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May 162008

Justice League A New Frontier[amazon_link id=”B000PFSYO4″ target=”_blank” ]Justice League A New Frontier[/amazon_link] is a very entertaining animated film based on the graphic novel by the same name from Darwyn Cooke. The League is up against The Centre an evil of biblical proportions. Learn the origins of Martian Man Hunter and Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. Set around he same time as the McCarthy era. Can the Justice League unite and save the world?

Animation is very good not overly anime-influenced like most animation these days. Voices are all very fitting with only one exception, the voice of Batman. Jeremy Sisto does the voice while I liked him in Six Feet Under his voice for a cartoon sounds more like a villain that of the Batman. All our other heroes had nice clear, crisp voices, but Bat’s was gravelly and sinister. Yes, he is the Dark Knight, but Sisto’s voice might have been too dark.

Lucy Lawless made a nice Amazon (once again) playing a Wonder Woman with a slightly twisted sense of justice.

Additional Cast: Phil Morris, Neil Patrick Harris, Lucy Lawless, Miguel Ferrer, David Boreanaz

Apr 212008

Earth Day is coming up [tomorrow, but you should think of every day as earth day] and it seems like all my TV stations have been going green of late. Well at least for the last week or two any way. They are all changing their station ID bugs [you know those stupid little logos in the corner of your screens and sometimes the entire bottom third of your screen]. They all have an eco-friendly or green skew to them. Which is a nice little reminder for all of us watching their shows to take time out to take the necessary steps towards saving our environment. [But I know next week it will all go back to the regular old logos.]

Captain PlanetMy favorite of these eco-friendly ads is The Captain Planet and the Planteers commercials I am seeing on the Cartoon Network. I remember watching this show way back when it first came out in 1989. The edu-tainment show was the brainchild of Ted Turner’s TBS, which was then taken over by Hanna-Barbera when TBS purchased them and the rest is enviro-history.

So take the time this April to get to know Captain Planet and the Planeteers and do something good from Mother Earth.

Remember the power is yours! Head over to the official Captain Planet website to watch Planeteer Alerts, little 30 second PSAs on what you can do to help.

Here is a list of 10 things you can do to help from the Captain Planet Foundation:Two Thumbs Up for Ted Turner :)

  1. Start a Carpool or Walk or Bike to Work
  2. Get Involved [see Planet Green for more info]
  3. Be an Environmentally Conscious Consumer Buy Recycled/Recyclable Items
  4. Change Your Light Bulbs to Energy Saving Fluorescents
  5. Get Rid of Hazardous Waste Safely Don’t Send It to the Landfills
  6. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
  7. Save Water by Checking the Location of Your Sprinklers and Turn Off Taps
  8. Take Reusable Bags to the Supermarket and Buy in Bulk
  9. Clean Up Wisely When Camping
  10. Use Natural Alternatives to Chemical Cleaners and Pesticides

Head to Hot Topic to pick up a Captain Planet t-shirt to wear while your out picking up trash, planting new trees or dropping off your recycling.

Mar 092008

Since I ranted about the Foo Fighters filing suit against Marvel Comics I thought I would write a little bit more about the trailer and the cartoon that has caused the whole mess. Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the Xmen
Writer: Greg Johnson
Director: Boyd Kirkland
Producer: First Serve Toonz in association with Marvel

Synopsis: When an explosive event shatters the lives of the X-Men and takes away their mentor, the beaten heroes walk away from it all.

But then they’re given a rare glimpse into the future, and see a world in utter ruin, ruled by giant destructive robots. A world that spiraled out of control because the X-Men had given up.

So now the most legendary of all X-Men takes the lead – Wolverine! Reuniting these broken heroes, Wolverine embarks on the ultimate mission – to prevent de world’s destruction.

To rescue us from ourselves. To save the future.

From what I have seen through the trailer [which by the way is only available via YouTube these days] the show looks pretty good. I sincerely hope that this stupid lawsuit will not stop it from airing. I really want to see this show. We need more good animation on TV [like The Batman, League of Superheroes and now Spider-man (more on Spidey later)].

 Apparently this was announced by Marvel way back in 2005. Looks like it was supposed to air last year. There is no current information on when or if this cartoon will be airing in the US.

You can view offending trailer for Wolverine and the Xmen here [for now].

Mar 082008

The foo fighters are suing Marvel Comics for using one or two of their Songs in a promo for the new X-men cartoon.

I for one think it is ridiculous. How can they claim damages when no one even remembers who the foo fighters are?

Heck, I would think they should be happy with the free publicity and exposure. Although that does bring me back to who remembers them and would even know those were their songs.

Wolverine and the X-MenApparently they have a new album coming out. Maybe that is the reason for the lawsuit against Marvel in the first place. Perhaps they are suing The comic book giant to drum up publicity for the band and the new CD.

I can’t believe a big production company like Marvel wouldn’t have gotten the proper permissions. Most likely they had several trailers prepared and accidentally sent the wrong one out to the TV stations.

I for one will not be buying any foo fighters music but I will be watching the Marvel Wolverine and the X-men cartoon. So I guess that Marvel wins this battle [at least in my case they do].

Not knowing the Foo Fighters music I would have to assume this video of the Marvel trailer for Wolverine and the X-Men has the copyright infringing music in it.


Mar 052008

In honor of Easter being so early this year [it is the earliest Easter in 90 years] I am sharing my love of a certain cartoon bunny rabbit that I grew up watching and loving — Bugs Bunny. Here is my top ten list of the bestest Bugs cartoons.

1. Water Water Every Hare [An interesting monster with an interesting hairdo.]
2. What’s Opera Doc? [Kill the wabbit…]
3. Falling Hare [Gremlins]
4. Easter Yeggs [I wanna easter egg! You broke my little arm!]
5. Bugs and Thugs [You might rabbit. You might.]
6. Haredevil Hare [Bugs goes to the moon and meets Marvin the Martian.]
7. Duck, Rabbit, Duck [Duck Season! Rabbit Season!]
8. Bunny Hugged [The CRUSHER!]
9. The Big Snooze [The rabbits are coming hooray, hooray.]
10. Broomstick Bunny [Witch Hazel and her amazing hair pins.]

Not familiar with them? Then you had better get yourself the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volumes 1 through 5 and get to watching.

May 292007

Reality TV just sucks big time. And guess what we get a big dose of starting this month? A bunch of reality TV show crap that’s what. It is the same old same old with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

But in amongst all that reality crap and it is crap don’t try to fool yourself into thinking it is entertaining ‘cause it isn’t, you may actually find some good TV if you flip through the channels a bit.

Here’s a list of some [hopefully] quality shows for your viewing pleasure:

Weeds [Can’t wait to see what happens after last season’s finale. Thank god for on-demand!] Returns 8/13 on SHO @ 9 [that’s EST as will all the times be from this notice forward].

Saving Grace new show starring Holly Hunter as Det. Grace Hannadarko 7/18 on TNT @ 10.

Kyle XY he meets up with his XX [female] counter part. 6/11 ABC Family @ 8.

Hex BBC America Saturdays @ 9. 2nd and sadly final season L

Creature Comforts new series from the guy who gives us Wallace and Gromit. Hopefully the USA version will not meet with the same fate as other Brit shows to cross the pond. 6/4 on CBS @ 8.

Eureka a town full of scientists mad and otherwise comes back for another season on SCIFI 7/10 @ 9.

Flash Gordon on SCIFI premieres 8/10. This will not be the 80s Flash [aaaaaaaah] version [check out the 80s Flash action figures at Entertainment Earth].

The 4400. 6/17 on USA @ 9

The Dead Zone Johnny is back! Hopefully sans political entanglements, the show is much better without them. 6/17 USA @ 10.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Cartoon Network 6/17 @ 10. Special 30th Anniversary show featuring the voice of Lucas himself!

Monk. The phobias return on 7/13 on USA @ 9.

The Closer 6/18 TNT @ 9. Not just another cop show.

Doctor Who. Last season we got a new Dr. This season a new companion. Loving this series. 7/6 on SCIFI @ 9

Jekyll 8/4 BBC America @ 8. Jekyll controls his Hyde with technology but watch out Big Brother might be watching.