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May 312008

Cold Stone Creamery is holding a delicious contest. Before I get into how cool and wonderful this is let me tell you it is for young adults 13 to 19 (which sucks for me because I would have so been there). Okay, so now you know and if you are between those ages you can do this.

All you have to do is go a Cold Stone Creamery and create your best combination of ingredients. Once you have the ultimate yummy combo name it and head to the internet. Yep take your ice cream to the masses.

Sign up for the Awesome Cold Stone Contest online. Here’s where the fun part comes in get all your friends, both from the real world and the internet, to head to Cold Stone and taste your creation. Once they have given you two thumbs up have them vote online for you and your yummy ice cream concoction. In a competition kind of like those I have seen on the food network your entry will be judged first by the masses then if it passes the public opinion then you get to face the judges at Cold Stone.

I have not even mentioned that you are competing for over $30,000 in prizes! The iMix America contest has already started so get out there and create the ultimate ice cream mashup and get to promoting yourself online you only have until June 5th! Oh, and good luck.

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May 222008

I justed happened across this video this morning while I was avoiding going to the hospital for my tests (still dealing with that accident six months ago). Any who, this video shows some very, very cool artwork done on sidewalks with chalk (unbelievable stuff with such depth and dimension you wish it were permanent) and sand sculptures like I have never seen before (again wish these were made of stone). Well enjoy this video and let me know which piece is your favorite.

Man’s CreationsClick here for more amazing videos

May 142008 Business Cards from Vista PrintWell I have finally given away the last of my business cards. I had some made up last year for my website over at Vista Print. Since they are completely gone now it is time to head back over to their website and reorder some more. The site is so easy to use and you really do get professional quality printing at an amazingly low price. I also had matching magnets made at the same time. I couldn’t have been happier, but I guess that goes without saying since I will be reordering more.

They have tons of special offers, even free merchandise, but I opted to upload my own graphics and then I got a high gloss front, which looked so cool with the black background. I just logged in and reordering couldn’t be easier. They still have my cards on files and all I had to do was hit a button and review my cards. If I hadn’t uploaded the card design as an image I could have edited it during review before finalizing my purchase, which I did not do just yet.

I still have to go back and find my original artwork. They have so other items besides just business cards and magnets. They have invitations, cards, rubber stamps, and promotional items just to name a few.

Speaking of promotions during check out, if your order is over $15, you’ll be offered a free magazine from one of their partners. Well if, like me, you choose to decline the offer be sure to click the link to get a rebate form. Fill that out and you can request rebate for the stated value ($10) of the offer. Not a bad deal.

May 072008

May 1st brought a slew more Indian Jones LEGO sets.  We already had the The Temple Escape ($60),  Race for the Stolen Treasure ($30),  The Lost Tomb($20) and the Motorcycle Chase ($10).  the only one of those three I still need to get is the Race for the Stolen Treasure set and I might have to put that one off for a little while as these new sets have me all excited!

 Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets  Indiana Jones Lego Sets

The Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Lego sets available as of May 1, 2008 are: Jungle Duel ($10), River Chase ($20), Jungle Cutter($40), and The Temple of the Crystal Skull ($70). So far the only one I have picked up is the cheapest one The Jungle Duel set. Fun little set that includes three minifigs. You get Indy, Mutt and Spalko. The cloth tent is pretty cool. I could see a whole bunch of these set up as a military camp or boyscott troop. I can definitely see the steampunk and diselpunk lego fans making some fun stuff from all these Indy sets that’s for sure.

Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets

I really hope LEGO keeps pushing out the Indiana Jones sets for us adult fans as well as the kids. So far these are available at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. Target hasn’t jumped on the band wagon yet as they only have the first four Lego sets none of the new ones and none of the action figures either. If you are looking to pick these up I don’t recommend TRU as their prices are $2-10 more than any where else including and

May 042008

In the vast blogosphere it is easy to get lost. Sometimes you just need a helpful friend to point you in the right direction. Or at the very least help suggest some good places to start.

A really good jumping off place is Roxiticus Best Blogs. This is pretty much a blog about blogs and sometimes blogging too. RBB has some helpful tips on how to increase your blog traffic in the mix of reviews. Head on over there to see what I mean.

Apr 302008

Texas is a big state with lots of things to do. I am not sure one visit would be enough. I luckily have friends who live in different areas of the state so I should be able to plan several trips to get the most out of the state especially when it comes to making plans to visit my friends in Houston.

I just came across this beautiful historic site, W.H. Stark House that I have to fit into one of the trips even if it is on the wrong side of the state, but thank goodness for those friends in Houston. It is a huge Victorian home turned into a museum located in the City of Orange about 120 miles east of Houston. I absolutely love the Victorian time period. Not that I would have wanted to be a female back in those days as I am certainly not into wearing all the dresses and lace, but I can appreciate the beauty of it all.

Lately I have been really getting into the whole steampunk scene too and this place fits that bill to a tee. Just seeing the outside of this place makes me want to go. It is huge and gorgeous! The folks that built it, William Henry Stark and Miriam Melissa Lutcher Stark, were avid collectors. And we all know collecting is an obsession and not just a hobby. You have got to see the stuff they have online and that is only a small portion of the entire collection on view at the W.H. Stark House.

They even have a bronze death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is right up my morbid little alley. Besides that there is other artwork, beautiful vintage household items (that only the rich then and now could ever hope to own) and not to be missed is the wonderfully steampunk 1909 Hupmobile Roadster. What an amazing looking automobile. What H. G. Wells or Jules Verne fan wouldn’t want to have that vehicle?

While the online images of this place are beyond amazing I truly do suggest that anyone near this place goes there.

Apr 222008

Today is Earth Day and it’s going to the dogs. I have already written about my favorite eco-superhero Captain Planet and his trusty sidekicks the Planeteers the other day listing a few helpful things you can do every day to make our planet a better place to live.

Today I want to write a little about our pets and what we can do to help them help us on our quest for a more environmentally friendly planet. I just think it is important that we make changes in every aspect of our lives and this includes our pets.

First and foremost are the toys besides treats this is what we buy the most of for our furry little friends. Pet toys vary in product types and the materials used to make them.

Look for toys that are either recycled or can be recycled. These can include plush, rubber and plastic toys. Remember to recycle the packaging too. Most packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and plastics. Be mindful of what you send out to the landfills.

Try to find all natural alternatives to pest control instead of using harsh chemicals. This is better for the environment and for your pet.

Organic treats will not only be healthier for your pets but will not add unwanted chemicals and fertilizers to the soil thus reducing ground pollution.

AKC’s Green Planet Collection of toys are made of recycled materials and so is the packaging.

West Paw Designs Eco Toys are made from recycled plastic bottles. Not sure how they do it but the material and the stuffing used to be plastic bottles. Pretty cool huh? They also make beds and rubber out of the recycled materials too.

EcoPure Naturals makes natural products for your pets from flea and tick spray to aromatherapy for dogs.

Robbie Dawg makes tasty organic treats for dogs and cats.

Whole Life treats are freeze dried treats with basically one ingredient. Those ingredients come from free range or wild caught animals.

These great toys, treats and other fine products are available at and check them out today!

Apr 082008

Flea Dog Toy Okay, so I don’t have a dog, but I do have nefew and niece dogs not to mention friends with dogs too. I came across this very cute flea dog toy and I just had to get it for my favorite little white poodle fondly known has Pooper Scooper [his real name is PC aka Prince Charming, but he has been Poop D. Scoop since he was a wee little pup and thus he will remain].

The dogs live with their family [my sister, her hubby and thier kids] next door to our folks so they come down to visit all the time. Flea Dog Toy Back Even having sleep overs at Grandma’s house. So I dropped the toy off there knowing that eventually the doggies come down and get their reward if they aren’t there when I stop by.

Well the other day I stopped in and Mom had the FLEA on her sofa nestled in the throw pillows. I don’t think the dogs will be seeing this toy for some time. He is awful cute. The flea dog toy looks a lot like a Muppet more than a dog toy. I love him! He is twelve inches high which seems big but he isn’t really. Even little dogs will like biting back this flea. They can bite until he squeaks or just grab a leg and shake him. It is a nice little revenge toy for your dog. Let him get back at the pests who bother him [and you].

I just found out that they make a cat version too! My favorite online store for cat toys does not have them yet but I emailed and they say they will look into carrying them. Yeah!

 Update: Like I said the catnip flea cat toy is now available at

Mar 222008

My all time favorite candy is the peanut butter meltaway. I try not to eat them very often because I am allergic to peanuts, but since the allergy is not a sever one yet I do indulge every once in a while.

Way back in the 80’s I used to love Gardner’s Candies PB Meltaway. They made a bar that was shorter and wider than half a Twix bar that was great. Then for years I could no longer find them. That’s where the Internet comes in handy, I found them online and ordered some, while they were no longer the bar I remembered, they were still good. Before I found the Gardner’s again all I had was the 1 — 1 square peanut butter meltaways from Asher’s Chocolates. While good they are just too small. They have too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter. But then there is the Asher’s peanut butter meltaway Easter eggs. These are good! Loads of creamy, smooth peanut butter covered it in their delicious chocolate. Other companies just don’t quite understand the meaning of the word meltaway. Asher’s gets it right.

Gertrude Hawk’s also makes a PB meltaway Easter egg that I had for the first time the other day. I have to say it really can’t hold a candle to the Asher’s egg. Neither the chocolate nor the peanut butter are as smooth and creamy as Asher’s. Shame they are only available around Easter.

So of the three peanut butter meltaway candies Asher’s wins first place, followed by Gardner’s and Gertrude Hawks Comes in last. Don’t take my word for it though try them for yourself.

Feb 122008

With all the horrible drivers out there and the fact that almost everyone I know has been in some kind of accident or fender bender in the past couple of months this little device might be a pretty good idea.

 car cameraIt is a combo camera, dvr, LCD screen and rear view mirror. It records all the action in fromt of you catching all the evidence if an accident or aggressive drive happens your way. Check out the car camera for more info or to buy this cool device.

Feb 102008

Nim’s IslandThis movie looks pretty funny. Opens April 4th.

Nim’s Island — Anything can happen on Nim’s Island, a magical place ruled by a young girl’s imagination. It is an existence that mirrors that of her favorite literary character, Alex Rover – the world’s greatest adventurer. But Alexandra, the author of the Rover books, leads a reclusive life in the big city. When Nim’s father goes missing from their island, a twist of fate brings her together with Alexandra. Now they must draw courage from their fictional hero, Alex Rover, and find strength in one another to conquer Nim’s Island.

Stars Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin and Gerard Butler.

Jan 182008

Sometimes email just isn’t good enough and you need to resort to snail mail (also known as the United Postal Service). Believe it or not it is just more reliable sometimes. What am I talking about, you might ask. Well, I had some friends move and I never got their email. If they had followed it up with nice little postcards with their new address I would have had something to stick right in my address book, but they did not so I did not. So my Christmas card I sent to them came back to me making me a sad little Santa thinking I lost touch with a good friend. Lucky for me I have a back up friend who gave me the address. But if she had simply gone to and made some cool and funky postcards and sent them out this could have all been avoided.

But VistaPrint offers so much more than postcard printing. You can make business cards, magnets (both of which I have made for my website), notepads, invitations and loads more. They are great for not just business but also personal uses too. You could use their postcards for announcements, invitations, business marketing and so much more. The cost is very reasonable too. So my question is why didn’t my friend go there and print out some postcards with her new address?

Made possible by They have free stuff there too.

Jan 182008

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready? No!? Well, you still have plenty of time to get something special for your best guy or gal even through mail order. So set you mouse to clicking and head over to for some savings on your holiday shopping. You’ll find loads of coupon codes for all your favorite online stores.

Save on flowers and gifts from They have a great deal now on sweet heart roses where you buy 24 and get 24 free. With a deal like that there’s no reason not to surround her (or him) with flowers on Valentine’s Day. What a great surprise to receive at the office (hint, hint).

Don’t forget your best friend. Shop at and save on fun toys and treats for your dog. Get a heart that says, “I love you” or a devil that proclaims, “the devil made me do it” to show him he’s loved too.

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