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May 312008

Cold Stone Creamery is holding a delicious contest. Before I get into how cool and wonderful this is let me tell you it is for young adults 13 to 19 (which sucks for me because I would have so been there). Okay, so now you know and if you are between those ages you can do this.

All you have to do is go a Cold Stone Creamery and create your best combination of ingredients. Once you have the ultimate yummy combo name it and head to the internet. Yep take your ice cream to the masses.

Sign up for the Awesome Cold Stone Contest online. Here’s where the fun part comes in get all your friends, both from the real world and the internet, to head to Cold Stone and taste your creation. Once they have given you two thumbs up have them vote online for you and your yummy ice cream concoction. In a competition kind of like those I have seen on the food network your entry will be judged first by the masses then if it passes the public opinion then you get to face the judges at Cold Stone.

I have not even mentioned that you are competing for over $30,000 in prizes! The iMix America contest has already started so get out there and create the ultimate ice cream mashup and get to promoting yourself online you only have until June 5th! Oh, and good luck.

This was a sponsored post.

May 212008

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to impress the blogosphere? Well then prove it. Write your best post and then head on over to is a contest to find the best blog posts on the net. Each day a winner will be chosen. All the winners will then be compiled into a big book of blogs. Yes, an actual book will be published. That’s right your work will actually be published in the real world. Go figure.

As a blogger you can go over and submit your own posts or your friends can do it for you. Once you are nominated you’ll want to have all your online friends head over and vote for you.

Fear not you won’t be losing your rights to your own works. If you win they will contact you to work out the licensing for inclusion into the finished book.

Okay, so being in a book isn’t quite enough for you. How’s about money will that satisfy? Each month the winner for top blog that month has a chance to get $100. Not too shabby, huh?

Well there is one more reason to submit your blog. Free advertisement for you. That’s right drive traffic and increase your audience. Really, I am not seeing a negative to being a part of

May 182008

Hellboy Contest Good Luck

I just got a newsletter from Things From Another World they are having a Hellboy Contest and here’s the info…Good Luck!

The world’s greatest paranormal investigator will hit the big screen in Hellboy II: The Golden Army on July 11. The movie will take you from our world into a realm inhabited by elves, trolls and demons.

In celebration of the opening, the grand prize winner of TFAW’s Ultimate Hellboy Contest will receive ten (10) movie tickets to Hellboy II: The Golden Army at their local theatre, a copy of the Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 1, Hellboy: The Companion TPB, Hellboy Lunchbox, Hellboy Movie Photo Coaster Set, and both Hellboy Animated Statues.

One second prize winner will win a copy of the Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 1 and a copy of the Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Movie Prequel Comic, which is signed by Doug Jones (Abe Sapien)!

Ten (10) third place winners will get a subscription to Crooked Man, the new Hellboy mini-series starting in July.

May 172008

Crush or FlushCrush or Flush is a mash up of an online social network (myspace, facebook, etc) and a hook up hotline. An innovative way to meet people that’s for sure. You sign up for Crush or Flush with you cell phone number. You can use the system online or your phone. Simply review profiles and choose crush if you like them and want to hook up via chat or flush if you don’t like them. They never know who flushed them so you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings. It really is as easy as that.

So if you’re into meeting people online crush or Flush might be the site for you. Check them out.

May 142008 Business Cards from Vista PrintWell I have finally given away the last of my business cards. I had some made up last year for my website over at Vista Print. Since they are completely gone now it is time to head back over to their website and reorder some more. The site is so easy to use and you really do get professional quality printing at an amazingly low price. I also had matching magnets made at the same time. I couldn’t have been happier, but I guess that goes without saying since I will be reordering more.

They have tons of special offers, even free merchandise, but I opted to upload my own graphics and then I got a high gloss front, which looked so cool with the black background. I just logged in and reordering couldn’t be easier. They still have my cards on files and all I had to do was hit a button and review my cards. If I hadn’t uploaded the card design as an image I could have edited it during review before finalizing my purchase, which I did not do just yet.

I still have to go back and find my original artwork. They have so other items besides just business cards and magnets. They have invitations, cards, rubber stamps, and promotional items just to name a few.

Speaking of promotions during check out, if your order is over $15, you’ll be offered a free magazine from one of their partners. Well if, like me, you choose to decline the offer be sure to click the link to get a rebate form. Fill that out and you can request rebate for the stated value ($10) of the offer. Not a bad deal.

May 092008

Employers are looking for ways to reward good work other than a monetary bonus. While many of us certainly don’t mind the money it can seem like a thoughtless gesture to some. There are many alternative ways to reward your employees one of the more exciting of the different corporate incentives is travel rewards from Bellwether Rewards.

The thought of getting away from it all could certainly motivate even the most lethargic of employees to improve their performance. There is no better way to put a spark back into an employee than the promise of time away from work, especially when they don’t have to pay for the vacation. Heck, I’d even do a better job if I were told there was a real reward in it for me.

So reward your employees by telling them to go away (by using their earned travel reward from Bellwether).

Apr 232008

Moldy Bologna, YuckMy bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R.  Oh, I love to eat it everyday, and if you ask me why, I’ll say, ‘Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

Every once in I get a hankerin’ for a good old fashioned bologna sandwich. The other day was just such a day. So while at the store I grabbed a package of Oscar Mayer’s boloney of the rack. Got home all ready to make me a sammy when I spied a colony of freeloaders on the side of my tasty treat! Some how they worked their way into a sealed package. Needless to say I did not eat a bologna sandwich that night, nor will I for awhile.

Thank goodness the store [Redner’s Markets] took it back. They really shouldn’t have given me any problems any way since the expiration date was still a ways off and my receipt was only dated the day before.

I also called Kraft and they sent out a coupon for a replacement package of bologna. Good customer service from both places and thank goodness I did not each any of the meat.

Feb 082008

I got a small enevelope in the mail containing the very elusive Elf Spock Minimate.

This particular minimate is not available any where [except maybe evilBay] as they were a holiday giveaway from Diamond Select Toys to their retailers and folks they do business with.

Once I heard about him I had to have me one! Not that I am a completist when it comes to my collection [I still need a YE Yar to complete my Playmates Star Trek Collection], but I have been trying to get just about everything and well I just love the minimates since they are so small and cute.

You can check out the Spock Elf at Heck you can even join and rate him if you so desire.

Jan 182008

Sometimes email just isn’t good enough and you need to resort to snail mail (also known as the United Postal Service). Believe it or not it is just more reliable sometimes. What am I talking about, you might ask. Well, I had some friends move and I never got their email. If they had followed it up with nice little postcards with their new address I would have had something to stick right in my address book, but they did not so I did not. So my Christmas card I sent to them came back to me making me a sad little Santa thinking I lost touch with a good friend. Lucky for me I have a back up friend who gave me the address. But if she had simply gone to and made some cool and funky postcards and sent them out this could have all been avoided.

But VistaPrint offers so much more than postcard printing. You can make business cards, magnets (both of which I have made for my website), notepads, invitations and loads more. They are great for not just business but also personal uses too. You could use their postcards for announcements, invitations, business marketing and so much more. The cost is very reasonable too. So my question is why didn’t my friend go there and print out some postcards with her new address?

Made possible by They have free stuff there too.

Jan 182008

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready? No!? Well, you still have plenty of time to get something special for your best guy or gal even through mail order. So set you mouse to clicking and head over to for some savings on your holiday shopping. You’ll find loads of coupon codes for all your favorite online stores.

Save on flowers and gifts from They have a great deal now on sweet heart roses where you buy 24 and get 24 free. With a deal like that there’s no reason not to surround her (or him) with flowers on Valentine’s Day. What a great surprise to receive at the office (hint, hint).

Don’t forget your best friend. Shop at and save on fun toys and treats for your dog. Get a heart that says, “I love you” or a devil that proclaims, “the devil made me do it” to show him he’s loved too.

Brought to you by the place for coupon codes

Jan 142008

User generated television is the primary goal of, but unlike AcceptibleTV they are not asking you to create mini television series they want your life story. You get to tell your story to a world wide audience via the website and to a TV audience based in Texas. I am not sure if the television series is or will be going national. In any case you get to have your fifteen minutes of fame thanks to YawpBox TV.

Unlike other online video sharing sites YawpBox offers up its content in categories. You choose which story you want to submit then upload original videos, photos, audio, and blog content then community members vote on your submissions. If you rate high enough from fellow Yawpers your story just might find its way to the YawpBox TV show. According to their website the magazine style TV show is filmed live in front of a television audience in Dallas, Texas using your content, your stories. Not simply reposting a clip from your local news shows without their consent.

The key to this site and I assume the television show too is to use community members stories, photos and video not to be a dumping ground for other people’s copyright material. Thus far it looks as if needs help in that area as all I could find were photoshopped images, pictures from other sources and video commercials. The best video on the site that I could find was of a couple doing a dance routine at their own wedding. Heck Lex and Terry give you some great homework assignments via the national radio show and TV program so come on folks put on those thinking caps and take up their challenge. YawpBox needs your original content so get to posting. This idea has potential but from what I can see the users are not living up to it at this time.

Jan 022008

Fiskars Project Orange ThumbI already knew Fiskars made great scissors, but I did not know they also made gardening tools too. According to their website they are offering a grant to gardening groups to help with community beautification and education. The program is called Project Orange Thumb. (Get it? It is a cross between the company’s colors black and orange — and having a green thumb. Get it now?) Only groups are eligible for this grant. So if you know of or are part of a gardening group and you have a project that is geared toward community involvement, horticultural education, sustainable agriculture, or neighborhood improvement you are invited to apply for the grant. No individuals are allowed to apply, as this is a grant for groups and not a sweepstakes. This is a great opportunity for schools, garden clubs, camps, youth groups, or other clubs.

Applying for this grant sounds almost as much fun as winning it. You have to completely describe your idea and goals for the project and what you hope to accomplish with your project. If you win you have to keep a journal, write in gardening blogs and photograph your group and project. (Sounds like a great way to get a bunch of bloggers out of the house and into a garden.)

So what do you win for all your hard work? Your group will get $1500 worth of Fiskars gardening equipment and $800 in garden-related materials. (I assume that means plants, seeds, soil, mulch, fertilizers and the like.)

Fiskars Project Orange Thumb So show the world how green you can be and go out and make your neighborhood more attractive. Who knows this could be you next year.

Sponsored by Fiskars Garden Website