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Apr 152015

3stooges-setThe fine folks over at are having a giveaway right now.

All you have to do is fill out the little, easy-peasy online form and you are entered (by now everybody on the net should have entered a rafflecopter giveaway and knows how they are done). You can get extra entries by tweeting, liking the facebook page and reviewing products.

These toys are fun and even if you don’t have a dog but love the Stooges (and who doesn’t) you should head over and enter. Who knows you could be one of the 3 lucky winners. Good luck.

Enter the contest here




Nov 062012

Sticky BuddyCheck out my review of the Sticky Buddy and then enter the contest below for your chance to win one!

The contest is being held by, but you can enter here as well.

Read Boris’ review of the Sticky Buddy here:

Contest ends 11/23/12 so get your entries in early. Open to US residents only. Blog post comment entries may be posted on this site or

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nov 042010

I had an opportunity to sample the new Snickers Peanut Butter candy bars, at least I would have if I wasn’t allergic to peanuts! So I did a private sampling with all my co-workers and friends.

The overall opinion was that is was a very tasty candy bar. This only made me want to try it even more!

As you can see by the picture it has all the YUMMY goodness of a regular Snickers but the peanuts are surround by very tasty peanut butter.

I had a blast handing the new treats out on Halloween, but I really, really wanted to nom some for myself. Just look at all the fun everyone working with Snickers & had…

So go ahead and taste them (they should be in stores now) and then stop by here and rub it in how yummy they are and how I don’t get to eat any. Go ahead. I dare you.

Nov 022010

A little before Halloween I heard about a great promotion that was having for Snickers. So I quickly applied to be a part of it, telling them how much I love Halloween (it is my Christmas).

I little while later I was told I had been chosen to be one of the Snickers “Coolest House on the Block” participants.

So cool! The package of goodies arrived about a week before Halloween. Boris helped me inventory everything we got (especially the candy — probably because it sounded a little like his treat bags as I was pulling them out of the box).

Next up was to decorate the house. Being city folk we don’t like to have the house decorated too early, just to cut down on the possibility of vandals. However, needed photos posted by a certain time showing the decorations in place.

So I went about building a cemetery out front and hung the HUGE Snickers banner behind it. This was placed right where all the Trick-or-Treaters would see it as they came up our front steps.) The banner reads, “It’s No Trick. Here’s the only house where you can get this new treat.”

Glad I did not completely decorate as we had some really windy days leading up to Sunday’s Halloween night. So I added the finishing touches to the decorations Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the mini fog machine Snickers sent did not work out as it was still too windy. All the fog blew away in seconds. But the strobe light really made the cemetery creepy.

I heard quite a few parents reading the banner aloud as I handed out the candy to their kids and even a few came over and asked for some for themselves as well.

Boris was getting rather upset about being left inside the house when all the excitement was outside.

Here’s a gallery of Trick-or-Treaters from the evening. This is only a small sampling as I gave out all of the candy and it was quite busy at times. I also had some smaller ghosts & goblins that I chose not to post because of their tender young age. But boy were some of them adorable.

At the end of the evening there were two little furry Trick-or-Treaters. They unfortunately did not get any of the Snickers, but I still was able to give them some Halloween toys  (I should have had some Greenies on hand for them).

Boris also told all of his friends about how Halloween was on Snickers this year and what he was up to on Halloween night. (Warning: Boris’ blog is written in kitteh speek.)

Feb 082009

The Veronicas text challenge is more than just a contest to win cool autographed items from this great new band it is all for a good cause.

The more text messages they get the more money they will donate to Wildlife Warriors (helps to protect all those poisonous species in Australia, not really, it is an Australian wildlife organization, so maybe). Any who money goes to a good cause and LOVES animals so why not when all it costs is a text message, right?

So head on over to The Veronicas website for all the info on the text challenge and while your helping out the animals you might win something cool.

Their prizes and goals are:
500 texts – donation of $100 to Wildlife Warriors!
600 texts – one person wins a signed copy of HOOK ME UP
750 texts – new exclusive photo AND donation amount goes up to $200!
850 texts – one person wins a signed copy of THE SECRET LIFE…
1000 texts – new exclusive photo AND donation goes up to $500!
1250 texts – one person wins a signed HOOK ME UP poster
1500 texts – donation of $750
1750 texts – one person wins signed copies of HOOK ME UP and THE SECRET LIFE…
2000 texts – donation of $1000 to Wildlife Warriors, new exclusive photo, AND one person wins The Veronicas’ ultimate prize pack of signed copies of HOOK ME UP, THE SECRET LIFE…, 4Ever promo single, HOOK ME UP poster and THE SECRET LIFE… album flat (every item is signed!)

Jan 292009

I just found a way cool steampunk contest over at Dvice (part of SCIFI channel). Design a steampunk cylon and you can win Battlestar Galactica goodies. Here are some of the details…

Cylon Background: The Cylons were created by the people of the Twelve Colonies. Intelligent robots, they were used as slaves and soldiers to fight humanity’s wars. But the Cylons became sentient and they rebelled. Man and machine fought to a bloody stalemate, then the Cylons withdrew to a remote region of space. A truce between the Twelve Colonies and the Cylons lasted for 40 tense and silent years. Then, on the 40th anniversary, a stunning blonde a Cylon in human form met the human envoy¦ moments before the Cylons vaporized the station and launched a genocidal attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Now DVICE gives you the opportunity to create Steampunk Cylons to win prizes. There are many examples of steampunk design contemporary objects re-imagined as if they were built in the Victorian era.

Design a Steampunk Cylon: Entrants must create an image of what a Cylon from the “steampunk” era would look like. You can use graphical software (such as Photoshop), draw or paint your Cylon, or you can physically build the Cylon and photograph it. You then submit the image(s) of your design to Please do not exceed 1 megabyte per image! Your entry should also include your full name, date of birth, phone number, physical address and a valid e-mail address.

We’ll also accept entries for creations in the general Battlestar universe (steampunk ships, steampunk devices, etc.), although our preference is for Cylons.

Aug 292008

School has barely even started and it is already time to begin preparations for Christmas. If you work retail you know what I mean. Halloween will be here and gone. Quickly followed by Thanksgiving then Christmas. As for retail Halloween won’t even be here by the time stores are filling up with holiday decorations and stocking shelves for all those shoppers out there buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. This quarter of the year really flies by. For retailers it doesn’t even really start until black friday (the day after Thanksgiving when all heck breaks loose). Personally, I have never been able to experience the whole Black Friday experience. I have always had to work that day. There seems to be a bit of madness that goes on that day. In a way I would like to see the other side of it at some point.

I would definitely set out on Black Friday with a plan. Find out what stores where offering what sales and special deals well in advance of the big day. Set up a game plan and stick to it as best as I could. The best way to find out ahead of time which stores are having the best sales or offering almost free merchandise is to use a website like It is their job to find out what is going to be in the Wal-Mart, Toys R Us or Circuit City ads well in advance of Black Friday. Oh and the best part is they even have links so you can buy some of those great deals online without going out and fighting the crowds. I remember last year Wal-Mart was practically giving away laptops to those who were willing to get there early in the morning and wait in line. I have already book marked the site and will be working on my plan of attack for the Toys R Us specials this year.

Aug 292008

So, you have decided to try and make a buck online. Maybe open an online store. And why not the world of eCommerce is wide open and easy to get started. All you need is a website or host with a shopping cart to get started. Add a few products and a way you go. Of course you can start out having payments emailed to you and pay the high fees involved for the convenience or just have them send you an old fashion check, but eventually you will want to be able to accept credit cards therefore keeping pace with the internet.

A lot of people are afraid of setting up a merchant account or don’t think they could afford it. Guess what? They’re wrong. Merchant Advisors is there to help and they offer free credit card processing with a low per transaction fee that really does beat the other guys. They are the smart choice for both virtual and brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll want to check out their merchant services for more information about their merchant accounts for both physical and online stores.

Jul 212008

Skeleton ChairsI’m currently on the look out for one or two free straight back chairs for yet another project I want to try, I saw this DIY Halloween project posted over at and I want some. So first step is to find the chairs, which could take a while. So until the chairs are in my possession I’m not going to worry about not having a jigsaw (I think my Dad has one I could use). I’ll worry about that once this project is under way.

Jun 202008

What the hell is wrong with Microsoft? Why in the world would they change the default file type of one of the world’s most used office programs?

Microsoft Excel 2007 (as well as Word and Power Point) now have an XML based file format. The new Excel file extension is .xlsx, which of course cannot be opened with any of the older versions of the program.

Thank god I remembered we had one computer in our office that was new enough to have the latest version of the software on it. (I forgot because I never use the Microsoft Office 2007 products because I simply don’t like them.) At first I wasn’t sure that it would even be able to save it as the old version as the company that sent me the file could not figure it out and told me that was the only available file format.

I really hate the new tabbed browsing with in the new office programs and where the heck did they go with the good old fashion text menus?!? They hid them is what they did. I finally figured out how to find their help file (tiny little question mark was eluding me). The text menu where you have the option to choose SAVE AS is now hidden behind the little office logo at the top of the screen on the left-hand side. Who would have thought to look there? Not me. Can you make it any harder folks?

For those of us that do not have access to a brand spanking new version of Excel Microsoft has kindly [insert sarcasm here] created a tool (not sure if this is available for Word or Power Point) for us backward people who cannot upgrade every time they release a new, improved [insert said sarcasm again] version.

You can download this lovely little Excel 2007 to 97-2003 conversion tool at Even though it is free it does come with a cost. You will have to install all the updates for your version of windows before installing the converter. Which can take you a few hours, if like me, you are a little behind on your XP updates (who know they were up to XP Service Pack 3, not me).

For those of us with little time there is also an online converter, but this might not be an option if you too have a confidential file you need to convert like I did. However, unlike the Microsoft compatibility pack you do not need to have Microsoft Office installed on your PC to convert the file.

I am pretty sure that if I am going to have to continue to use the newer versions I am going to have to pick up a copy of the book Office 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies.

Jun 062008

SBB Pet Food FestAre you looking for something to do on June 14th? Want to win a years supply of pet food? Head to the Pet Food Festival being held by ShopByBreed on the 14th for your chance to win either a years supply of dog food or a years supply of cat food.

Besides this awesome chance to win a great prize you’ll also get to meet and talk with representatives of the best pet food manufacturers out there like Wellness, Innova, Nutro Natural Choice, Nature’s Variety, and Royal Canin. They’ll be on hand to field your questions about the quality of food you feed your bestest-best friends as well as hand out samples. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Before you go head over to the Nature’s Variety website to get yourself a coupon for a free bag of dry kibble or raw food for your pet. You might as well go prepared, right?

from Pet Food Fest in Exton, PA

Jun 052008

So you think you are young and beautiful enough to be a model, yet Top Model is not knocking down your door to get to you? Why not try something a little more realistic and much less painful (maybe). is an online beauty contest that anyone can enter from across the globe. You can win $10,000 or even be spotted by a modeling agency for a chance at a career working in New York, Paris, or Milan. Who judges this beauty contest? The visitors to the site, that’s who. So put your best face on, head to, and upload your pictures for your shot at fame.

Jun 032008

Disney will be rocking the boardwalk in Jersey this summer when the Radio Disney concert hit Wildwood. Guess what? These concerts featuring stars like Raven Symone (That’s So Raven), Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana) and others will be coming to Morey’s Piers this July.

There will be a free concert every Monday for three weeks ending in a spectacular finale being held at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Tickets for the Wildwood events finale with Raven Symone on July 26th will be on sale through Ticketmaster, the box office and on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier during the concerts on July 7, 14, 21.

The free Radio Disney concerts will take place next to the giant ferris wheel on Morey’s Mariner’s Landing pier. Those shows are scheduled for 1pm and 4pm. Parents love that these concerts are free and kids love the Disney stars. It is a match made in heaven (okay, maybe not heaven, just the Disney PR offices).

Here is a list of the free concerts for interested parties:

  • July 7 – A Cursive Memory
  • July 14 – Jordan Pruitt
  • July 21 – Drew Seeley

Morey’s Pier is the place to be this summer for family fun.

Hey, the fun doesn’t stop after the concerts are over. Morey’s Piers is offering season finale ticket holds special deals like ten bucks off admission Morey’s Piers Beachfront new jersey water park or ten dollars off a wrist band good for all three of Morey’s piers, but the best deal is fifteen dollars off the Splash and Ride combo ticket. So if you are looking for things to do in New Jersey head to the Jersey shore this summer for some great music and family entertainment.