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Jun 182009

Boris and his pals on Twitter are at it again! They started a way fun Duckie Club and all you need to join is a Ducky with a rather interesting name.

Boris with Kong DuckieBoris Named his Kong Ducky Sir Quacky McGee. (He had to have a little Simpson’s in him since he is so yellow.)

These are great, fuzzy little refillable cat toys that kitties and their humans will like since you can refresh the catnip inside the toy any time your cat seems to lose some interest in it. Being so fuzzy gives them a great texture to lick and bite.

Stores like and Supplies Just 4 Pets are chipping in and donating toys to needy cats and kittens in rescues too. How cool is that?

Want to have your cat join the club too and help cats in shelters have fun at the same time? All you have to do is visit either Boris’ Blog or Manxington’s Duckie Club and buy a Kong Duckie through (the links on this blog work too — and you save 10% off your order). For every 25 Kong Duckies sold through those links they will donate 1 ducky to charity. While you are at you can do even more for the charities by adding one of their donation items to your shopping cart as well. You’ll get your items and will ship the donations out to shelters already waiting for toys and treats from animal loving people like us.

Check out the Offical Duckie Club Members list managed by a sweet dog Shawnee the Shepherd.

Even if you don’t join the Duckie Club you should join them on Twitter

Jun 032009

A co-worker pointed out the pointy eared little buggers to me last week and the more I think about them the more I want them!

Spock Bear is of course my first choice if I were to only get one.

Spock Bear Kirk Bear

My niece told me that everybody should own a Vermont Teddy Bear and I must say I think I agree with her!

May 092009 HungoverThe fine and rather sarcastic folks over at must have been hungover when they reviewed the Spock action figure on their site.

Take a look at the picture to the right. As you can see they are clearly talking about the NEW Spock action figures from Playmates Toys, but are comparing it to Leonard Nimoy as Spock. So of course the photo of the actual person isn’t going to look ANYTHING like the action figure and vice versa.

Perhaps as a pop culture site they are so out of touch with reality that they don’t really know what is going on in the world of pop culture any more? Have they had their collective heads in the sand for the past year? Do they not know that their is a NEW Star Trek movie with a whole new cast? Spock is now played by Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes).

Now with that new knowledge people, try your little review again. Your two main complaints about the figure seem a perfect match when compared to the correct actor.

Quinto as Spock Quinto Toy vs Nimoy Spock

I would say the toy is pretty close, not dead on, but pretty dang close to Quinto (but certainly not Nimoy). And I’m the slacker here 🙂

Apr 252009

Today after coming home from a long hard morning of shopping (we went to the Black Creek Greenhouse to get loverly flowers since it was such a loverly day) the kitty cats and I sat down to have some fun with the Panic Mouse cat toy. It is a pretty funny toy that they all seem to enjoy to some degree.

First up was Bela she had a good time going after the “mouse” (that’s what they call all the attachments for this toy), but her favorite mouse was the feathers.

Next up was Abby, she really got crazy over the Panic Mouse’s original pom pom mouse. She even got so crazy she ripped the wand right off the toy a couple of times (no problem as they are real easy to swap out and put back on). Although I learned a valuable lesson…there is a reason the manufacture gives you the additional support legs to attach under the toy. She knocked the toy over once. So I made sure to get that support n the bottom for Big Boy’s turn.

Boris came in from outside (he helped put away the flowers) and was a bit tuckered out from all that “hard” work and could not really play with the Panic Mouse too much today (I have seen him go at it a lot better than this). He actually got the string from the original wand wrapped around his little paw (he asked me not to show that video as he is a bit embarrassed by it). Boris’ favorite wand seems to be the spring mouse.

Overall I feel this toy is a big success and I am glad I got the additional “mouse” attachments as each kitty seems to like a different one. (If you folks go buy one of these, we recommend getting it from and picking up the other replacement wands/mice for this way cool cat toy.)

Apr 202009

Quite a while ago I got my kitty cat, Boris, a really cool cat toy from called the Mouse in the House. This is an automatic cat toy that will entertain your kitty while you are away from home and even while you are home with him.

A little mouse runs around a little house via a track. You can do this with your cat by pushing the red button on the toy. There is a warning squeak and then the little mousey runs the track twice. (The first couple of times you and your cat play with this he might be a little afraid of it, but curiosity wins out.)

To use the toy while you are away simply set the timer so the toy runs every 10 minutes or every hour. We actually got Boris to push the button all on his own with the help of his favorite treats (he bites at the button instead of pawing it, but it still works for him). One night while I was recovering from the accident and still sleeping on the sofa I was awakened by him playing with the toy ALL by himself!

Here’s a video from early on (I will have to get some new and better video soon)…

Mar 182009

Zombie PetsI saw these and thought I have to have those. These are just TOO funny. Little Zombie pets for your pockets. Set includes a zombie cat, zombie dog, zombie rabbit, zombie bird and zombie fish. I think they should do even more zombie animals. I would like to see a zombie farm set with a zombie horse, cow, sheep, goat, chicken etc.

So go ahead and run out and buy the Zombie Pet Shoppe figures before I do.

Mar 112009

Boris got a new toy the other day and he LOVES it!

It is called the MAGNETICAT (get it magnetic cat — LOL). It has a magnet in the toy and magnets in the base so when the toy moves it keeps going for a little while to tease your cat back to it for more play.

Boris goes over and rubs the steel pole the toy is attached to and then the magnets get to moving the toy and he thinks, “what the heck, I’m here might as well play now” and plops down and kills it. See the video for how much fun he has.

And thanks to the folks over at he’s going to be a star! (They have posted his video on their site for the whole world to see!)

Update: Boris’ Magneticat video is on their blog too!

Mar 042009

CBS announces new licensing agreements to hock Twilight Zone merchandise inlcuding a US postage stamp (probably the reason stamps are going up to 44 cents in May).

Other products will include games, dolls and Hallmark ornaments.

So I guess the new Star Trek film isn’t the only thing CBS is whoring out.

Feb 252009

Captains ChairBoy would I love one of these for my collection, but at around two grand I cannot foresee ever having one. Noting in my Star Trek collection has cost me more than $200. I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a collectible. (funny though I spent that on my other hobby, photography, when I bought my first digital SLR)

I will just have to continue under the impression that it is really uncomfortable (most likely not), would NEVER make me feel like a starship captain (fat chance on that, it would be SO COOL) and there is no where I could fit it in the house (duh, throw out the sofa!) Okay, so I have convinced myself (NOT) that I don’t want or need this splendid, life-sized, original series Captain’s chair to act out my Captain Kirk fantasies.

Besides if I had this where would I get the green alien girls from?

Since these are limited and I don’t seem to be able to get me one, why not head over to EE and pre-order a Captain’s Chair for yourself (and make me EXTREMELY jealous in the process)?

Jan 152009

Fly FusionYou might remember how a raved about the digital Fly Fusion pen in  a past post. Well, hopefully these are still available over at your local Target. Run back to the toy clearance aisles and you’ll find these once $80 pens for under $20.

Go now, Target will be cleaning out those rows of cheap toys and sending them off to the local Goodwill which will mark it back closer to the original prices.

Dec 242008

I talked about my Lego trains in my post yesterday, but I did not share them with you. While I was setting up the tree and trains I had a little help as you’ll see by this photo. Remember the scene in Harry Potter where Hogwarts was attacked by the giant dragon? Me either but that’s the game we were playing. 🙂

Boris train conductor

As you can see Boris decided to sit his little butt down right in the middle of the tracks and proclaim himself official Lego conductor. We both agree the 9v electric trains are sooooo much better than their new remote control trains.

When he was done playing with the trains (while they were running he was outside the tracks carefully watching as they went by him), he helped with the tree.

Boris helping get the tree out. How do we put this together again?

Okay, so maybe helped is not the right word to use. In any case we had fun getting the tree up. What more could one ask for?

Nov 192008

I just got off the phone with a fan (or maybe a stalker, but he did not sound too stalkerish — not that I know what a stalker sounds like).

He is a fan of my book and has been using it to get a complete Playmates collection together.

I told him about and to join the online mailing list for help getting his collection. He won’t find a better place to buy, sell, trade or just talk Star Trek collectibles past, present or future.

I got off the phone feeling pretty good about my book and myself. Now I want to write the long over due update. To do so I need some help from my friends. Please write, call or email Schiffer Publishing and let them know we need a complete, updated, fixed etc. volume of the Unauthorized Guide to Star Trek Toys by Playmates Toys by yours truly.

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road
Atglen, PA 19310
Ph: 610-593-1777
Fax: 610-593-2002
email through their site at: