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Feb 042009

Robot TeeSo often my “Want It” posts are for things that are completely out of reach for me, but today’s post is something I will be getting.

After viewing Monday’s Big Bang Theory I had to go on a search for the t-shirt that Sheldon was wearing. My search brought me to a cool website (Chop Shop) with a similar shirt, but instead of Godzilla the shirt I came across this shirt was covered in Robots (only about half of which I can name…I hope the shirt comes with a list of who they are).

But since I could not find the Japanese monster shirt I had seen and this shirt was similar I thought I would ask, so I shot off a quick email. I thought I would hear back in a few days (if at all). To my surprise I got an email back in about an hour and they told me who did the shirt Sheldon was wearing even though it was not available through them. How cool is that?!

So I will definitely be back for this awesome robot tee!

Jan 142009

Remember the Fisher Space pen and how cool it was to be able to write anywhere even upside down? I found another pen that is just as cool, maybe even cooler. (If that’s possible since the Fisher Space pen did do a licensed Star Trek pen back in the day, I have one in my collection.) This new pen I am talking about is the INKA pen.

Inka PenThe Inka pen is from those innovative guys over at Nile Ize and it is pretty sweet. Like the space pen it writes anywhere — upside down, under water and in extreme temperatures. So you can take it with you anywhere you go even planet Vulcan.

It has a multifunction design. The closed pen is watertight and can be used as a key chain or attach it to your gear. There’s a PDA stylus too so you can quickly tap out commands on your tricorder or smart phone (which ever one you happen to have). Take the key ring off and reassemble your Inka in to a full size writing instrument, which by the way is pretty smart looking, with its stainless steel and carbon fiber components. This would make a great gift for anyone from all out geek to a sports nut. For more info check out or just head on over to to pick up yours.

Dec 172008

I need more time in the day. I just cannot seem to get anything done these days. I with the holidays coming fast my time seems to be even shorter.

And god forbid I want to take a little time out for myself. It just is not going to happen.

I don’t even want to think about the fact that I don’t even have time to do my xmas shopping. I have yet to buy a single present for anyone yet!


Oct 152008

Zombie ToysThis is one of the coolest plush toys since the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail (which is also available at ThinkGeek). These clever geeks over at ThinkGeek made these super cuddly, scarey, creepy little Zombies that you can rip to shreds.

Zombie ToysBut the best part about this product might just be their marketing and the demo video they made. Check it out below it is worth it. (I have to say the folks over there are just crazy — looks like a place I would like to work — pretty sure I would fit right in with the wackos.)

So here is another I Want It Wednesday post that just might wind up being something I do eventually get.

Oct 012008

Cylon CenturianSticking with previous I Want It Wednesday posts I came across this lifesized Cylcon from the new Battlestar Galactica and thought how cool it would be to add it to a giant robot collection alongside the Robby Robot and the B9 robots (if one could afford them all that it).

from the item description…

The Cylon Centurion Robot is a highly-prized robotic masterpiece and only available in limited quantities.

Officially licensed for Battlestar Galactica and exclusively manufactured by the legendary ‘Robot Man’ Fred Barton, each Cylon Robot is hand-made, numbered and signed by him.

Standing 7-feet tall, each Cylon is carefully crafted out of sturdy fiberglass right down to the delicately spindled fingers.

The visor in the helmet displays a red LED light effect and the eerie whirring of the Cylon brings your robot to life!

Sep 242008

Digital PenDigital pens are so cool. I first saw the livescribe pen at Target and boy does it look sweet (I am writing this using the fly fusion digital pen), The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen looks to be more geared to college students and business people over the LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer. Live scribe also records the audio as you write and it can be played back with just a tap of the pen on your tablet. With digital pens you don’t have to lug your heavy laptop with you just a pen and paper is all you need. Bloggers are going to love this new toy. Simply hand write your posts then upload them to your PC. Proof read and cut and paste, viola you’re all done. (If it works, but reports/reviews say the LiveScribe pen does not convert your handwriting to text just yet.)

Sep 102008

MicroscopeLooking out at the universe isn’t my only hobby. I really enjoyed microbiology and love looking at the microverse. Viewing tiny, little creepy crawlies is fun. And with this microscope it would be really fun. Instead of the standard eyepiece it has an LCD screen to view the little buggers. There is also an SD slot so you can capture both video and still shots as well as download directly to your PC with the USB cable. This would be great for any science geek, young or old.

Under $300 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Sep 032008

TelescopeI have always loved looking up at the night sky. Funny thing is I have never anything better than binoculars to view the heavenly bodies with. The night sky is one of the things I miss most since I have moved out of the country and into the city. Now I barely get to see a single star let alone a sky full. There is just too much light pollution here.

I would love a really good telescope. This one has an onboard computer to show you where the stars are and it will even hook up to a PC so you can create your own sky tour. Heck this thing could even teach a slacker like me astronomy. And boy could I spot the UFOs with this!

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Aug 202008

Life-sized B9 RobotEven though this life-sized replica of the Lost In Space robot (also known as the B9 robot) is half the price of the Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet he is still $25,000 more than I have to spend on a giant toy. Although I would love to have him.  B9 is not just a static replica either. His torso moves, his soil sampler comes out of his foot (and tells you the environmental analysis).

Besides all that fun stuff the robot has a 240-w att audio system, and speaks 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by Richard Tufeld, the original voice of the robot from the television series (including such familiar phrases as “Danger Will Robinson!”) Pulling the robot’s power pack causes it to utter “Aaghhhhhh…” just as it did in the TV series when being shut-down; plugging it back in prompts it to say “Who turned out the lights?” SWEET!

B9 Robot is available at Hammacher Schlemmer. A store I came to love from watching Murphy Brown.

Aug 132008

The Genuine 7-Foot Robby The Robot.Life-sized Robby Robot One of my all time favorite films is Forbidden Planet. I love Robby the Robot and I would love to have this life-sized version of this famous robot. But with a price tag of almost $50,000 I say only a few folks like the guy who owns the Science Fiction Museum could afford one.

Besides not being able to pay for the sucker where the heck would I put him? I wouldn’t mind sticking him right next to the sofa, but I do think my better half would have something to say about that. We can’t have too much of my sci-fi geek out in the open you know!

Jul 242008

Virtual KeyboardNow here is a bit of technology any sci-fi geek would think stepped off the screen of the latest Terminator movie, (you do know Christian (Batman) Bale has signed to do 3 Terminator movies don’t you?) This cool device shines a red laser keyboard on any flat surface. As they say over at, the future has arrived. How Sweet is that?

I like it when real tech could double as TV and film props.