back into the Vampire Slayer franchise on the small screen.

 The clip is very nicely done and done in a style of animation that I really like similar to the Batman The Animated Series cartoon. Very cool (if this does ever come into being I hope they stick with this style and don’t screw it up by making it pseudo anime).

 Now this little pilot does have all our favorite characters doing their own voices except Sarah Michelle Gellar who apparently is too good to go back to doing anything Buffy related (what has she done lately besides the voice of Bufy on Robot Chicken?), but the girl doing Buffy’s voice (Giselle Loren) is most excellent and you would never even miss that other actress (what’s-her-face).

So to read more about Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Animated series or sign the petition to bring it on (maybe a DVD movie like the resurrection of Futurama) head over to Watch and enjoy while you can (I am sure this will be yanked from YouTube at some point).

Jun 272008

Marvel’s Wolverine and the X-men will come to TV in 2009 thanks to NickToons. But that’s not all that’s a coming. We will also get Ironman: The animated series!

 Each will offer up 26 half hour episodes and give us all a reason to set our Tivos.

Check out the new trailer for Wolverine and The X-men (Marvel must have cleared up their little spat with the Foo Fighters).  🙂

But wait you also get…

Another animated feature film on DVD this fall. NEXT AVENGERS: HEROES OF TOMORROW. That makes five.

May 182008

Finally got to see the Ironman movie and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the action. Downey did a great job playing an alcoholic womanizer. Did he have practice? Seriously, he did an excellent job in the film. Before the movie we got a glimpse at a few of the summers upcoming flicks. Two in particular stood out for me Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Incredible Hulk.

I will mostly likely be waiting in line for Indy but not so much for the Hulk. Although this new trailer showed me a little more about the movie and that is might actually have a plot and not just be the big hideous CGI monster all the time. So I had hope for about 24 hours, now I am not so sure. I just read about Edward Norton’s disagreement with Marvel over the film’s substance at IGoTheBeat. According to IGTB and Marvel wanted a shorter faster paced film while Norton and the director wanted a longer film with more substance (I have to agree with Norton).

Perhaps the negative press will actually drum up viewers for the film. Most people I know weren’t planning on seeing this film simply because of how horrible Ang Lee’s Hulk was (I wouldn’t even give it a half star). So maybe with all the rumors and press people might just go to see what the hubbub is all about. I still won’t be seeing it in theaters, but someone might go. Good luck with that movie Marvel. You might be thanking your lucky stars that you did Ironman first.

May 182008

Hellboy Contest Good Luck

I just got a newsletter from Things From Another World they are having a Hellboy Contest and here’s the info…Good Luck!

The world’s greatest paranormal investigator will hit the big screen in Hellboy II: The Golden Army on July 11. The movie will take you from our world into a realm inhabited by elves, trolls and demons.

In celebration of the opening, the grand prize winner of TFAW’s Ultimate Hellboy Contest will receive ten (10) movie tickets to Hellboy II: The Golden Army at their local theatre, a copy of the Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 1, Hellboy: The Companion TPB, Hellboy Lunchbox, Hellboy Movie Photo Coaster Set, and both Hellboy Animated Statues.

One second prize winner will win a copy of the Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 1 and a copy of the Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Movie Prequel Comic, which is signed by Doug Jones (Abe Sapien)!

Ten (10) third place winners will get a subscription to Crooked Man, the new Hellboy mini-series starting in July.

May 182008

I first heard of Laurell K. Hamilton and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter on a toy collector’s forum a few years ago from a fan of the series. I picked up Guilty Pleasures, the first book, and rather enjoyed. Now fast forward a few years. I just picked up the audio version of the book Incubus Dreams, which is book twelve in this series not having read the other ten books in between. So I had high expectations for this story.

Incubus DreamsI finally finished the audio version of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Incubus Dreams. Thank god I was listening to the abridged version (only 10 discs) instead of the unabridged version (24 discs). Twelve hours of this dribble was bad enough I don’t think I could have made it through thirty hours.

So what exactly did they cut out of this story for the abridged version? I thought perhaps major plot points were dropped. But according to the reviews I was reading about the book that might not be the case. So they must have cut out some of the sex or perhaps the sexual scenes had gone into much more graphic detail than what I was getting. I don’t know and I have no intentions of finding out.

I will read her earlier works (I loved Guilty Pleasures when I read that a few years ago and now in comic book form from Marvel), but I don’t think I will bother with any of the books beyond this one. Incubus Dreams is 12th in the Anita Blake series so I will have plenty to check out before I finally give up on this author.

If I wish to read (or in this case hear) pure Vampire/Werewolf erotic fantasy I will look for books like Deep Inside by Polly Frost. With Anita Blake I was hoping for a Vampire mystery with a little sex in the mix, not that the entire story would be filled with only sex. We lost the whole aspect of any mystery or case a few chapters into this storyline and never got it back again until the very end of the book. Everything in between was one sexual experience after another. We had characters come and go too easily without any story development. What happened to the Vampire servant Damian? Anita f—ks him and he has a complete vampiric break down only to drop out of the story completely without resolving the problems brought on by the encounter. That is only one of many, many flaws with this story. The story ends with what else, more sex and the mystery is left unresolved. Not that I will be picking up book 13 in the series any time soon to see if this author bothers to fill her readers in or not.

My suggestion is to stay away from this story. Go ahead and read the earlier works of this author but don’t bother with this book. Even better check out the comic book version of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (at least she is actually hunting vampires, raising the dead and dealing with werewolves instead of just f—king them all).

As I said I was listening to this story. I did not yet mention the flaws in the audio version, which is published by Brilliance Audio and read by Cynthia Holloway. Cynthia does a good job of rendering the characters and keep our interest even if the story can’t. My biggest problem with the audio version is the production. The publishing company Brilliance Audio sees fit to add unneeded audio at the beginning and end of each disk. Most people today take their discs and turn them into MP3s, which is what I did and that is why I found the fade in/out music and notice to put in the next disk a real distraction. Combine that with the repeated two or three lines of text from the previous disc and the annoyance only compounded. So drop the unwanted extras from your audio discs and maybe they will be easier to listen, although even that would not have helped this story.