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Nov 072010

It really isn’t just a self-aggrandizing name, it really is the World’s Best Cat Litter.

I won a bag in a contest on Twitter and tried it out on our cats and I just loved it and so did the cats.

It is almost dustless, which was so nice when filling the box. No cloud of perfumed yuck flew up in my face.

Even without all the perfumes of other clumping litters it still kept the smell down too. Cat urine was almost undetectable when cleaning out the cat box.

The worst part was that it was only available at Petco or Petsmart which are not on my regular shopping routes.

It is now at Target and for a limited time there is a $3 off coupon on the 8 lb bags. Sweet! Now I can pick it up when I stop for a regular shopping trip instead of making a special trip to a specialty store.

Head on over to the World’s Best Cat Litter’s website for more information and to enter their contest to win a year’s supply of litter & a $200 Target gift card. Good Luck!

Nov 042010

I had an opportunity to sample the new Snickers Peanut Butter candy bars, at least I would have if I wasn’t allergic to peanuts! So I did a private sampling with all my co-workers and friends.

The overall opinion was that is was a very tasty candy bar. This only made me want to try it even more!

As you can see by the picture it has all the YUMMY goodness of a regular Snickers but the peanuts are surround by very tasty peanut butter.

I had a blast handing the new treats out on Halloween, but I really, really wanted to nom some for myself. Just look at all the fun everyone working with Snickers & had…

So go ahead and taste them (they should be in stores now) and then stop by here and rub it in how yummy they are and how I don’t get to eat any. Go ahead. I dare you.

Aug 102010

Okay so if you are a person and want to express your displeasure with a company how do you complain? I voice my opinion to my friends and family and that circle has grown to include my online friends and family too. I also avoid using those products and services ever again, if I can help it.

Some examples of this are Comcast….hate them, their customer service, their product — everything but I still use them because cable companies are a monopoly and I have no other choice (don’t get me started on satellite TV). Thanks to my complaints here on my blog they did finally take notice and come out to fix both the DVR issues & the cable leading to my house.

Another example is the SCI FI Channel (now SyFy) for personal reasons I can not really spell out here, they did a great disservice to me back in 2000 & I have never gone back (only a few exceptions have occurred.

Then there is The Outback Restaurant. I some of the worst service by any waitress ever there, which was then followed up by the manager who only defended the waitress. I could not eat the food and was still charged. I actually had to take my complaint to to get the corporate office to notice my complaint and/or do anything about it. All they did was send me a gift card for a restaurant that I was never going to ever again (I have not been back in one in over 5 years). I gave the gift card to friend.

Latest example is BP. With this BIG problem in the Gulf I refuse to buy their gas (thank goodness there aren’t many around so I do not have to actively avoid them but I will drive by if there is one even if the gas is cheaper). Will I ever go back to BP? No.   I haven’t gone back to using Exxon gas for anything so why would I forgive BP?

That being said…I think you now know the answer to the question…do i hold grudges? YES.

Seems like companies these days are more about PR then they are about actual customer service. Shame, because those companies will never see my business again.

May 282010

I don’t like this feeling.

I don’t like feeling.

I feel strange. I can feel everything happening in my body.

I feel weak. Nauseous.

I can fell my heart beating in my chest.

I can feel every breath I take. Especially the ones I don’t take. My chest feels heavy. It is hard to breath. I feel out of breath when all I am doing is lying here.

I can feel my throat. I can feel the breath as it moves down my throat. How can air get caught in your throat? My tongue feels like it is pushing on the back of my throat. Pushing it closed.

I feel my head, the weight of my head. Yet I am light headed?

I feel my arms and legs. Feel them feel as if they are useless or not even there. Tingly but not tingly. Weak.

Remember to breath.

My stomach is empty yet I feel it working. Digesting. Gurgling. Pushing nothingness into my bowels, bowels that bubble and twist.


I can feel my eyes moving about in their sockets. I feel every blink.

I feel like a stranger in my own body.

I want to go back to not feeling any of this as it happens, to blissfully feel nothing as my body works.

I don’t like this feeling.

I don’t like feeling.

Apr 052010

I have been using Outlook Express for years without too much of a problem until today.

I recently moved all my files onto a newer computer at work (we won’t call it new as it has been sitting there not being used since it was purchased in 2007, but it is a lot newer than the dying one I was using). I moved all my email files, address book everything over to the new computer and I was rather impressed that I did it without spending too many hours searching on Topeka (see Google’s April Fool’s Day joke for an explanation) for the help I needed in exporting and importing the files from old PC to new PC. Yay me. Pat on the back and all that.

Okay, that being said, I normally have the email spell check everything before sending it. Well this new system did not have the email set up that way from the previous user. So I manually ran the spell check only to find that it wanted to change every word to something funky. What the heck was going on here? So I looked under the hood, so to speak, only to find that the only language available for the spell checker was French! I don’t speak French and don’t send too many emails in French. I need English, any English would do.

A quick search revealed that the missing languages in Outlook Express is known problem with Outlook Express 6 and Microsoft Office 2007. From what I read this happens with upgrades from old office versions to this new one, yet this PC come with the programs installed on it. Apparently, Microsoft has no intention of fixing this and suggests you use a third party spell checker. Maybe an updated Outlook Express is in order, maybe?

Thanks to a very helpful blog post on Outlook Express being stuck on French, I was able to find the information I needed to either get the 3rd party software (they recommend Spell Checker For Outlook Express from Snapfiles). Upon further reading of the comments I saw that I could install/reinstall just the needed Office 2003 Proofing tools, which I did and so far so good. But who knows what tomorrows PC start up will cause. Wish me luck.

Don’t even get me started on their new file formats for Office 2007!

Mar 162010

Okay, so if witnessing the murder of a groundhog this morning wasn’t bad enough, tonight’s no better!

Now I am faced with stinky, runny cat poop to clean up and a spider.

I give up. Today is just crappy.

Going to bed now.


Mar 162010

I had a rather disturbing thing happen on the way to work and quite frankly it was a horrible way to start my day.

I was speeding along the turnpike as usual when up ahead I spotted a little groundhog trying his hardest to make it across the road. He got across the first lane of traffic fine only narrowly escaping the Mack truck only to be struck down by the SUV in the next lane.

His, hopefully, lifeless body came tumbling towards me at a high rate of speed coming to rest up against the cement medium.

I still can’t shake that image. It really messed me up most of the day. Poor little guy. Even if he had made it across where would he have gone? Upon reaching the middle of the road he would have been met with an insurmountable cement wall. Why don’t they make them with a gap in them every few yards? Or make the mediums out of cement columns instead of solid walls? Something.

Feb 252010

Need to test your kids for drugs or maybe even potential employees?

Don’t rely on those pee-in-a-cup tests which only give you a few days worth of information. Use a more accurate hair follicle drug test with a longer testing range. You can now see results from as far as 90 days ago.

Parents with this easy test, you could actually test your kid without them ever knowing about it. Why risk that teenage anger being directed at you if you are wrong? Address the problem then confront them with the results. All you need is a hair sample to send off to the lab and in a short while you are armed with the truth. Couldn’t get any easier than that.

Note: if you do check out the info on the above site, the links at the bottom of the pages do not work use the ones in the header.

Feb 232010

I was witness to an invasion last night.

Okay, not so much of an invasion as one giant spider from Mars.

Okay, it wasn’t from Mars.

It was from the ceiling.

Okay, it wasn’t giant either, but when it is only inches from your face hanging there with all eight of its evil little legs squirming at u in the light on the TV it looks friggin’ HUGE!

I detest spiders.

Okay, maybe that is a little strong.

I hate them.

Still too strong. I extremely dislike them and do not want them near me ever, especially two inches from my face when I am trying to go to bed.

My fear, disgust, distrust of them keeps me from even being able to squish them dead so that I can go on with my pathetic little existence as  a spider loathing human being. I was ousted from my own bedroom in the middle of the night from a creature the size of my thumb nail. How does that work?

I like Spider-man. I like spider themed jewelry and art. I even like watching them on the Discovery channel. I just don’t like them on my head.

Spider: 1

Me: 0

(If you are keeping score.)

Feb 152010

We have been thinking about selling our home and moving into a new single family home, but all the things involved with selling a house can be very intimidating. Just looking for a Realtor is confusing and a bit scary. Everyone and their brother will be glad to give you pointers whether you want them or not.

So far one of the best pieces of advice we have been given is about interviewing Realtors. Finding the right Realtor will only be the beginning though.

Figuring out things like what the Closing Cost will be and who pays for what is more than confusing! Apparently here in Reading there is a 2.5% closing cost on both sides. That’s right 2.5% for the buyer and 2.5% for the seller. However, that is not the only local regulation we will have to deal with. We still have much more research to do, but there is some kind of city inspection involved too. That’s on top of having a Pest Inspector come through and make sure the house isn’t falling apart from termites or infested with some other nasty beasty.

Do we offer the buyers a New Home Warranty to help sell the house? Or just leave it up to them to buy it themselves? Will it help us sell the house or not?

As you can see I have a ton a questions and a ton of research ahead of me. Thank god for the internet and the wealth of information to be found on it.

Feb 132010

Well I have pretty much already beat this to death, but I feel it needs repeating. FEARnet is the only horror channel on Comcast and quite frankly it is the worst one out there. Come on Comcast give us something better please.

Oh, you can ask for channels but they never add them so why bother?

Additional reasons that FEARnet and Comcast suck can be found here:

Feb 132010

Well if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I have an ongoing issue with Comcast Cable and their crappy service. This time it is their customer service. I have already pointed out their enormous cost before so let me just tell you how shocked I was by my bill once my triple play pricing special ran out. So I grabbed a phone and gave them a call. I was put on hold then disconnected. Okay, so I call back this time I get some one who says they are going to look into it for me. Again I am put on hold and the call is disconnected! At this point my frustration has turned to anger so I decide I am going to wait a few days and call back.

A couple of days go by and I try calling again. This time I get some one who seems eager to help and isn’t hanging up on me. He supposedly tries to  change my plans to reduce my costs, but every time he does his computer crashes. He reboots twice before telling me to call back again.

Well their ploy worked. I gave up trying and I continue to pay them way too much money all because I could not get any customer service.

Their commercials talk about how wonderful they are and how if they don’t fix something on the first call they’ll give you $20. Wonder if that guarantee works when you cannot get satisfaction from their call center?

Oct 012009

Last week, September 22 to be exact, we saw a horrible image on the news. It was of an adorable little brown tabby cat all wrapped up like a mummy in duct tape. We could not bear to watch the whole news clip to find out what, who or why it had happened.

The news is just to darn depressing to watch especially when it shows poor helpless animals or children who have suffered at the hands of an adult that should know better. (That is why I have such a hard time forgiving Michael Vick or the Eagles for signing a dog murderer.) We treat all life with respect and wish the rest of humanity would too.

The following day we learned that the little kitty would be okay and that the PSPCA was offering a reward for news leading to an arrest in the case.

The PSPCA had named the lil tabby cat Sticky (how appropriately cute). While we really wanted to run into Philly and adopt her on the spot, we already have four cats in our little city home. We just couldn’t offer a proper home to another cat at this time. So we silently wished her well knowing she would be quickly adopted since her horrible ordeal was aired on the news. Turns out more than 100 people had called in wanting to adopt her!

Today we got the good news from the PSPCA that not only did Sticky get a forever home, but the bad man that had done this to her had been arrested and is now facing criminal charges.

Our hope is that the 99 plus people that did not get to adopt Sticky could open their hearts and their homes to another kitty cat awaiting adoption at the PSPCA.