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Mar 262008

After coming across the Coleco Star Trek game on the Handheld Games Museum I decided to poke around and see what other Star Trek games they had listed and which ones I did not know about. Here is what I found…

Phaser Strike   Star Trek Watch Game   Star Trek 25th Game   Tiger TNG Game

  1. Milton Bradley Microvison Star Trek Phaser Strike

  2. Collins Wrath of Khan Video Game Watch

  3. Konami Star Trek 25th Anniversary Game

  4. Tiger Electronic Star Trek: The Next Generation LCD Game

And while not a Star Trek game in name the Bandai Pair Match game has been used as prop on TNG as seen in the screencaps below.

Bandai Pair Match   Bandai Pair Match   Bandai Pair Match

Guess I have some eBay shopping to do now.

Mar 262008

Coleco Star Trek Game

I just stumbled onto a Star Trek Toy I had never heard of before. While this is not a very surprising statement to many people, I pride myself in knowing quite a bit about Star Trek collectibles. After all I have been collecting the stuff for nearly twenty years now.

I am far from an expert on these things more of an obsessed fan really. Check out if you need proof of just how crazy I am when it comes to Star Trek toys and collectibles.

Today’s find is a Coleco handheld Star Trek game based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. According to the Handheld Museum this toy was most likely never made. The really good ones often aren’t. Just look at the Palisades Roddenberry/Captain Kirk set which never went past the prototype stages.

There really are a lot of Star Trek things I still don’t know about out there [so feel free to post a comment to this and let me know of anything out there that you see that is unique].

Jan 122008

Had dinner yesterday with friends [they probably figured something was wrong as my mood was starting to reflect my depression]. We went to The Works a fun place if you’re in the mood. They have a game room, bar and of course eats. It is kind of like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. The foods okay but the atmosphere and friends are what makes it. Normally, this post would be about the so-so service we had or the fact that the food wasn’t really good, but not today. [Yes, my bad restaurant karma is still intact. I just have not been out of the house much since getting out of the hospital.]

invisible dog on leashThere was a young couple with two kids at the table next to us. [Again this post would normally be geared towards chastising the parents for not watching the kids, but not today.] The little girl next to us was a little rambunctious but a little cutie. She and her mother had gone off to play games and came back with a toy dog on a leash. The leash was stiff like those old gag invisible dog leashes you used to be able to buy at the boardwalk. You could tell she was very proud of her new dog. I was a little afraid of being hit buy the toy or the child in my sore knee, which was sticking out from under the table in the line of fire.

Instead of being my normal bitchy self I decide to play nice with others and asked the little grrl what her new doggie’s name was. She answered me in a very 2-3 year old-ish version of the English language. Thank goddess her mommy was there to translate. I learned the new puppies name was Blackie Steve and he was crazy [that’s craaazY!].

While I enjoyed our friends, I do have to admit that crazy ole Blackie Steve the little stuffed black lab on a leash was the highlight of my evening.

Jan 042008

Indian Jones LEGO sets have hit the shelves. In fact I found them at Toys R Us a few weeks before Christmas. They had them even before the LEGO store had them online. These are pretty cool. I like that LEGO has been jumping on some good properties since they started licensing sets. I don’t like their move to change the mini-figure. I hate the flesh toned mini-figs. It just isn’t right. They should have stayed yellow. I know they had to make it so they could do African-American characters too. The Lando Calrissian mini figure was the first to appear and soon there after they did the NBA figures then all licensed characters were made with skin tones both Caucasian and Afro-American. The tirade is over now. Suffice it to say I do not like the flesh tones and be done with it. The Indy sets are pretty sweet and a little more geared to adults than kids. I think it would be cool of LEGO to just sell the mini figs as I do not need all the bricks but really want all the figures! Oh and like the Star Wars LEGO before them there will also be Indy LEGO video games. Sweet!

Jan 012008

Right before Christmas I called my sister from the middle of the Target store to ask her if she needed another string of purple xmas lights. She did not need the extra lights but sent me off to the video game aisle for my niece who was getting a Wii for Christmas and they wanted to get the DDR [Dance Dance Revolution] game for the system and could not find it anywhere. Apparently it was as hard to find this year as the Wii system was.

So I walked up to the Wii games and found it right away. Needless to say I was instructed to pick it up for them. On Xmas day we all played they games she got with her Wii. I did must best even with my injuries, but did not go anywhere near her DDR game.

Cool DDR Game Pads If she really loves the game I will have to tell my sister about the arcade style pads from They are really sweet. And if she doesn’t want to shell out the money for the arcade version she could at least buy a second Wii pad for my niece so she can go head to head with someone.

Dec 012007

Ever since I saw the William Shatner film Spplat Attack! I have wanted to try paintball. The film pits William Shatner’s Federation against a Klingon Team. Giving the paintball warfare strategies a geek flare. It was a big event and has even brought the world of paintball to a new shall audience, like me.

There is a lot involved in getting reading to play this emerging sport. You need paintball guns , helmets with face guards, body armor, gloves and don’t for get the ammo. There’s a site called Ultimate Paintball they can hook you up. They have bundles which have “everything you need to get you into the game”. These bundles include spyder paintball guns, CO2 tanks, ammo hopper, deluxe harness, paintball tubes, battery and charger, heavy duty coiled remote, GXG Stealth Mask with Visor & Anti Fog Lens, plus a bunch of other stuff too. All under three hundred dollars. The set I was eyeing up was the Black Spyder MR2 Paintball Gun SNIPER Set, you’ll want to check it out for yourself. The set I was eyeing up was the Black Spyder MR2 Paintball Gun SNIPER Set, you’ll want to check it out for yourself. All you have to do is add a cool uniform and some friends to shoot.

So thanks to William Shatner the sport of paintball is not just for jocks any more. Even a geek can get into the game.

Sponsored by Ultimate Paintball offering the best prices and free shipping on paintball supplies.

Nov 172007

The new Microsoft game Mass Effect has been banned in Singapore due to graphic content.

What is that graphic content you might ask? Well, two women kissing. The game has a scene in which a human woman is kissing and caressing an alien woman. Singapore’s Media Development Authority reportedly banned it.

Singapore has a ban on sex between men, which was recently upheld by their parliament and their Prime Minister said the city-state should keeps its values and not allow rights to homosexuals. [Pigs!]

So far Singapore is the only closed-minded country to ban the game.

Guess I am going to have to get someone to buy me an XBOX 360 and a copy of this game. Has anyone posted a video of this scene on YouTube yet.

Sep 282007

bawlsI recently read on about the Bawls Guarna drinks and thought I would like to try it. But I did not want to pay the high cost of shipping something I never even tasted via the post office.

Then I ran into the drink at my local convenience store and picked one up. High caffeine made me think perhaps I should try this in the morning so I let it sit until the next day.

My first impressions of the drink were, “not bad” and I stand by those first impressions. I do not think I would drink this on a regular basis, but will pick it up from time to time for the added boost, but not the taste. The taste was a little odd. The only way I can describe it is a liquid donut. It took me a while to figure it out but it tasted just like a glazed donut. In fact I had to run out and grab a Krispy Kreme Doughnut just to double check.

 It sure had the promised kick and I can certainly see where I would have been up all night had I drank it the night before. [Finally I do something right.]

Here is what has to say about their drink…

Made from guarana, a highly caffeinated berry native to the Amazonian rainforest, BAWLS Guarana is the carbonated beverage of tomorrow with an extra kick.

Since its inception, BAWLS Guarana’s popularity has been growing across the country and the rest of the world, finding a huge fan base from people from all walks of life who enjoy the clean, crisp taste of guarana along with a powerful rush of caffeine.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Guarana Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Caffeine, Artificial Flavors and Caramel Color. Warning: These products contains high levels of Caffeine.

Nutrition Facts:
BAWLS Guarana 10 fl. oz – Serving size: 1 bottle; Calories 120; Total fat 0g; Sodium 35mg; Total carbohydrate 32g; sugars 32g; Protein 0g;

Sep 102007

I came across this great list tonight and just wanted to share it with you folks. These are so funny. Makes me wanna go find some of these games at my local Microplay store and sit down for the weekend and jsut play with the gay 🙂

Check out the whole list…

Aug 262007

I picked up a case of the new Mountain Dew flavor Game Fuel over the weekend before having tried it. Big mistake! I liked all the other flavors to date, except the energy drinks. The Orange, Cherry and even Grape were all good, but this one is just not right. It comes in a Halo 3 can called Gaming Fuel and it looks really cool. Don’t let that fool you.

The only way that I can describe the taste is to tell you that it tastes like a cheap Christmas candle smells. It is overly sweet. Another person I asked to try it told me it was really sweet like cotton candy. Probably a better taste people might like over a sweet weird spicy taste like a candle smell, but still not a good quality in a Dew product.

When I saw the package advertise it as an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor I made the wrong assumption that maybe they just mixed Code Red [cherry] and Live Wire [orange] together [both great flavors might be good together]. And now I wasted $6 on a case of this stuff that I cannot even give away!

So I tried looking at the ingredients to see what flavors they put in this thing to make it taste so bad and all they list are natural flavors. What are these natural flavors? I might very well be allergic to them and I should be told what they are so I know in case my throat closes on me [I have a slight odd feeling in my throat like when I am having an allergic reaction so there might be something to that statement]. While checking out those very same ingredients I see they add “glycerol ester of wood rosin”. What the heck is that? And what in the world is it doing in a beverage? What purpose does it serve? Anyone? No wonder I thought this drink tasted like a Christmas tree there’s one in there!

Aug 102007

If Family Adventure Has a Name, It Must Be LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Videogame

LucasArts and TT Games Don Their Fedoras for the Next Great LEGO Gaming Experience

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 27, 2007 — LucasArts and TT Games today announced that LEGO® Indiana Jones®: The Videogame [working title] will whip onto game consoles everywhere in summer 2008. Developed by the same team at Traveller’s Tales that created the LEGO Star Warsâ„¢ series, LEGO Indiana Jones presents a tongue-in-cheek take on the first three cinematic adventures of pop culture’s most iconic archaeologist, including Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

“LucasArts and TT Games are setting the bar for next-generation family entertainment with the LEGO Star Wars franchise, and our incredible relationship continues with LEGO Indiana Jones,” said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. “In addition to providing the quality bonding time inspired by any good family game, LEGO Indiana Jones delivers something a little different for everyone. Parents will enjoy the humorous take on some of their favorite movies, and their kids get some rousing action/adventure gameplay that may also introduce them to Indy’s original adventures for the first time.”

“It has been a real joy to work with LucasArts on the LEGO Star Wars games. Indiana Jones is the perfect character for the next LEGO-based videogame adventure,” said Tom Stone, director at TT Games. “Indy also presents us with wonderful and memorable cinematic moments. The boulder scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark in LEGO is hilarious!”

Lucasfilm Ltd. recently announced that the LEGO Group will begin releasing LEGO Indiana Jones playsets in January 2008. Meanwhile, LucasArts remains hard at work on its revolutionary, internally developed Indiana Jones videogame, which takes place a year after The Last Crusade in an original story overseen by George Lucas.