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May 272010

Foods I can never have ever again.

(Raw): cherry, nectarine, celery, carrots, banana, apple, tomato, potato, orange, grapefruit, pineapple

(Cooked): soybean (any Soy), apple, clam, oyster, lobster, shrimp, mixed fish, crab, peanuts, almonds (All nuts), mustard, carrot, potato.

Items in bold are new. Might even be more, these are just the touch them again and u could die list.

Dec 052008

Why are there soybeans in my Tuna? Good question isn’t it? When I pick up a can of solid white tuna in water that’s what I expect to get. But you will also get soy beans. The ingredients of Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna in water are listed as: White tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt, phosphate, with The warning contains Fish and soybeans. Well The fish is a given (and supposedly salmon and tuna are the only ones I can have now), but where is that soybean warning coming from? The vegetable broth, which apparently doesn’t even need to be there as my call to StarKist to complain proved. So along with natural flavors watch out for anything listing vegetable broth!

I called to complain to Starkist that in water should mean in water and to ask if any of their tuna was soy free. They do have a premium Gourmet Choice tuna that is soy free. It is pretty much the exact same as the regular White tuna just no osy, a gold label, half ounce less all for about a dollar more. They sent me a coupon to try it.

The ingredients of the StarKist Gourmet Choice Solid White Albacore Tuna Fillet (gold can) are: white meat tuna, water, salt, sodium acid phosphate with the warning that it contains fish (nothing about being manufactured in a facility that handles soybeans). So this time in water means in water.

Bumble Bee also makes a Prime fillet Solid White Albacore in water (in a gold can) that is soybean free (no vegetable broth). The Bumble Bee Tuna is less expensive and has six ounces to Starkist’s 4.5 oz. We will see which one tastes better.

Dec 042008

The soy free Mayo Search may have ended. I think I have found the answer to mayonnaise problem (kind of). Thanks to all the people over at topix for answering some one else’s question it sure helped me.

Spectrum Naturals makes a Canola Mayonnaise that unlike Hellmann’s Canola mayonnaise truly is soy free. And it saves me from making my own. The whole raw eggs thing had me freaked what if I poisoned myself? But if I made it I could leave out the mustard (another allergen for me albeit a lesser of two evils for now).

Spectrum Naturals Canola mayonnaise ingredients expeller pressed canola oil, pasteurized whole eggs, filtered water, honey, distilled white vinegar, sea salt, mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed Salt), lemon juice concentrate, (warnings) Contains Eggs.

Haven’t tasted it yet, I hope it is good as it is answer to my prayers so-to-speak. Only problem is the price a small jar was almost six bucks. Plus I had to go into a health food store to get it. No I’m not afraid of hippies, it’s just everything and I do mean everything in there seems to contain soy in one form or another, The entire refrigerated section was completely soy. As I have said before — soy equals death to me. Not that my soy (or peanut for that matter) allergy is air borne it’s just such Close proximity to so much soy bothered me.

I’m actually surprised they had this mayo there since vegans and vegetarians all seem to think Soy protein is a saving grace, it’s not. The only place for soybean oil is in gas tanks not our foods. The use of it in foods will only increase the number of people who become allergic to Soy. Think about it. In a way we are poisoning ourselves ever so slowly, I’ll try my new Mayo when I make my next Tuna sandwich.

Dec 022008

All my life I have been told that margarine is better for you than butter. Maybe it is, but since my Soy allergy has kicked into full gear (it could potentially kill me) butter is the safest choice for me. Margarine like mayo is all made from soybean oil. Even if it says canola it only means with Canola the mass majority of the oil will be soybean oil. So I have abandoned margarine in my diet and have gone over to the buttery side of life. Taste has improved, but butter is hard unless you get the whipped butter. Like every thing else soy free butter is more expensive and to remain Soy free you have to stick with the brand names. Generics will slip in Cheaper bad for you ingredients.

I have found a pretty good solution to spread on my homemade bread (need to ask my mom to make me a loaf). My solution is Country Crock’s spreadable butter with Canola Oil. It was easily found in my grocer, no driving all over god’s creation to find it. It spreads easily and tastes good too,

Ingredients: Butter (cream, salt), canola oil, buttermilk, water, salt, lactic acid, Vitamin A

Nov 302008

Good old Vlasic pickles have been my favorite snack of late but I am apparently going to have to cut the kosher Dill spears out. Guess I did not read the ingredients list carefully enough. I really do need to be more diligent when it comes to reading labels. Smack in the middle of the list
is the dreaded “natural flavors”. Why on earth would pickets need additional flavors?

Looks like my Bread and Butter chips should be fine, I’ll just leave the Kosher dill for everyone else. Might explain my nausea of a few weeks ago when I would come home and grab a dill spear as a snack before my meals.

Vlasic kosher Dill Spears ingredients: Cucumbers, Water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium Chloride, poly sorbets 80, natural flavors, Yellow 5.

Only 5 calories a pickle spear if you can eat them.

Vlasic Bread & Butter chips ingredients: Cucumbers, high fructose Corn syrup, water, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, spice, Calcium Chloride, Yellow 5

Calories 25 for about 3 chips. 100-calorie snack would be about 12 pickle chips. I don’t think I could eat that many at one time. But they do make a nice side to my tuna sandwiches, (which are not completely soy free thanks to the bread).

Nov 252008

Trying to live a soy free lifestyle is hard. Much harder than one would think. (Sorry but since this affects my every waking moment you’ll see a lot of soy posts on this blog.) As I had learned from my search for Mayo when an ingredients list says “natural flavors” it is really saying soy. […]

Oct 242008

Speaking of Halloween, my best friend is having her annual party, which is usually friends and family just a small gathering. When I spoke to her about going to see Sweeney Todd, which is why we are not going to have a party since my housemate is in the show, she voiced her concerns about […]

Oct 162008

I have been meaning to post a complete list of my allergies for my friends so they know. Up until now I have only told the some of the story. Trees: maple, elm, box elder, willow, sycamore, ash, oak, walnut, cottonwood, birch. Grasses: june, orchard, timothy, ragweed. Weeds: plaintain, cocklebur, marsh elder, pig weed, russian […]

Oct 052008

I recently had additional tests for food allergies. I am getting worse. I had already known of my celery, carrot, and peanut allergies, but the list is a lot longer now. It now includes soy, hazelnuts (actually we can say all tree nuts), Brazil nuts, almonds (like I said we can just write off all […]