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Feb 222010

Ever since the Star Trek Experience hit Las Vegas I wanted to go. Yet I never got there! The Trek experience is gone but my desire to go isn’t.

My desire has only been fueled by all my friends and family that have gone and come back telling me about all the cool things they have done there. Like seeing the Blue Man group (I have seen them on tour, but I hear they are so much better in Vegas).

So I missed my sci-fi adventure in Vegas but I could still have fun. What better place to see comedians like Penn & Teller than at a Las Vegas comedy show?

I just looked up some of the shows and looks like Ron White will be there soon. We just love him. He is absolutely one of the funniest guys I have ever seen. I would love to see him live.

Wow you can pretty much find anything you want to do at Vegas! I was poking around the website and saw the Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater will be at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. A pet theater sounds like fun to me. Wonder if Boris wants to run away and join the circus?

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Feb 222010

I was watching the Food network the other day and they were talking about George Stone Crab in Florida. These great big crab claws looked so good! But when am I going to be in Florida? Guess what? They deliver anywhere in the good ole USA. Gotta get me some stone crab claws.

One of the coolest things about these crab claws is that they are harvested fresh every day and the crab is released. Their claws grow back. How cool is that?

Feb 222010

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Feb 142010

Valentine’s Day is almost over but if you are in California you still have a few hours to go take a Valentines Day Cruise San Diego. San Diego is quite a beautiful city. If you have never been you really should go some time.

It is a very romantic town. I think it would be a great place for a wedding. Yes, San Diego Weddings could be very romantic indeed. You could combine your wedding and honeymoon into one sweet trip. Heck, you could even do a San Diego Cruise Wedding. Having a ceremony out on a boat off the coast of California, especially at sunset, what could be more romantic?

Perhaps Valentine’s Day just has me in a lovey, romantic mood and that’s why all the talk of weddings. You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy a cruise in San Diego. You could go whale watching or enjoy a dinner cruise along the coast of southern California. You could just go out and party on what my sister calls a booze cruise for some fun. She took one of the dinner/party cruises when she lived in San Diego with her husband who was in the Navy at the time. Our Aunt and Uncle went out to visit her while he was on his ship and they took one of the cruises and had so much fun that they still talk about it to this very day.

Feb 122010

Why settle for a tiny little hotel room when you could stay in a cool vacation rental?

Heck you could even get luxury vacation rentals for the same cost as most hotels. Why would anyone stay in a cramped room when there are so many vacation rentals out there? Wouldn’t you have more fun in a big roomy house than in a cramped little room? I know I would!

So next time you’re thinking of booking just a room for your holiday maybe you should consider spending it in one of these sweet vacation homes.

Check out this funny commercial….

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May 252009

My grandfather used to call Memorial Day, Decoration Day. It was the day they would go to the cemetery and decorate the graves of the service men and other family members. So I thought I would wish everyone out there a happy Decoration Day and hop that you took some time out today to remember the reason you had off work today.

Someone on Twitter sent me a link to an interesting article on Memorial Day/Decoration Day (they say Decoration Day was a southern thing, but my grandfather was a PA Dutchman through and through). The article, Memorial Day bivouac of the dead: hallowed, haunted Gettysburg, was written by MaryEllen O’Brien and has a more spiritual angle than military.

I just watched a really good program on PBS called Hallowed Ground. It is all about the US cemeteries through out Europe that mark the finally resting places of 40% of the men and women who fought for freedom in WWI and WWII.

I did not know so many cemeteries were over there. It would make a very interesting group tour sometime.

Mar 012009

So I guess it is true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, sort of. Last Fall the Star Trek Experience, which I NEVER got to go to, closed its doors. Bummer not only for me but tons of Trekkies every where.

Well good news all you geeks out there Star Trek The Experience is coming back to Los Vegas (or maybe it never left). So now I can finally get my sorry butt out to the desert and head to this Trek mecca (before it disappears again).

Guess while I am out there I should head off to Roswell too. As these are both on my big TO DO LIST I keep talking about.

Feb 132009

I spent a good part of my morning trying to save some dogs on the highway again! This is the second time in like 2 or 3 months. This time it was on the other end of 176. All of the sudden the traffic came to a screeching halt and I saw two dogs running back across the highway after almost being hit by a truck (who apparently couldn’t care less if he hit the dogs or not).

Three of us stopped and tried to save the scared pups. One was a st. bernard and the other a shepherd mix. We got them off the road but they wouldn’t come to anyone. They finally went through a hole in the fence and ran up through the woods.

There are two things I would like to see happen. 1) People would take better care with there animals and know where they are and 2) people on the roads would be a little cautious around animals no matter if it is a skunk, a deer or a dog.

Jan 142009

Remember the Fisher Space pen and how cool it was to be able to write anywhere even upside down? I found another pen that is just as cool, maybe even cooler. (If that’s possible since the Fisher Space pen did do a licensed Star Trek pen back in the day, I have one in my collection.) This new pen I am talking about is the INKA pen.

Inka PenThe Inka pen is from those innovative guys over at Nile Ize and it is pretty sweet. Like the space pen it writes anywhere — upside down, under water and in extreme temperatures. So you can take it with you anywhere you go even planet Vulcan.

It has a multifunction design. The closed pen is watertight and can be used as a key chain or attach it to your gear. There’s a PDA stylus too so you can quickly tap out commands on your tricorder or smart phone (which ever one you happen to have). Take the key ring off and reassemble your Inka in to a full size writing instrument, which by the way is pretty smart looking, with its stainless steel and carbon fiber components. This would make a great gift for anyone from all out geek to a sports nut. For more info check out or just head on over to to pick up yours.

Oct 182008

We recently discovered a little restaurant in the middle of town called the Marvel Ranch. It is at 4th and Penn in downtown Reading. We have been driving by this place for twenty odd years and thought it was a closed down dive. Well it isn’t either of those things.

The outside does present itself as a dive and perhaps the inside isn’t much better, but the food is good and inexpensive. It has a homey feel like Mel’s in Alice’s Restaurant. (We haven’t gone in enough times to know if The Marvel Ranch has its own version of Flo or not. But the locals and regulars add plenty of color and character to the overall atmosphere even without a Flo in the mix.)

The hours at the Marvel are a bit odd (this is why we assumed it was no longer in business). They open real early to catch the folks heading off to work something like 5:30 or 6: 00 (you won’ t catch me up that early). Then close around I:00 pm and 12:00pm on Sundays. You can get their entire menu at any time. So if you want a burger at 6 am you can get it or if you want the Marvel Mess at noon you can get that too. What is the Marvel Mess? It is an omelet that is pretty much a Marvel Ranch exclusive. It includes scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, ham, onions, and peppers all served up in a heap on your plate for only a few dollars. The also serve a smaller portion called the mini marvel mess. A stack of 3 pancakes is under 3 dollars.

Next time you find yourself in Reading in the morning looking for a good place for breakfast or an early lunch check out this hidden treasure that’s just across the Penn Street bridge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know we were.

Aug 142008

So my first real look at the Olympics happened to be the young girls of the Chinese gymnastic team winning the gold. My thoughts while watching them were how young they looked. I like the rest of the world had to Google how old you were supposed to be to compete and then how old the girls were. (A NY Times article said they were most likely 14 and not the “official” 16 stated on their passports according to websites which have since been shut down). That was only the first of the controversies I came across tied to the Beijing Games.

I am feeling a little bit like Mulder of the X-Files, what with all the conspiracies I am uncovering about the Olympics.

I read last night about how the little girl who sang during the opening ceremonies had pulled a Milli Vanilli and lip-synched the song while another little girl did the actual singing. All because the girl with the voice did not look good enough. (Perhaps they should have continued their search until they had a girl with both looks and talent.) Little Yang Peiyi did the vocals while the cuter girl, Lin Miaoke, appeared to the public.

Now I just read about how a dancer that was injured during the rehearsals for the opening ceremonies. She did not get help for over 50 minutes due to the tight security. She had to lay there in agony waiting for help to arrive. At first they announced she had broken her leg, but it turns out that was a lie (kind of like what they did to us when Princess Diana died – one minute she broke her arm, next minute she had died).

Oh and let us not forget the faked fireworks during the opening ceremonies as well. We television viewers got computer graphics while the folks in Beijing got to see the real thing.

So what’s next?

Jul 062008

As I said on the fourth I spent not only the day in bed but just about the entire weekend. If it weren’t for my friend pulling me out of thehouse on Saturday I would have spent the entire weekend in bed.

Saturday we went to the Tiki Bar with my friend and her husband. We had a good time. Good company, nice view (sat by the river), saw wild life (mating — sun fish, bullfrog, turtle and dragonflies). While we did not really want to cook our own meal and pay high prices of a served meal it was still fun. And still cheaper than therapy.

Jun 042008

We are in need of some new rugs in our house and we haven’t found a thing in our area. Lucky for me I have family in Troutdale, Virginia. Where is that you might ask? Well it is in the hills of southern Virginia. It is very close to Bristol, Tennessee. And what does this have to do with rugs? Everything! To get to my Grandmother’s house we have to go through Abington, which is home to the Abington Rug Outlet. This outlet has some of the most beautiful area rugs I have ever seen. The best part is you don’t have to travel to Virginia to get your rugs they have a website, but believe me it is worth the trip. That part of the state is just beautiful.

I’ll give you four guesses why I need new area rugs. Their names are Bela, Abby, Picasso and Boris.