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May 252011

I have always LOVED 3D movies and photography. I have even been playing with a little bit with my digital camera. But all those images must be of things and not people since you have to take two pictures for every one 3D.

Well now there are not only 3D digital cameras but 3D camcorders as well. While I would love one of the higher end 3D video cameras I will settle for the less expensive one.

There are two that I am looking at…

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera with 3.5-Inch LCD and the Sony MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera (Black)

But which one do I go with? The Bloggie is designed more for video but will do photos too and the Fuji FinePix is the reverse.

They both have dual CCDs so there is no loss in separating the lenses. Do I let price win this?

Fuji Film FinePix Real 3D W3 Essentials Accessory Kit


Feb 142010

While Valentine’s Day has hardly come and gone Easter is hitting the shelves of the stores already. Target had PEEPS on the shelves Saturday when I stopped in to pick up a few goodies. I love Peeps. I especially love the Peep Shows that the Washington Post has every year. I just wish they would open it up to more than DC and the surrounding areas. I reall, really want to enter. Guess I could make my own…and maybe even have my own contest too….hmmmm. That’s what I am going to.

Okay, everybody get to working on your Peeps dioramas contest information will be coming soon…for now get some ideas brewing in your heads. At least in my contest you won’t have to deliver anything but a photo of your diorama to me.

Here are some of my favorite dioramas from the 2009 Peep Show III.

Peepzilla  Peepzilla DC Transit / Transporter Authority

Feb 102010

Snowed all day today. I had to go out and shovel twice. The path in the snow was at least up to my thigh. So glad I did not have to go to work or even think about going out in that snow. Heck it was bad enough just going out in it to shovel, i couldn’t image having to drive in it. Think I will stay in where it is warm and dry for awhile.

Snowy Tree Boris Cheching Out Snow

Dec 232008

I might hate snow but it sure is beautiful. I don’t mind it as long as it stays off the roads. Problem is it does not stay off the roads. The east coast has been hit with snow, sleet and ice for the past few days. It is warming up and boy am I glad. Unfortunately, the warm up might take away the white Christmas so I took some pictures so we can all have a white xmas to look at.

Snowy morning More snow more snow white xmas trees

Dec 142008

Spider on my carI found this photo when I was downloading my images the other day and thought I would share it here. One day on my way to work this past Fall I had a hitchhiker on my car antenna. I hope you can see how big and perfect this spider’s web was. I am not a fan of the arachnid, but as long as there is glass between us I can appreciate their beauty.

The spider along with his artwork did not last too long once my car hit about 30 mph.

Sep 032008

TelescopeI have always loved looking up at the night sky. Funny thing is I have never anything better than binoculars to view the heavenly bodies with. The night sky is one of the things I miss most since I have moved out of the country and into the city. Now I barely get to see a single star let alone a sky full. There is just too much light pollution here.

I would love a really good telescope. This one has an onboard computer to show you where the stars are and it will even hook up to a PC so you can create your own sky tour. Heck this thing could even teach a slacker like me astronomy. And boy could I spot the UFOs with this!

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

May 222008

I justed happened across this video this morning while I was avoiding going to the hospital for my tests (still dealing with that accident six months ago). Any who, this video shows some very, very cool artwork done on sidewalks with chalk (unbelievable stuff with such depth and dimension you wish it were permanent) and sand sculptures like I have never seen before (again wish these were made of stone). Well enjoy this video and let me know which piece is your favorite.

Man’s CreationsClick here for more amazing videos

Feb 122008

With all the horrible drivers out there and the fact that almost everyone I know has been in some kind of accident or fender bender in the past couple of months this little device might be a pretty good idea.

 car cameraIt is a combo camera, dvr, LCD screen and rear view mirror. It records all the action in fromt of you catching all the evidence if an accident or aggressive drive happens your way. Check out the car camera for more info or to buy this cool device.

Jan 152008

Have we gone too far? Are we getting closer to fulfilling Orwell’s prophecy in 1984? Is big brother watching us? Well yes, we have and he is, but big brother is not always what you think it is. There are video cameras everywhere now. We cannot get away from them so I suppose we must learn to live with them. Cameras point at us from the corners of most every room in public buildings and from street corners. They are there for our protection and safety. Aren’t they? But what about all those personal cameras used to catch our every move. Almost every cell phone has video now and so do the small pocket digital cameras. With nearly every human carrying around a handy digital video camera we never know who or what is being taped or where that tape is going to end up. With the popularity of YouTube and sites like it we will never see the end of this privacy invasion. We as a society must learn to adapt. We must learn to behave if we can. I don’t know if we that is possible. Perhaps we need to add basic manners and social skills to school curriculum. Not that it would matter much as it might already be too late. The worst thing is no one really seems to care. The stuff they see or do anymore doesn’t even embarrass them.

Heaven help us when we start taping and watching each other twenty-four seven. Oh wait, that is already happening. In April Justin. tv was supposed to do just that (I have not checked it out as I have no interest in it). But what about privacy? Doesn’t this require the permission of those people taped before being aired?

Who gives them the right to make money off of me, my image, my likeness? I didn’t sign a model release or contract. Does the average Joe now need to go out and get an agent just so they can get a piece of this pie? You know they cannot do this without making money on it so how do I go about protecting my rights and my interests? This then brings me back to YouTube. They sell ad space even ads right on the videos now. Do I as the producer, director, and writer of these videos get a portion of those profits? I doubt it. In fact I would bet that the terms of service agreement we all ignore, but all agree to, says we get nothing. Perhaps we should strike like the writers in Hollywood and not post to these sites that are making money off our videos.

I used to belong to a site that allowed you to post your own stories. It was very similar to today’s blogs. But they shared their ad revenue with the site contributors. Helium does this to some degree. Other community created sites should think about doing this sort of thing too. Google is working on a site similar to wikipedia and you know they will get money out of it. Shouldn’t the writers for that site make money from their articles? pays their guides to write on the topics they know best. In fact wikipedia should verify their info (hope I haven’t shocked anyone by insinuating that the almighty wikipedia has incorrect information in it) and share any generated revenue with their contributors.

Web 2.0 screams contributor based content. I scream right back at it pay me for the content I post to your site then I will consider posting it there. Otherwise it is mine and I am keeping it. So don’t tape me, photograph me or quote me unless you plan on paying me.

Jan 142008

User generated television is the primary goal of, but unlike AcceptibleTV they are not asking you to create mini television series they want your life story. You get to tell your story to a world wide audience via the website and to a TV audience based in Texas. I am not sure if the television series is or will be going national. In any case you get to have your fifteen minutes of fame thanks to YawpBox TV.

Unlike other online video sharing sites YawpBox offers up its content in categories. You choose which story you want to submit then upload original videos, photos, audio, and blog content then community members vote on your submissions. If you rate high enough from fellow Yawpers your story just might find its way to the YawpBox TV show. According to their website the magazine style TV show is filmed live in front of a television audience in Dallas, Texas using your content, your stories. Not simply reposting a clip from your local news shows without their consent.

The key to this site and I assume the television show too is to use community members stories, photos and video not to be a dumping ground for other people’s copyright material. Thus far it looks as if needs help in that area as all I could find were photoshopped images, pictures from other sources and video commercials. The best video on the site that I could find was of a couple doing a dance routine at their own wedding. Heck Lex and Terry give you some great homework assignments via the national radio show and TV program so come on folks put on those thinking caps and take up their challenge. YawpBox needs your original content so get to posting. This idea has potential but from what I can see the users are not living up to it at this time.

Jan 022008

Fiskars Project Orange ThumbI already knew Fiskars made great scissors, but I did not know they also made gardening tools too. According to their website they are offering a grant to gardening groups to help with community beautification and education. The program is called Project Orange Thumb. (Get it? It is a cross between the company’s colors black and orange — and having a green thumb. Get it now?) Only groups are eligible for this grant. So if you know of or are part of a gardening group and you have a project that is geared toward community involvement, horticultural education, sustainable agriculture, or neighborhood improvement you are invited to apply for the grant. No individuals are allowed to apply, as this is a grant for groups and not a sweepstakes. This is a great opportunity for schools, garden clubs, camps, youth groups, or other clubs.

Applying for this grant sounds almost as much fun as winning it. You have to completely describe your idea and goals for the project and what you hope to accomplish with your project. If you win you have to keep a journal, write in gardening blogs and photograph your group and project. (Sounds like a great way to get a bunch of bloggers out of the house and into a garden.)

So what do you win for all your hard work? Your group will get $1500 worth of Fiskars gardening equipment and $800 in garden-related materials. (I assume that means plants, seeds, soil, mulch, fertilizers and the like.)

Fiskars Project Orange Thumb So show the world how green you can be and go out and make your neighborhood more attractive. Who knows this could be you next year.

Sponsored by Fiskars Garden Website

Dec 012007

Literally! Take a look at the world and the universe from a whole new perspective with the help of The site has it all from telescopes and binoculars to nightvision goggles and sunglasses. They really are your one stop shop to find that perfect gift for any one interested in either the macroverse or the microverse. They have everything from telescopes to microscopes to meet anyone’s needs.

Personally, I would love just about anything from their online catalog. Except maybe the Raybans, I need prescription glasses, but they have those too. I have always had an interest in optics and different ways to see the world. Perhaps that is why I dabble in photography. I always wanted a telescope so I could hook up my camera back to it and take celestial photos.

Then when I was taking microbiology I got hooked on taking photos with the microscope. And last year I went to Philly to see a great photo exhibit from Nikon on taking pictures with the microscope. Boy, do I wish I had the opportunity to do similar work. Looks like could help me get there. All I need to do is raise the money.

Underwritten by they offer FREE shipping on orders of $30 or more.

Nov 162007

I know the title of this post sounds pushy but you really won’t regret it. [Unless you by a super cheap one with with only one megapixel resolution that is.]

I was a diehard SLR user who refused to go digital. I never thought I would be happy with the quality of a digital camera. So when I first started coming around and looking for a digital camera I wanted one that have as many features as my SLR film cameras did.

Not an easy task back in 2000. My first thought was to get a digital body to go with all the Minolta lenses I already had. This proved impossible due to the high cost of digital SLR camera bodies at the time. So I started looking at point and shoot digital cameras, but I still kept hitting that same ole wall. I wanted more control the camera than these would provide.

Olympus E-10Then I found the Olympus E-10. It was a more reasonably price SLR with the ability to manually focus and both aperture and shutter control as well as fully automatic functions. I bit the bullet and bought it. And I am so glad I did. The images are great. I have taken more photos than I could ever have with film. It has more than paid for itself in all the savings from no longer buying film.

Probably the most satisfying thing about the digital camera is being able to review the images and immediately reshooting if there is a problem or being able to shoot many shots without fear of running out of film.

I have since purchased another small pocket sized Kodak EasyShare V550, which easily fits in a pocket and goes anywhere. I use it almost every day for both personal and professional. Since I purchased my first digital camera I have been taking digital images for several online stores. It was that ease of editing, uploading and share of the photographs that finally convinced me to use one for family and friends pictures too.

The quality of digital cameras have been getting so much better over the years that I see another camera sometime in the near future too. So don’t put it off any longer. Dip into the pool of digital photography.

Get your camera at Ritz Camera