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Mar 312010

Series 1 Series 1 Series 1

I absolutely need to have these! They should be available in June. The 16 different minifgs will be individually bagged in blind bags so you won’t know what you are getting (unless you are like me and can feel what the hair/hats feel like through the bags. In any case I am going to need several of most of these so if you see them when you are out and about please pick a bunch of them up for me okay? You know I am good for payment, right?


  1. Crash Test Dummy
  2. Zombie
  3. Robot
  4. Astronaut (with ray gun)
  5. Cheerleader
  6. Magician
  7. Clown
  8. Caveman
  9. Wrestler
  10. Skateboarder
  11. Nurse
  12. Archer
  13. Ninja
  14. Indian
  15. Diver
  16. Adventurer
Feb 252010

Robby Action FigureI know I am a day late…but better late than never (and it almost felt like I would never feel like writing on my blog again…but thanks to some meds, my friends, my cat and whoring myself out with sponsored posts I am back and I want stuff!)

Check this sweet (and very expensive) Forbidden Planet figure out.

Feb 142010

While Valentine’s Day has hardly come and gone Easter is hitting the shelves of the stores already. Target had PEEPS on the shelves Saturday when I stopped in to pick up a few goodies. I love Peeps. I especially love the Peep Shows that the Washington Post has every year. I just wish they would open it up to more than DC and the surrounding areas. I reall, really want to enter. Guess I could make my own…and maybe even have my own contest too….hmmmm. That’s what I am going to.

Okay, everybody get to working on your Peeps dioramas contest information will be coming soon…for now get some ideas brewing in your heads. At least in my contest you won’t have to deliver anything but a photo of your diorama to me.

Here are some of my favorite dioramas from the 2009 Peep Show III.

Peepzilla  Peepzilla DC Transit / Transporter Authority

Feb 122009

The reason I ask is because I can’t. I can get the majority of them but need help with the rest. Please comment below with your answers. As you can see I am only a few short of getting all 51 robots named. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

51 Robots

  1.  Astro Boy

  2.  Marvin – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

  3.  K-9 – Doctor Who

  4.  Huey – Silent Running

  5.  HAL 9000 – 2001*

  6.  V.I.N.CENT – Black Hole

  7.  Conky – PeeWee’s Playhouse

  8.  Rusty the Boy Robot – Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

  9.  Twiki – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  10.  B9 (aka the Robot) – Lost in Space

  11.  Crow T. Robot – MST3K

  12.  Johnny Five – Short Circuit

  13. Tripod – War of the Worlds*

  14. Wall-E

  15. Tom Servo – MST3K

  16. Robby the Robot – Forbidden Planet

  17. ?

  18. Gigantor

  19. ?

  20. Rock’em Sock’em Robot

  21. Mechagodzilla

  22. Megaman*

  23. Mazinger Z*

  24. ?

  25. Cylon – Battlestar Galactica

  26. Marvin – TV HHGTG (shouldn’t the head be longer?)*

  27. Bubo – Clash of the Titans

  28. Sentinel – Matrix (I would have given a side view)*

  29. R2-D2 – Star Wars

  30. Tinman – Wizard of Oz

  31. Gort – Day the Earth Stood Still

  32. ?

  33. Bender – Futurama

  34. T100 – Terminator

  35. C-3PO – Star Wars

  36. Robot on cover of Oct. 1953 Astounding Science Fiction (used on Queen’s Album)*

  37. Iron Giant

  38. Maria – Metropolis

  39. Cylon Centurian – (new) Battlestar Galactica*

  40. ED209 – Robo Cop

  41. ?

  42. ?

  43. Rosie – The Jetsons (her bottom wasn’t rounded though)*

  44. Johnny Sokko’s Flying Robot

  45. Tic Toc – Return to Oz*

  46. Dr. Theopolis – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  47. Optimus Prime – Transformers (cartoon)

  48. Maximilian – Black Hole*

  49. Voltron

  50. Muffit the Daggit – Battlesatr Galactica

  51. Techno Trousers – Wallace & Gromit

* = someone else told me 
? = still need help

This way cool t-shirt is available from Chop Shop.

Feb 042009

Robot TeeSo often my “Want It” posts are for things that are completely out of reach for me, but today’s post is something I will be getting.

After viewing Monday’s Big Bang Theory I had to go on a search for the t-shirt that Sheldon was wearing. My search brought me to a cool website (Chop Shop) with a similar shirt, but instead of Godzilla the shirt I came across this shirt was covered in Robots (only about half of which I can name…I hope the shirt comes with a list of who they are).

But since I could not find the Japanese monster shirt I had seen and this shirt was similar I thought I would ask, so I shot off a quick email. I thought I would hear back in a few days (if at all). To my surprise I got an email back in about an hour and they told me who did the shirt Sheldon was wearing even though it was not available through them. How cool is that?!

So I will definitely be back for this awesome robot tee!

Jan 292009

I just found a way cool steampunk contest over at Dvice (part of SCIFI channel). Design a steampunk cylon and you can win Battlestar Galactica goodies. Here are some of the details…

Cylon Background: The Cylons were created by the people of the Twelve Colonies. Intelligent robots, they were used as slaves and soldiers to fight humanity’s wars. But the Cylons became sentient and they rebelled. Man and machine fought to a bloody stalemate, then the Cylons withdrew to a remote region of space. A truce between the Twelve Colonies and the Cylons lasted for 40 tense and silent years. Then, on the 40th anniversary, a stunning blonde a Cylon in human form met the human envoy¦ moments before the Cylons vaporized the station and launched a genocidal attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Now DVICE gives you the opportunity to create Steampunk Cylons to win prizes. There are many examples of steampunk design contemporary objects re-imagined as if they were built in the Victorian era.

Design a Steampunk Cylon: Entrants must create an image of what a Cylon from the “steampunk” era would look like. You can use graphical software (such as Photoshop), draw or paint your Cylon, or you can physically build the Cylon and photograph it. You then submit the image(s) of your design to Please do not exceed 1 megabyte per image! Your entry should also include your full name, date of birth, phone number, physical address and a valid e-mail address.

We’ll also accept entries for creations in the general Battlestar universe (steampunk ships, steampunk devices, etc.), although our preference is for Cylons.

Jan 222009

Bob MayBob May, the man who fit inside the B9 Robot of Lost in Space fame has passed. He died January 18th. He was only 69.

According to the, “May died Sunday of congestive heart failure at a hospital in Lancaster, said his daughter, Deborah May.”

He will be greatly missed by fans.

Stop by the Bob May website to send the family your condolences.

Oct 102008

Steampunk Tee This is one of the coolest skeleton tees I have seen in a long time (and I love the glow in the dark ones). This one is just so unique. Want to know what makes a clockwork man tick? You’ll see it with this cool shirt. Available now at your local ThinqueGeek Merchantile.

ThinkGeeks ubergeek description of this cool steampunk shirt:

Maybe you’re into the whole DIY bit of the Steampunk movement but you’re not quite ready to replace your ribs with copper tubing and your lungs with bellows. That’s where we come in. We’ve made a Steampunk cosplay t-shirt that lets you reveal your inner self without exposing any actual vital organs. Sure it doesn’t look quite as cool as being a steam-powered cyborg, but the pluses are that there’s no worrying about pressure gauges and less oxidation this way. Trust me. When you gotta get in there and scrub the tarnish off of the thoracic vertebrae, you’re going to need a second set of hands. It’s even worse than trying to dry your back. Especially if your hands are modded, too.

Steampunk-esque skeleton in shades of sepia on a black, 100% cotton shirt.

Oct 092008

Steampunk AngelFor those of us looking for a really unique steampunk costume for Halloween, but do not have the funds to buy all that fancy Victorian clothing ThinkGeek has come up with a few simple solutions for us. First up is the steampunk angel tee with glorious clockwork wings on the back (which can later be used as a blueprint to make actual mechanical wings when you have the funds).

Oct 012008

Cylon CenturianSticking with previous I Want It Wednesday posts I came across this lifesized Cylcon from the new Battlestar Galactica and thought how cool it would be to add it to a giant robot collection alongside the Robby Robot and the B9 robots (if one could afford them all that it).

from the item description…

The Cylon Centurion Robot is a highly-prized robotic masterpiece and only available in limited quantities.

Officially licensed for Battlestar Galactica and exclusively manufactured by the legendary ‘Robot Man’ Fred Barton, each Cylon Robot is hand-made, numbered and signed by him.

Standing 7-feet tall, each Cylon is carefully crafted out of sturdy fiberglass right down to the delicately spindled fingers.

The visor in the helmet displays a red LED light effect and the eerie whirring of the Cylon brings your robot to life!

Aug 232008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was very good. Most people seem to have an issue with the fact that Narnia is not the same place it was in the first film. How could it be it is 1300 years later? For once I read the book first and this was a very close rending of the original. All but one scene, that is.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty good. At first Harrison ford appears really old and you think how the heck is he going to pull this off. Surprisingly he does and you soon forget how Old he really is. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending (sorry spoiler alert)… I didn’t mind the whole alien thing or even the space ship leaving I the thing I did not like was how the 13 skeletons became one living breathing alien. They were dead and dead is dead even in alternate dimensions. A friend of mine did not like that Indy wasn’t on a search for a religious object. I beg to differ and say the crystal skulls are a religious object just not a Christian one. Perhaps after another viewing I’ll see past the resurrected alien and like it a bit better. Who knows.

Wall-e – This little robot will steal your heart. I just pretty much loved this whole flick. When I first heard the Wall-e soundtrack I couldn’t help wondering why they included the two songs from Hello Dolly. This becomes clear once seeing the film. The beginning is a little slow, but worth it. My only complaint (and not really sure it is a complaint] is that Wall-e did not affect more of the humans on the ship prior to the big final scene. I just think his presence on the ship would have caused more than two people to “awake” from their self-absorbed worlds before the big ending. Overall this is an excellent film worth both a big screen viewing and addition to my DVD collection when it comes out.

Hell boy 2 – I don’t usually get to say this, but this sequel was just as good as the first film. Had I not known this going in to the film I would have said the guy from Pan’s Labyrinth must of had something to do with this, and well, yes he did. Boy does it show, but in a good way. Visually stunning. But we get more than just new other worldly characters to look at, the story is good and our main characters are developed further as well. The scene that stands out the most for me has Hellboy and Abe singing to a Manilow song. You really have to see it. This film is well worth the big screen price tag.

Batman: The Dark Knight – Well here I go again this sequel is just as good (may even be better) than the first one. I tried to stay away from too many spoilers on this film before seeing it, which was a little hard to do after Heath Ledger died. It really is a darn shame too because he made one hell of a great Joker and it would have been nice to see him play the part again. The few glimpses I saw of the film before hand had me worried they were putting too many villains in one film like the last batch of Batman movies. But it is nicely done. Heck you don’t even need to see the first film to go see this one. We do get a glimpse of Scarecrow at the beginning, but the story is all about the Joker and Harvey Dent. By the end of the film I was getting a little tired of Christian Bale’s Batman voice. It actually started to grate on my nerves. I don’t mind his regular speaking voice too much even with his speak impediment, but when he lowers his voice for the Bat it just really bothers me. (And not just me but the two people that went with me said the same thing.) Since we saw the film it seems many other people have posted their reviews and have pretty much said the same thing.

Aug 202008

Life-sized B9 RobotEven though this life-sized replica of the Lost In Space robot (also known as the B9 robot) is half the price of the Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet he is still $25,000 more than I have to spend on a giant toy. Although I would love to have him.  B9 is not just a static replica either. His torso moves, his soil sampler comes out of his foot (and tells you the environmental analysis).

Besides all that fun stuff the robot has a 240-w att audio system, and speaks 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by Richard Tufeld, the original voice of the robot from the television series (including such familiar phrases as “Danger Will Robinson!”) Pulling the robot’s power pack causes it to utter “Aaghhhhhh…” just as it did in the TV series when being shut-down; plugging it back in prompts it to say “Who turned out the lights?” SWEET!

B9 Robot is available at Hammacher Schlemmer. A store I came to love from watching Murphy Brown.