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Jul 122014

As a kid I got a Merlin for Christmas or my birthday one year and I loved that game. I still have my original Merlin sadly one of the LED lights is burnt out. I will probably need to try and fix that at some point.


I spent so many hours playing with this game. I no longer have the manual but thanks to the wonders of the internet I was able to download it. So once I get that LED light fixed I will be able to relive my childhood.

I think there was a reissue of this game awhile back but it did not stick around like Simon did.

Some Merlin links



Mar 222010

Classic kerplunkGrowing up we did not have the game Kerplunk. Our cousin, Carla, did. So it was a fun thing we got to play whenever we went over to our Aunt’s house as kids.

I remember going up to her room and pulling out the game, putting it together and playing it (and probably losing  — I always lost no matter what games we played growing up).

Kerplunk has a very distinct sound when those marbles come crashing out. (And they never remained contained in that little tray at the bottom, so some of the fun was tracking down all marbles after they came crashing down. Kerplunk!)

A little while back I spotted a Toy Story version of the game at Target and thought I’d be back to get it. Well when I went back I could not find it any longer.

Aliens Ker PlunkThen I found it at Toys R Us, but who to play this “kids” game with?

A bunch of adults that’s who!

And you want to know something? I am pretty sure we all had a bit of fun playing it too!

Order Disney Pixar Toy Story Ker Plunk! Game from Entertainment Earth!

Mar 162010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

OMG! Have you tried the new Tony’s Pizza yet? It’s the new Crispy Crust Pizza from Tony’s and it is yummy. We almost always have a bunch of Tony’s frozen pizzas in our freezer, but did not know about this new crust until we got a coupon in the mail to give them a try. So give them a try we did and I must say we were glad we did. The pizzas are very tasty and that new crisp crust gives it a little extra yum in every bite.

These pizzas have become the new favorite snack food for movie nights around here. Sorry popcorn you just don’t cut it any more. Pizza reigns supreme. Speaking of supreme, they have that flavor as well as the other two flavors, cheese and pepperoni that we have tried. The supreme is next on our list. Maybe we’ll pick some up for the next movie night.

Do you think we can schedule that for this weekend, maybe?

You know, renting a movie and serving up a few inexpensive Tony’s Pizzas to your friends will cost you less than the admission to the theater and theater popcorn for two people!

If that doesn’t convince you to give them a try, just remember they also make an awesome midnight snack too. Perfect for all those late night online gaming sessions I know you are having!

Mar 052009

I was just over at (trying to sign up for a product test) when I stumbled onto their blog post about this video game that even I think is rather disgusting (coming from me that means a lot).

Mind you, I am not one for censorship, but this game pushes the envelope (even my envelope and hopefully yours too). And I have to say I almost agree with it being pulled from online stores like Amazon and eBay.

The game is called Rapelay and I can only hope it has a rating of MATURE and all places selling it are checking Ids before handing it over to anyone. (Shame you can’t do a psych evaluation too as this game is harsh and some sick minds thrive on this shit.)

If you thought Grand Theft Auto and the like were bad influences on your kids they have nothing on this game where you stalk, assault and rape mothers and their daughters.

People are trying to get this horrid game banned. But I am not so sure a ban is really what should be done. Historically banned games, videos, and music always seem to sell more after they have been banned. What needs to be done is to educate parents about these things, encourage them to watch what their kids are playing and get those parents to stop the game from ever entering their kids lives, because if people want this game they will get it ban or no ban.

This is the type of video game that you would expect to find in a Hentai shop or an adult bookstore along with all the other sex games, not on the shelves of your local Walmart or even the virtual shelves of Amazon or eBay.

Feb 212009

50 Aliens T-shirt…can u name them allI had so much fun with my friends trying to figure out the 51 Robots on my other Chop Shop t-shirt that I thought I would do the same here with the 50 Aliens shirt. (Both of which are highly recommended by me as being both uber cool and uber geeky.)

Here’s what I got (feel free to comment below with additions or corrections to the list):

  1. Ignignokt the Mooninite – Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  2. Alien

  3. Space Invaders ?

  4. Preditor

  5. Yip Yip Martians – Sesame Street

  6. ?

  7. Marvin the Martian – Looney Tunes

  8. Bug – Starship Troopers

  9. Kodos or is it Kang? – The Simpsons

  10. Glactus – Marvel Comics (not the Silver Surfer movie, slackers)

  11. Vorgon – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie

  12. Mos Eisley Cantina Band Member – Star Wars: A New Hope

  13. ?

  14. Tribble – Star Trek TOS

  15. ?

  16. Diva – Fifth Element

  17. Howard the Duck

  18. E.T.

  19. Alien – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  20. ?

  21. X-Files?

  22. ?

  23. Klaatu – Day The Earth Stood Still (original)

  24. Space Invaders

  25. Nibbler – Futurama

  26. Space Invaders

  27. Great Gazoo (Kazoo)- The Flinstones

  28. Spock – Star Trek

  29. ?

  30. ?

  31. ID4 Alien – Independence Day

  32. Mork from Ork – Mork and Mindy

  33. ?

  34. Uncle Martin – My Favorite Martian

  35. MIB Worm – Men in Black

  36. Sand Worm – Dune

  37. ?

  38. Beldar – Coneheads

  39. Martian – Mars Attacks

  40. Kanamit – Twilight Zone To Serve Man

  41. Quark – Star Trek Deep Space Nine

  42. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)

  43. Zim – Invader Zim

  44. ?

  45. ?

  46. ?

  47. ?

  48. Zoidberg – Futurama

  49. Alf

  50. Dalek – Doctor Who

So as you can see there are holes in this list. So your help is appreciated!

Feb 152009

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, SpockWho knew that the game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock shown on the Big Bang Theory was and actual game? Not I. I found out the other day while poking around they made a t-shirt (which is pretty cool in its own right) and they linked to the guy who came up with it.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock was created by Sam Kass with Karen Bryla. The rules are easy and the reasons for using it instead of the standard rock, paper, scissors makes pretty good sense. People that know each other too well will inevitably end up in a tie about 80% of the time. So by adding 2 new variables this will decrease those chances of getting a tie.

Here are the rules (Sheldon will also explain them in the video). Scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. Rock crushes lizard. Lizard poisons Spock. Spock smashes scissors. Scissors decapitate lizard. Lizard eats paper. Paper disproves Spock. Spock vaporizes rock. Rock crushes scissors.

Love this show!

Oct 122008

It is true that you learn something new every day. (You may not know you learned and you might forget it soon after you learn, but you do.)

For me today I learned what 31337 was and no it isn’t the lottery numbers. I thought I was a geek, but there is a lot of geek speak I don’t know and this was one of them.

Turns out 31337 = elite.  Get it ELEET. It can stand for ones greatness in just about anything from gaming to hacking and beyond.

I found my answer at the Urban Dictionary, thnx dudes.

Sep 062008

I am not really the Jodi Foster fan in the family, I just get pulled along for the ride, so to speak. While I do enjoy most of her films, I am not ga-ga over her like some people I know. So then, why am I writing about her today?

Sometimes one of the keyword searches that lands a person on my site strikes a chord with me and I feel compelled to write about it. The search that is getting me to write about Jodi Foster today had someone searching for “Jodi Foster watches Buffy”.

I might not know for sure if she does indeed watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I do know from a spot on one of the late night talk shows (I think Jay Leno on the Tonight Show) that she does play guitar hero with her kids.

The Vulcan in me says, that logic dictates if she is cool enough to play guitar hero she is most likely cool enough to watch Buffy as well. Like I said I have no proof (never read it or heard it in an interview), but if you do please send it on over and I will post it here for those who need to know such things. 🙂

Aug 242008

Mario KartMario Kart is one heck of hard game to find. I had to borrow a friend’s to see if I like it before resorting to ordering it online. I guess I might have to buy it, as it is pretty fun. Although I do suck at it guess I’ll get better with practice. I ran a few races then tried my hand at an online game or two. There’s nothing like getting your ass beat by people across North America (I chose regional because I did not want to be a world class loser just yet).

My ride home on Friday night was a little like real life Mario Kart. I’m driving along minding my own business when this jackass decides he has to come over in my lane. I lay on my horn and he keeps coming over. I don’t think he ever looked over or even used his side mirror at all. Finally, just before he hit me and/or forced me into the cement median he pulled back into his lane and looked at me like I’m to blame that he can’t drive. Sometimes I really can’t stand people.

Jun 042008

This week’s I Want It Wednesday post is pretty simple. As you can see by my earlier posts I obviously have a Wii. It took me a while and at first I wasn’t sure I was falling for all the hype. Then my nieces got one and I went over to play. Big mistake.

First because the hooked me on Guitar Hero another bit of popular culture I wasn’t going to get sucked into. Well within a week of playing it I had Guitar Hero III for my PS2 and had spent the weekend doing nothing but playing the game. Then the following week I wound up buying the other three games too!

Soon after I jumped on the Guitar Hero bandwagon I decided I would hitch my wagon to the Wii as well. But no Guitar Hero for the Wii has come into play just yet.

This month Rock Band comes out for the Wii and you guessed it, I want it.

Jun 042008

Wii lets you download old school video games by buying points and using those points towards those downloads. Technically you are not buying the games you are licensing the games so I am not sure what will happen should Nintendo ever pull that license. I guess your Wii would just stop playing the games. Which really kind of sucks. Also you cannot play your games on other Wii systems. Again this sucks. I “bought” it I should be able to play it where ever, when ever. So what good is saving the games to an SD card if they can’t travel? Okay, so I’ll still download as it is easier than digging out the old NES to play Zelda.

Jun 032008

Okay, not the Wii itself rather the Wii points cards. These are going to be an environmental disaster. The small plastic credit card sized card comes in a 5×7 inch plastic clamshell package. When global warming takes its toll we can all turn to Nintendo and point fingers. Why aren’t these points cards printed on cardboard and why are they in such huge plastic containers?

Wii Plastic PointsNintendo needs to take a page from the pre-paid cell phone people who have been doing this point thing a lot longer. Print on recyclable paper and require the card to be activated by the cashiers at the time of purchase. Come on Nintendo wake up to the greener side of gaming.

I know I will be buying my points right through the console or maybe online if available, but I won’t add any more plastic to the landfill by buying the points through a retailer. Besides if they killed the huge plastic packages maybe they could give us more points for our twenty bucks.

May 012008

Beer and Cigarettes Beer and cigarettes, not your usual treats for kids is it? When my nieces were little and my mom would be watching them they would stop by this little local general store and buy just that, beer and cigarettes.

Okay, so it was root beer and candy sticks (called candy cigarettes back in my day). They would love this. Made them feel like they were being bad and all grown up. (Funny thing about this is no one in the family drinks or smokes in real life. So where do the kids get these ideas? TV?)

 Now they are just about all grown up (20 and 17) but the other day when we were passing that little store we asked if they wanted to stop in for beer and cigarettes and the answer was yes. We got an added bonus of (bubble gum) cigars too.

So we had ourselves a wild little party of Guitar Hero, beer and cigarettes. Pretty fun afternoon especially since the teenagers decided to hang out with us old farts.