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Jan 132013

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterThe Cosmic Catnip Bubble shooter has been thoroughly tested in the kitty testing lab (aka my home). I have seen this type of bubble blower in the toy stores and find it an interesting idea and a great way to save on batteries. This one just does not quite work. The kids versions of course are being used outside not inside so it does not matter what kind of mess is being made. Inside the house that is a different matter entirely.

This drips bubble fluid profusely. Since the star is so small and cannot be grabbed or squeezed with only one hand there is no way to hold the lid under the nozzle to catch all the dripping liquid. I had a soaking wet knee by the time I was done playing with Piper (and I think her head was a bit wet too). The packaging shows it being held and used with one hand. Unless you have immense hand strength there is no way you are getting bubbles out of this toy with one hand. Even with two hands it is sometimes hard to get more than one bubble at a time.

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterOne of my cats (Piper) simply adores bubbles and has even become very aware that this toy makes her prized bubbles. If I pick up the blower she will run over and wait for the bubbles to be made. However, we both soon became very frustrated with the lack of bubbles that come out of the blower (she is used to a battery operated blower – the noise does not bother her and she gets tons of bubbles without the mess), so this small shooter was a big disappointment for her and me.

Simply put, the amount of mess it makes combined with the difficulty in blowing the bubbles the toy is just not worth it. Sorry.

Oct 222012

I just got a chance to try out the [amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] and while I am skeptical of ALL As Seen On TV products, I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

[amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]The Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] quickly and easily removed all cat hair left by my three kitties on their favorite sleeping spots.

It was super easy to clean (just run it under warm water and rub the crud away)  and it was ready to use again after only a few quick shakes to get the water off.

No more buy adhesive hair removers to clog up landfills. Sticky Buddy does the job and comes back for more!

But wait! You also get a travel size [amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] with your purchase.

Sep 222012

Abby on my PC

Ever come home to find your cat on your PC? I don’t know why but mine have always been draw to it. Abby here always had to be on my lap or in this case on my laptop, whenever I worked on my computer.

But cats walking across a keyboard can actually be dangerous.

Not for the cat, but for the files on the PC.

I don’t know how many times she turned off my wifi just by hitting the right combo of keys. She even closed programs making me lose the file I was working on.

In this photo you can see she has brought up the task screen. Who knows what could have been deleted or reset on my PC!

Thank goodness I never lost any vital files (like all my photos of my kitties) or I would have been heartbroken.

Surdoc has the solution (and not just for us cat owners either). Get 30 GB of free online backup & storage for all your important files. Just use the promo code: CATPROOF to get your fee 30GB of backup storage now.

Here is a handy infographic with tips on how to cat proof your PC.

Cat Proof Your Computer


Aug 062012

Selling this to help the Blind Cat Sanctuary. Please bid.

Mar 012012

March is here which means Boris and I must really step up the pace and get our butts in gear if we want SCIFIpawty to be a big success.

This will be the third year for the world’s only animal host animal attended virtual science fiction party held on twitter. (Humans are welcome but must speak kitteh or Klingon.)

For more information on SCIFIpawty check out, and follow us on twitter (@BorisKitty and @SCIFIpawty).

Just remember it is all fun and games being done for charity. Please be respectful. Thank you!

If you will be attending please RSVP at twtVite

Feb 282012

A friend of mine lost her house this week. She, her husband and her pets all got out safely. Fire really scares me  and this got me thinking about how quickly we could get the cats out of the house if this happened here.

We will be setting up an emergency kitty kit  and getting a plan of action in place ASAP!

I just hope in case of a fire that the fumes from all the LEGO and Star Trek toys doesn’t kill us first.

Boris’ twitter “anipals” set up a chip-in for donations to help both Sebastian and another cat, CJ, who was burnt in the fire.

If you can please consider a donation. We sent both cash through the chip-in (thanks to recent LEGO sales I made over at and boxes of cat toys to both kitties.

Boris blog post:

OMC Ma Pal Sebastian Lost His Home! keeps us updated on these two families:

Thankful Thursday…message from CJ


Sep 082011

If you haven’t heard about it is about time you do. It is owned by the Halo company (you know the pet food company that has Ellen as an owner) and they have a different trivia question daily on their sites and (I just learned about the kitty one myself.)

Every time you answer a trivia question on their sites they will donate 10 pieces of kibble (20 if you go to both sites). Fear not if you don’t know the answer they will still donate the kibble and give you the correct answer. It is a win-win situation.

They are doing a special donation today (Thursday, September 8th). All the kibble they get donated will go to 2 shelters that are in areas where Irene did some real damage, Central Vermont Humane Society ( and the Fayetteville, NC Animal Protection Society ((

The goal for today is 10K meals (I think that works out to 1 million pieces of kibble). So please spread the word and jump over to their sites and answer those questions.

This is a fun way to give back and it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Sep 052011

Boris was a rescue, but not your typical adoption. We actually adopted Boris before his furry little butt ever went to the humane society. We already had it in mind to adopt our next cat, but weren’t ready to do it just yet when he showed up on our doorstep.  Quite literally. One of our neighbors brought this little three week old kitten over to us to see if we wanted him.

Had the little guy been taken to the humane society he would have been put down. Shelters just don’t have the resources to hand feed and wean a kitten until it is old enough for adoption.

After my mom died I needed something to help me get through it. A distraction from the world. Boris answered the call.

One night Boris jumped up next to me on the sofa to check on me. He has a great way of knowing something is wrong and being there to take care of me.

That night I set about getting him a twitter account and some online pals (others who were up late at night tweeting as their pets). Turns out this was one of the best things I could have ever done. If it hadn’t been for Boris keeping such a watchful eye on me during my grieving process and inspiring me to get online as him, I honestly don’t know if I would be here today.

Our motto soon became “Who rescued Who? (I know the grammar’s wrong but who cares?)

It wasn’t long before Boris also took over the blog I started when we first got him and “we” were inspired by other anipal (animal friends) to help others as he has helped me. The blog changed names to – 4 Paws for a Cause. “We” started doing more to help the helpless animals out there that are less fortunate than Boris. I wanted to give back.

I started out small by taking needed items over to the Animal Rescue League or down to the Humane Society of Berks County. Then by starting to participate in the Walk for the Animals the HSBC holds each year (this year will be the 4th year for me).  I took a cue from another online anipal and started SCIFIpawty to raise money for rescues. Then I started volunteering down at the humane society and will be starting tomorrow volunteering at Petco with One by One Cat Rescue. (We won’t mention that we are foster failures — having added three more cats to our feline family in the process.)

Doing even the smallest thing for these animals is just so rewarding. I love going in and socializing the cats (that’s volunteer speak for playing with).

I honestly don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing if I had not rescued that helpless little kitten that turned around and rescued me. I feel honored to be able to help out those animals in need. Thank you Boris you are my hero.

Want to read more about Boris’ rescue story as well as many other inspiring cat tales? Check out the Happy Tails Book: [amazon_link id=”0982696418″ target=”_blank” ]Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Cats[/amazon_link]


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Jul 122011

I little while back I got a few Catty Stacks to test out on my cats. I have to tell you I really liked them and the smaller cats did too, especially the two little foster kitties we had from One by One Cat Rescue.

The two fosters would run through the house and leap onto the Catty Stacks and start a game of tag, one on top and one inside the fort. They would hop from box to box thwokking each other through the openings

What I liked about the Catty Stacks is the fact that you can build and rebuild them in any configuration that you want, kind of like giant kitty LEGO bricks. If you get your cat some Catty Stacks you’ll want to start out with at least 3, but don’t worry when you realize how much they love them you can add to the construction at any time. That is another great feature of these boxes unlike other cat furniture.

Boris always loves to get in a box and will squeeze in any box no matter the size. So I had hoped he would like these as well, but it turns out he is just too big. He does like being on top checking out everything around him. So I think I wil rebuild these under a window so he has a nice bird watching perch.

Besides giving Boris a new window perch building the Catty Stacks up is a great way to give the other cats a weigh to be up high and not have them on top of the furniture or refrigerator!

Catty Stacks are available at, [amazon_link id=”B005CI8M3W” target=”_blank” ][/amazon_link] and other fine pet stores. They come in five great colors to match any decor; [amazon_link id=”B005CICXTQ” target=”_blank” ]baby blue[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B005CIEROU” target=”_blank” ]pink[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B005CIBJ8C” target=”_blank” ]white[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B005CI8M3W” target=”_blank” ]light green[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B005CIAAR8″ target=”_blank” ]brown[/amazon_link].

Disclosure: these boxes were sent to me by the manufacturer, but this has in no way affected my comments in any way shape or form. The above review is mine and mine alone.

Jun 132011

June is Adopt a Cat Month so I think you should all go out right now and adopt a little kitty!

My friends at One By One have cats for adoption at all the local Petsmart and Petco stores. So finding a little guy to save should not be a problem.

In fact this sweet little kitten (along with 3 others) is at the Wymossing PetSmart. Go ahead and get him. You know you want to.

May 202011

For the last couple of years Boris (that’s my cat) and I have been making donations and helping out our local animal shelters. When I make the donations I like to personal deliver them to the animals and take pictures of their little faces lighting up when they get a toy or a treat. Sometimes it is the first time they have been given a toy and it is so rewarding watching them finally figure out how to have fun with it.

I usally post the donation photos and adoption information of the animals over at Boris’ site — (he has more followers on his blog than I do and we won’t even get into all his followers on Twitter and friends on facebook).

Today I took over boxes and boxes of dog treats from work and a small bag of treats and toys for the kitties for the animals at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County as I have done MANY times over the past few years. When I took my first photo of a cat playing with one of the toys I gave them a staff member yelled at me for taking pictures and basically told me to leave. I had no idea what was going on as I said I have gone in and taken photos of the cats in their care on MANY occasions.

Needless to say I was very disappointed and a bit upset by being blocked from my project.  I asked to speak with the director of the ARL who tried his best to placate me with the old “it has always been our policy” bit. Oh really, then why have I been allowed before without getting special permission to photograph? It seems they had some one posting photos on facebook that showed them in a bad light and instead of fixing the issues these photos pointed out to the world at large the sweep them under the carpet by banning photography. Doing that only makes it seem like they REALLY have something to hide doesn’t it?

I half expect to see an expose on them on Action News sometime in the future.

I was assured that nothing bad is going on and that they are only trying to stop that sort of thing from happening again.

Ok, wait an minute here…

If nothing bad is going on why do you have to stop photographs from showing it?

I have never liked the ARL all that much any way, especially since they are a kill shelter, and this new issue only reinforces that dislike.

Yes, animals you take in there are usually put down within days of going there and sometimes they are put down within minutes. But they had been cleaning up their act a bit, or so I thought, by implementing a fostering program, which gives the animals a fighting chance to be adopted out instead of put to sleep.

The staff there are never friendly, yes they are trying to do their job and I am sure most, if not all of them, dislike working in a kill shelter, but if you don’t like your job or you don’t like people quit. Of all the times I have donated I have never once been thanked or helped with the boxes (and I usually take a lot of boxes in). Surprisingly this was the first time someone not only helped me with the boxes (came out and took one of the last two inside for me), but also kind of thanked me and asked if I needed a receipt. (I should have taken them up on that receipt that pile of boxes retails at over $800.)

When I raised $11oo for them online with the first SCIFIpawty I never heard one word of thanks. I guess the HSBC spoiled me by sending out a thank you letter every time I drop something off at their facility.

I know there is bad blood between the ARL and HSBC but never once have I heard HSBC speak ill of the ARL. The director of the ARL freely spoke of HSBC and of his opinions of them. Not very good form for the director is it? But he was trying to place blame for the whole Skittles issue on everyone else except the ARL where it belongs.

Guess I will stick with groups that appreciate what I do for them like One By One Cat Rescue and Humane Society of Berks County. Two very worthy animal rescue groups indeed.

If you know of some other worthy shelters or rescue groups please let me know in the comments below.

Mar 262011

Being a child of the 80s the Go-Go’s are a big deal to me. They were one of the first bands I really liked and I still like their music even if it isn’t like all the other dark, gloomy, heavy stuff I usually listen too. The Go-Go’s will remain a favorite band of mine. That being said, it is with extreme pleasure (and a little bit of jealousy as I would like to keep this) that get to give away this autographed CD insert from the Go-Go’s signed by all five band members. This was given to me by band member Jane Wiedlin (you can also win signed copies of her Lady Robotika comic over at

She donated these great prizes to help us raise money for One By One Cat Rescue during SCIFIpawty (a virtual science fiction convention my cat Boris holds every year).

So how do you go about entering our contest? Just answer the trivia question in the comments below and you are entered into our random drawing for this super awesome prize.

Want more chances to win? Donate to our charity using the same email address as the used to answer the question below and you’ll get another entry for every $5 you donate.

Donate here×1

Answer this Question in the comments: Where was Jane on March 11th to 13th? (hint)

Fine Print: No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, odds of winning depends on number of entries. One entry per person, household, email address, etc. Contest ends 4/5/11.

Nov 112010

Yesterday when I went out to get my lunch I glanced at the newsstand where I saw an adorable kitty face looking back at me. Then I read the headline and I was simply heart broken.

The kitty had been shot by some unknown assailant with a small caliber weapon or pellet gun. Shatter 11 bones in its upper leg. The kitty’s name is Peanut and as I read her ordeal I immediately wanted to do something for her and her owner, Mrs. Hanick of West Chester.

Then I had a chance to speak to Mrs. Hanick and it simply reconfirmed my resolution to do something, anything, to help her out with this big vet bill.

The surgery has cost upwards of $2400 with more to come and more doctors visits and that’s if the kitty stays healthy and strong. I am not even going to think about what would happen if the cat gets an infection. One day at a time (and this isn’t even one of my cats). 86 year old Mrs. Hanick, who only wants the best for her feline companion, had to use her home equity loan to pay the vet bill. We cannot allow them to risk their home, can we?

Boris and I work hard every day to raise money and awareness for charities, why we couldn’t we do the same thing here? We went about setting up a Chip-In page where people can donate (big or small it all adds up) and we would make sure that Mrs. Hanick gets the money after our fund raising drive, which we set to end 11/26/2010. We wanted this is be a very thankful Thanksgiving.

After only one day we have already raised over $225 thanks to all Boris’ online friends, known as anipals, and for a very sizable donation of $125! I hope that we will be able to really help out this nice lady and her hurt kitty cat.

Boris is actively blogging and tweeting to get the word out. Here are his posts (WARNING: these are written by Boris, who speaks kitteh).

The majority of the updates will be over on his blog and website, Please consider donating something, anything. Thank you.