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Feb 222010

I was watching the Food network the other day and they were talking about George Stone Crab in Florida. These great big crab claws looked so good! But when am I going to be in Florida? Guess what? They deliver anywhere in the good ole USA. Gotta get me some stone crab claws.

One of the coolest things about these crab claws is that they are harvested fresh every day and the crab is released. Their claws grow back. How cool is that?

Feb 142010

It might seem like one of the scariest parts of starting an online business can be figuring out credit card processing and how to implement that into your online shopping cart. Just the costs alone can be frightening, but it does not need to be that way.

Surprisingly online credit card processing is a very simple thing to set up and start using, while the hardest part may be in finding the right shopping cart that will work with your credit card processor and not force you into using the one they have teamed with. The processor they have chosen to partner with may not be the best fit for your company.

A lot of the people I know with online stores don’t always have a physical retail store, but that doesn’t stop them from selling in offline forums like craft shows or expos. Just because they are not doing business online doesn’t mean they have to become a cash only store when on the road. There are great options for wireless credit card processing that lets you take your store accounts with you wherever you go. For people just starting out wireless processing can be a bit expensive, but don’t think you can’t do it. There is always the DialPay or telephone option. And who doesn’t have access to a cell phone these days?

No matter what type of card processing you need, you should have no problem figuring it all out with a little research. Good luck with your new venture.

Feb 142010

I have often seen (and have even written about) the great prices on eyeglasses you can get from Zenni Optical, but until I recently read the article, “Cheap eyeglasses are a reality. Check out Eric’s review of Zenni Optical” over at I hadn’t really given buying my glasses from them more than a second thought. Now I have not only given them a second thought I have been spending time on their site shopping for both my daily eye wear and my next pair of sunglasses. I haven’t had a pair of sunglasses since my car accident over two years ago.

I do have to have a new eye exam, which will most likely be the most expensive part of getting new glasses since deciding to use Zenni Optical for my eyeglasses. So finally I will have a new pair of sunglasses in the correct prescription so I can not only protect my eyes from harmful UV rays this summer but I will be able to see while driving in all this winter sun glare on the roads.

So once I have my prescription (and my pupilary distance — you’ll need this to place your order with Zenni Optical), I will be getting my new eyeglasses & prescription sunglasses in a few short weeks. Yes that is longer than it would take me to get them through somewhere like Target Optical, but with Zenni Optical I will get my quality glasses a whole lot cheaper!

Update: Apparently Zenni Optical was caught by Google in their attempts at buying keywords for SEO. I was contacted and told to change the link on my post. Interesting since my site is not busy and not spammy, but apparently they are. Makes you wonder if the glasses are worth the cheaper price after all? I have family that swears by them, But I never did try them and most likely won’t now (unless they offer me a free pair for my honest opinion).

Feb 122010

Way back when I was a kid in the 70s copper bracelets were all the rage. Fashion, like history, always seems to repeat itself. That is not always a bad thing. The good old copper bracelet is a good example of that. It seems like everyone is sporting a bangle or a cuff made of copper these days.

Besides being fashionable there are supposed health benefits to wearing a copper bracelet too. Not that it has miraculous healing powers or anything but it is thought to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis by absorbing the copper through the skin.

Copper Bracelet Arthritis pain relief is not just another urban legend. Studies show that people can actual get more copper in there system via a bracelet than dietary supplements. Kind of cool isn’t it?

If you are looking for some very fashionable copper bracelets check out, they have some really nice bracelets at great prices and with free shipping.

Apr 252009

Today after coming home from a long hard morning of shopping (we went to the Black Creek Greenhouse to get loverly flowers since it was such a loverly day) the kitty cats and I sat down to have some fun with the Panic Mouse cat toy. It is a pretty funny toy that they all seem to enjoy to some degree.

First up was Bela she had a good time going after the “mouse” (that’s what they call all the attachments for this toy), but her favorite mouse was the feathers.

Next up was Abby, she really got crazy over the Panic Mouse’s original pom pom mouse. She even got so crazy she ripped the wand right off the toy a couple of times (no problem as they are real easy to swap out and put back on). Although I learned a valuable lesson…there is a reason the manufacture gives you the additional support legs to attach under the toy. She knocked the toy over once. So I made sure to get that support n the bottom for Big Boy’s turn.

Boris came in from outside (he helped put away the flowers) and was a bit tuckered out from all that “hard” work and could not really play with the Panic Mouse too much today (I have seen him go at it a lot better than this). He actually got the string from the original wand wrapped around his little paw (he asked me not to show that video as he is a bit embarrassed by it). Boris’ favorite wand seems to be the spring mouse.

Overall I feel this toy is a big success and I am glad I got the additional “mouse” attachments as each kitty seems to like a different one. (If you folks go buy one of these, we recommend getting it from and picking up the other replacement wands/mice for this way cool cat toy.)

Apr 202009

Quite a while ago I got my kitty cat, Boris, a really cool cat toy from called the Mouse in the House. This is an automatic cat toy that will entertain your kitty while you are away from home and even while you are home with him.

A little mouse runs around a little house via a track. You can do this with your cat by pushing the red button on the toy. There is a warning squeak and then the little mousey runs the track twice. (The first couple of times you and your cat play with this he might be a little afraid of it, but curiosity wins out.)

To use the toy while you are away simply set the timer so the toy runs every 10 minutes or every hour. We actually got Boris to push the button all on his own with the help of his favorite treats (he bites at the button instead of pawing it, but it still works for him). One night while I was recovering from the accident and still sleeping on the sofa I was awakened by him playing with the toy ALL by himself!

Here’s a video from early on (I will have to get some new and better video soon)…

Apr 122009

I found out today that has started de-ranking what they deem to be adult content. Funny thing about that though is that the only thing that Amazon seem to be flagging as adult content is gay and lesbian themed books. They are stripping these books of their sales rankings within Amazon so as to keep them from showing up on searches.

I knew when they yanked the ultra violent video Rapelay that is was a sign of more to come. Granted that video is horrible and needed to be removed. But this latest development only proves that censorship of any kind opens the door for further discrimination.

The problems I am seeing with what Amazon is doing is the out and out homophobia. While they are removing the gay and lesbian books they are continuing to allow mainstream, yet extremely trashy sexual, books such as Laurell K Hamilton’s Incubus Dreams to have sales ranks. How is that?

Mark R. Probst is an author who is affected by the changes. He has posted the response he got back from Amazon about the removal of sales ranks on his books over on his blog. Amazon’s reply clearly states it is a new policy for adult content, yet other people are posting that they are getting responses from Amazon that it is a glitch, an oddly specific glitch, but a glitch.

This has obviously caused quite the stir across the net with much of that fervor coming from the Twitter community, where they are flagging posts with #amazonfail and in the past hour nearly 3000 posts with that tag have come through.

I have to say I agree with their requests from users to stop supporting the site until this is either reversed or sales ranks are removed from all adult content not just that with gay and lesbian subjects. There are plenty of other stores on the web (many of them with better prices and service) so if you can please avoid them. Thanks.

Update: for even more information check out this call for a boycott of Amazon until the fix this issue.

Here are a few more articles for your enlightenment:

Feb 252009

Captains ChairBoy would I love one of these for my collection, but at around two grand I cannot foresee ever having one. Noting in my Star Trek collection has cost me more than $200. I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a collectible. (funny though I spent that on my other hobby, photography, when I bought my first digital SLR)

I will just have to continue under the impression that it is really uncomfortable (most likely not), would NEVER make me feel like a starship captain (fat chance on that, it would be SO COOL) and there is no where I could fit it in the house (duh, throw out the sofa!) Okay, so I have convinced myself (NOT) that I don’t want or need this splendid, life-sized, original series Captain’s chair to act out my Captain Kirk fantasies.

Besides if I had this where would I get the green alien girls from?

Since these are limited and I don’t seem to be able to get me one, why not head over to EE and pre-order a Captain’s Chair for yourself (and make me EXTREMELY jealous in the process)?

Feb 142009

I Heart a TrekkieHappy Valentine’s Day everyone. Guess what? Even Trekkies are loved. Why not show the world?

I am getting everyone I know one of these shirts so they can proudly tell the world “I LUV A TREKKIE”.

Why don’t you run and get yourself one too? The I Heart (luv) a Trekkie t-shirt is available at CafePress. Or if you don’t like this one head on over and customize your own t-shirt.

Feb 042009

Robot TeeSo often my “Want It” posts are for things that are completely out of reach for me, but today’s post is something I will be getting.

After viewing Monday’s Big Bang Theory I had to go on a search for the t-shirt that Sheldon was wearing. My search brought me to a cool website (Chop Shop) with a similar shirt, but instead of Godzilla the shirt I came across this shirt was covered in Robots (only about half of which I can name…I hope the shirt comes with a list of who they are).

But since I could not find the Japanese monster shirt I had seen and this shirt was similar I thought I would ask, so I shot off a quick email. I thought I would hear back in a few days (if at all). To my surprise I got an email back in about an hour and they told me who did the shirt Sheldon was wearing even though it was not available through them. How cool is that?!

So I will definitely be back for this awesome robot tee!

Feb 022009

Godzilla ShirtTonight’s Big Bang Theory had Sheldon wearing yet another way cool t-shirt. This time it was a cool Godzilla monster silhouette shirt from the folks over at Super7.

I will so be getting one of those.

But while I call myself a fan I don’t know if I can name all of the monsters pictured on the shirt. I may need some help with that.

So if you want to look cool like Sheldon go get this shirt. (but not until I get mine)

Feb 012009

Klingon KeyboardPerhaps if you dress as a Klingon and speak the language at conventions this gadget might be for you. Then again if you are a hunt and peck typist, like myself, you might not want to go there.

But if the Klingon dictionary alone is not good enough for you, you’ll want to get yourself a Klingon keyboard from Cherry (UK).

Or maybe even better just run out and buy yourself a USB keyboard, pop the keys off, and redo them in a Klingon font. Then plug it in and turn on the Klingon font on your PC and away you go. Much cheaper and maybe even more fun. Heck there has to be a site out there somewhere where you could get custom keyboard stickers if you wanted them.

You’ll find a DIY Klingon Keyboard much more satisfying than buying one (especially one that isn’t even an official Star Trek item).

Jan 142009

Remember the Fisher Space pen and how cool it was to be able to write anywhere even upside down? I found another pen that is just as cool, maybe even cooler. (If that’s possible since the Fisher Space pen did do a licensed Star Trek pen back in the day, I have one in my collection.) This new pen I am talking about is the INKA pen.

Inka PenThe Inka pen is from those innovative guys over at Nile Ize and it is pretty sweet. Like the space pen it writes anywhere — upside down, under water and in extreme temperatures. So you can take it with you anywhere you go even planet Vulcan.

It has a multifunction design. The closed pen is watertight and can be used as a key chain or attach it to your gear. There’s a PDA stylus too so you can quickly tap out commands on your tricorder or smart phone (which ever one you happen to have). Take the key ring off and reassemble your Inka in to a full size writing instrument, which by the way is pretty smart looking, with its stainless steel and carbon fiber components. This would make a great gift for anyone from all out geek to a sports nut. For more info check out or just head on over to to pick up yours.