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Feb 142010

It might seem like one of the scariest parts of starting an online business can be figuring out credit card processing and how to implement that into your online shopping cart. Just the costs alone can be frightening, but it does not need to be that way.

Surprisingly online credit card processing is a very simple thing to set up and start using, while the hardest part may be in finding the right shopping cart that will work with your credit card processor and not force you into using the one they have teamed with. The processor they have chosen to partner with may not be the best fit for your company.

A lot of the people I know with online stores don’t always have a physical retail store, but that doesn’t stop them from selling in offline forums like craft shows or expos. Just because they are not doing business online doesn’t mean they have to become a cash only store when on the road. There are great options for wireless credit card processing that lets you take your store accounts with you wherever you go. For people just starting out wireless processing can be a bit expensive, but don’t think you can’t do it. There is always the DialPay or telephone option. And who doesn’t have access to a cell phone these days?

No matter what type of card processing you need, you should have no problem figuring it all out with a little research. Good luck with your new venture.

Feb 262009

It started out earlier today when my IE6 (I haven’t moved to 7 at work yet as I hate it at home so I tried to keep work from being faced with the same idiotic browsing issues I have here at home) when I got this weird error that the site I was working on had a script on it that was making internet explorer run slow. First time I had ever seen that error message pop up.

Even with all the crap that you get with microsoft’s browser I tend to use it the majority of the time. I know, I know. It is out of a force of habit. But every once in a while I open up Firefox and use it. At work I do this because some sites no longer function properly in IE6.

Anywho, remember how much fun Netscape was and how you had to bounce around from browser to browser because it could not do something the same as the other browser, well this is pretty much the same thing. Why can’t they all just get along?

Case in point this little blog does not work in Firefox but it mostly okay in MSIE7/6. No idea why, but if this looks screwy to you switch over to MSIE and then back again. Sorry.

So do I remove the offending video (I think it is the embedded CBS vids) or leave them there and let ya’ll figure it out? Either way I still hate the incompatibility issues in browsers!

Sep 152008

Normally I do not usually put going to the dentist above anything, not even work, but I have to say I am glad I was at the dentist today.

Driving to the dentist I heard about a massive police action in West Chester where I work. At first it only sounded like it was one street that was blocked off then the next time it was on the radio it was another street then another one. Turned out to be a bomb at one of the parking garages. Since I work just a few blocks away it really was a good day to go to the dentist.

Which would you prefer a trip to the dentist or a bomb a few blocks away?

Aug 232008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was very good. Most people seem to have an issue with the fact that Narnia is not the same place it was in the first film. How could it be it is 1300 years later? For once I read the book first and this was a very close rending of the original. All but one scene, that is.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty good. At first Harrison ford appears really old and you think how the heck is he going to pull this off. Surprisingly he does and you soon forget how Old he really is. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending (sorry spoiler alert)… I didn’t mind the whole alien thing or even the space ship leaving I the thing I did not like was how the 13 skeletons became one living breathing alien. They were dead and dead is dead even in alternate dimensions. A friend of mine did not like that Indy wasn’t on a search for a religious object. I beg to differ and say the crystal skulls are a religious object just not a Christian one. Perhaps after another viewing I’ll see past the resurrected alien and like it a bit better. Who knows.

Wall-e – This little robot will steal your heart. I just pretty much loved this whole flick. When I first heard the Wall-e soundtrack I couldn’t help wondering why they included the two songs from Hello Dolly. This becomes clear once seeing the film. The beginning is a little slow, but worth it. My only complaint (and not really sure it is a complaint] is that Wall-e did not affect more of the humans on the ship prior to the big final scene. I just think his presence on the ship would have caused more than two people to “awake” from their self-absorbed worlds before the big ending. Overall this is an excellent film worth both a big screen viewing and addition to my DVD collection when it comes out.

Hell boy 2 – I don’t usually get to say this, but this sequel was just as good as the first film. Had I not known this going in to the film I would have said the guy from Pan’s Labyrinth must of had something to do with this, and well, yes he did. Boy does it show, but in a good way. Visually stunning. But we get more than just new other worldly characters to look at, the story is good and our main characters are developed further as well. The scene that stands out the most for me has Hellboy and Abe singing to a Manilow song. You really have to see it. This film is well worth the big screen price tag.

Batman: The Dark Knight – Well here I go again this sequel is just as good (may even be better) than the first one. I tried to stay away from too many spoilers on this film before seeing it, which was a little hard to do after Heath Ledger died. It really is a darn shame too because he made one hell of a great Joker and it would have been nice to see him play the part again. The few glimpses I saw of the film before hand had me worried they were putting too many villains in one film like the last batch of Batman movies. But it is nicely done. Heck you don’t even need to see the first film to go see this one. We do get a glimpse of Scarecrow at the beginning, but the story is all about the Joker and Harvey Dent. By the end of the film I was getting a little tired of Christian Bale’s Batman voice. It actually started to grate on my nerves. I don’t mind his regular speaking voice too much even with his speak impediment, but when he lowers his voice for the Bat it just really bothers me. (And not just me but the two people that went with me said the same thing.) Since we saw the film it seems many other people have posted their reviews and have pretty much said the same thing.

Aug 212008

It is getting to be that time of year again. Time to go back-to-school. I live with a teacher so even though I don’t have to head back to school myself I get all those old feelings stirred up every year as this time of year rolls around. For teachers the school year has technically already started. They have to go in and get their rooms ready for the arrival of all the kids that will be flooding into the rooms.

I honestly cannot say I miss going back to school at all. I was a total wreck every year. I was (still am) a disorganized mess. Way back in my day (when we used to walk 12 miles to school in the freezing rain) we did not have handy organizational tools like the Dymo label maker. I wish I had one of those back then. I would have labeled everything, my books, notebooks; I would have used it to put my schedule on each and every one of my books and folders. I had an irrational fear of losing my schedule and not knowing where I was supposed to be. The labels would have been great and Color labels even better. They certainly would not have faded like writing on the book covers does and it certainly would be much neater that’s for sure.

So when you’re getting ready to head back to school be sure to add a Dymo label maker to your shopping list. It will make heading back to the classroom so much easier no matter whether it is kindergarten or college. You’ll find a valuable use for it, I’m sure.

Jul 092008

Big Ass HouseThis mansion is for sale in my neighborhood (okay, so it is about 5 blocks away, but still close enough to see it everyday and say I wish I could have that). Well it is WAY out of my price range and pretty much anyone else’s too. Heck the taxes are almost what I make a year. Guess I will need to start playing the lottery and get at least two more jobs! I would be working 24/7 just to pay the taxes let alone the mortgage.

 Great news though the property has been slashed from 1.2 million dollars to a mere $997,500! Well, slashing the estimated value has also dropped those taxes. When I first looked at the house at 1.2 million the taxes were $33,000 now they are $22,000. How the heck could anyone pay those property taxes? But it is really beautiful inside check it out at Kurfiss Realty.

 UPDATE: I believe this property has sold. Rumor is it will be a drug and alcohol rehab. Great.

Jul 082008

Well I guess enough is enough. They caught my little blog posts at work and called me on them. Even though I never said where I worked it was obvious to them or anyone who knows me that I was referring to them, I guess they did not like having a mirror held up to their faces. I really thought they would fire becoming yet one more casualty in the freedom of speech and right blog wars. Apparently I did come pretty close to getting let go. So I self censored. I edited my posts to remove any offending text (at least what I thought was offending any way) and I won’t post any more of my feelings when it comes to my job. So for now it is business as usual at least until that other foot drops and I finally become another blogger fired for writing their feelings online.

Jul 072008

This morning I witnessed an accident. Heck I was almost in the accident. This guy was flying up beside me on the left (I was in the middle lane) and the traffic was heavy up ahead due to road construction. Well he wasn’t going to wait. He zipped around behind me to make a right hand turn from the far left lane!

I followed the whole thing in my mirrors. As I got to my passenger side mirror I saw him being hit by a Toyota pickup that was coming down the far right lane. It really shook me up. I pulled over to see if they were okay and to give them my name and number for the cops to call me as a witness if needed. (It was clearly the aggressive driving of the guy in the car’s fault). I was too shook up to actually stay there. If I had I think I would have had an anxiety attack.

 I am thankful that I was not hit by the guy as he nearly clipped me as he whipped behind my car. The way I felt (and still do) I do not know how I would have reacted if I was involved more than merely witnessing it. As it was I was a nervous wreck the entire day at work.

Jul 042008

Well July 4th is here and while it is very nice to have a long weekend it isn’t doing me any good. I am both physically sick and emotionally drained. I won’t be doing the picnic with the family (might not be so bad since it looks like rain any way).

 I probably would feel up to going even if I did not have an actual illness. I intend to spend the rest of the day in bed hiding under the covers. On the bright side it is a paid holiday.

Hope everyone else out there is enjoying their long weekend and getting to see fireworks. Happy Birthday USA.

Jul 032008

Today sucked.

This week sucked.

I suck.

My week started out horribly. It never had anything even close to a good point at any point. Then it ended just a horribly.

To be honest I have to wonder why I am still here on this planet.

Not feeling well I went in to drink some milk (hoping it would settle my stomach – it did not). As I was drinking it I noticed some of the magnetic poetry on the fridge.

Drink milk and dream.

Okay so I drank the milk all I need now are the dreams. Will they be nightmares? Most likely I will be trapped, attacked and killed repeatedly during the night. Why shouldn’t my dreams mimic my life?

I hope to be back to my regular bitchy self soon. Either that or just gone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Jun 242008

Every day it seems that my allergies get worse. The other day I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to a co-workers perfume. I have always been overly sensitive to strong smells especially if my sinuses are infected or if my seasonal allergies are in full bloom (so to speak). But this was more than mere sensitivity. My throat felt like it was closing, my voice changed, my breathing became labored and my eyes were burning.

As my symptoms progressed I started to get scared. And I did not have my eppy pen with me. Idiot!

So I called my doctor to see if there was anything I should do. The nurse I spoke with told me I was just sensitive to smells, true but this was more than that. I was having the same type of allergic reaction as if I just ate celery. (That’s right I said celery.)

Thank god my co-worker was out of the office for most of the day so I had a chance to clear the air and start to feel a little better. My voice never did get back to normal until the next day. Overall I felt lousy for the next couple of days.

I am often affected in this way while out shopping. At least then I can leave the building and go home where I can breath. I can’t just come and go at work.

Jun 242008

Small businesses often have inappropriate email addresses like or This is not at all professional and often makes your company look as if it is not legit.

It really does not take too much time or money to set up a professional email with your own domain name. All you need is a good, low cost hosting company. Look for companies that offer shared web site hosting as this will lower the cost per month for their services. A great option is they offer email services for less than $7 per month or set up a nice web page to go with that new professional email address for less than $10 per month.

With a little more information about your company and a professional email address you’ll have customers that are more confident in your abilities as an actual business. A business should never have an AOL, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email account when professional email and web hosting are so affordable these days.