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Mar 132009

Had a dream the other night where I was stuck in this little town (one I dream about often but have never been in) and I was circling the same three block radius. Every time I would pass this one intersection there was an accident. A different accident each time I passed. Finally after about the fifth time around I stopped to talk to someone about all the accidents. After that I all of the sudden find myself dumpster diving. I am digging coke reward points out of the trash.

I know the trapped part of the dream means I am feeling trapped or stuck about something in my life but what in the world is the meaning of dreaming about diggin through a trash dumpster?

Dreams are just weird. I tell you.

Sep 202008

I just had one of the weirdest dreams. But then again what dream isn’t a bit strange?

I am in a hotel room with about three other people. I think they are friends or family, but I never identify them in the dream I only feel familiar with them. We are on computers, working, playing who knows. Then we head to the cars to go to the movies. The guy I am with gets on a CB radio (do they even make those any more?) and is talking to a guy three cars down in the parking lot. End scene.

A group of people, me included, is sitting around discussing the movies we just saw. End scene. I never see the theater in this dream, which is kind of odd as I do have a reoccurring theater dream, but this dream did not include that theater.

I was sitting with a bunch of women discussing politics when in walks Sarah Palin. We were in my dead Grandmother’s living room. She and someone on her “team” started telling us about the opposition and that they were having a meeting with an online chat. We were told to go and disrupt the meetings in any way we saw fit. Since I absolutely hate smear campaigns (and that is all the republicans seem to be doing in at their own convention where they already had the support) thought this was horrible. I followed another woman back to the bathroom and asked her if she felt this was wrong and she totally agreed with me. End scene.

Moving down a road (3 or 4 lanes on every side) to a very busy intersection. I am not sure how we are moving, driving or walking. In front of us we hear all this screeching and screaming. It was a group of about twenty kids walking and running around in the middle of the highway pretending to be driving. We yell at them to be safe. End scene.

Walking toward a tight, high walled corridor with a large group of people next to that highway (so I guess we were walking too). We see a couple of bikers turn at the intersection. One had a rifle strapped to his hog. One of the kids from earlier yells, “he’s got a gun.” We are now in the corridor and I notice the people around me and I lean into one of the bigger, burlier looking biker dudes and said, “Yeah, so who doesn’t ride a bike and carry a gun.” He laughed at that and we keep walking. Then I am approached by a kind of hot biker chick (not as scary as the big guy, but a little tough) and we start chatting. She’s telling me about all the guys she is always with (hanging out with that is). We are walking toward a movie theater (second one in this dream sequence), but this one is more like a dingy basement or warehouse room with rows of sofas, a screen and projector in it than a real theater. As we get to the door my new friend is saying how the guys are nice and some are gay, but it is hard being a lesbian and meeting women. She then turns to me pointing out a sofa for me to get us seats. She wants me to sit between a lone girl and two other women who are sprawled across the sofa making out. So I go over ask the politely to let us sit there and sit down and wait for my new lesbian biker friend to come back. End scene.

At this point Boris (the 25 pound moose cat) jumps on my chest and wakes me up. He follows me into the bathroom where my thoughts oddly enough turn to thinking of what movies are playing down at our new IMAX Theater.

Jul 032008

Today sucked.

This week sucked.

I suck.

My week started out horribly. It never had anything even close to a good point at any point. Then it ended just a horribly.

To be honest I have to wonder why I am still here on this planet.

Not feeling well I went in to drink some milk (hoping it would settle my stomach – it did not). As I was drinking it I noticed some of the magnetic poetry on the fridge.

Drink milk and dream.

Okay so I drank the milk all I need now are the dreams. Will they be nightmares? Most likely I will be trapped, attacked and killed repeatedly during the night. Why shouldn’t my dreams mimic my life?

I hope to be back to my regular bitchy self soon. Either that or just gone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Dec 182007

First day back at work. Okay so it was not a full days work but it was work. The commute alone was bad enough but then sitting there for four hours at the computer nearly killed me. The job is not hard it is computer work after all, but with my injuries my legs need to be up. There is no way I can put my legs up at work so the half day was literally hell.

I nearly passed out once I got home. Thought I was off the Vicodin, but I was forced into taking some so I could sleep at night. My sleep has really been off since the accident. I don’t know if it is the pain or the drugs that are keeping me awake. When I do sleep it is not very restful. We shall see how this return goes, but I am going to be taking it slow. As long as my wallet lets me that is.

Dec 012007

Last year I had a dream about one of my exes being in a automobile accident. They were driving a late model dark SUV and were T-Boned. The SUV flipped. It was bad possibly fatal. For weeks, even months, I felt like I lost someone close to me. So I tracked down the ex after fifteen years to see how they were doing, but I was only treated like a psychotic stalker [which I could hardly be if I waited fifteen years to hunt them down now could I?].

Well it turns out I had the interpretation wrong. The accident did involve a dark green late model SUV but it was me in the vehicle that hit that SUV. Since that accident a week ago I have been in severe pain due to the six broken ribs and numerous bruises.

I know that my ex would be happy to know I am the injured party in all this, especially after the way my request for info last year went down. I wonder if I wrote to tell them I am badly injured if they would consider that harassment even though contact was made a year apart? Knowing them yeah. But would the joy of knowing of my injuries out weigh the psychosis of thinking I am stalking them? Nah, they would most likely balance out and I would get a call from that cop friend again telling me to leave them alone, how childish and paranoid can you be to take a step like that. But this time mister officer could look up the police report on my end to know I am telling the truth.

Well, screw them and next time I dream they are in trouble we will have to assume the information is meant for me again and I will leave them alone.