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Aug 102008

Star Wars Clone WarsWell the reviews are starting to come in for the new Star Wars animated film and they are not all that great. Personally, I was none too impressed by the trailers. This animation is doing nothing for me. It looks like the video clips in the video games but not quite as good. Not sure why Lucas decided to go with this choppy new look (the cartoon networks mini mini-series was done better than this feature film). An article in the Reading Eagle dared to compare this style to anime. I don’t think they could have been more wrong. Maybe they just don’t know what the anime style of animation really is or not. But this is not anime; it is video game animation.

Yes I will be going to see it. The geek in me propels me to do so, but I am not expecting too much especially now that I am reading reviews, which are pretty much telling the things I was already feeling about it. I hate to say it but as for the sci-fi animated films coming out this summer, Fly Me to the Moon might be the best of the bunch. And if I am going to spend the money to go to the new IMAX Theater here in Reading it might as well be for the 3D flick. I’ll hit one of the other theaters for a matinee for Star Wars Clone Wars.

Star Wars Clone Wars Star Wars Clone Wars

Will the animated series due out this fall on the Cartoon Network be the same crappy animation?

Jun 092008

Hey anime fans! Bleach the Movie hits select theaters this week for only two days. It will show on June 11th and June 12th at 7:30pm. Be sure to check out the official event site for complete listing of theaters. I know for me it is only playing in a handful of theaters here in PA. Luckily, one is close enough to go see it. The film is dubbed in English for those of you, like me, who hate to read an action film.

While we are on the subject of Manga and Anime, what would your name be if you could choose one? Mine would be Chiharu. I just like the sound of it. Plus in Japanese it means child of a thousands springs. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it?

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Feb 132008

Anime Body PillowSo the boyfirend and girlfriend pillows aren’t quite what you had in mind. How about the sexy anime babe body pillow?

Just imagine curling up in bed next to the cartoon girl of your dreams each night. This truly is a fan boy’s [or girl’s] dream come true. Get yours today at

Here is an explanation as to what these pillow covers are in Japan from Dakimakura are ‘hugging pillows’ or ‘hug pillows’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘love pillow’ or ‘Dutch wife’, although this may be referring to a more adult-type item) illustrated with anime characters or real-life film stars, and a distinctively otaku item. This is a high quality printed ‘hug pillow’ cover with a zipper, designed for a long body pillow available from many sources. While many fans hang their dakimakura covers on their walls or use them as curtains, customers who want to have the full-size hug pillow experience have several options. First, you can buy pillow stuffing material from any home center and stuff the pillow yourself. Also, pre-made body pillows may be available in stores near you . These pillows can also be found online … They recommend the Bodymate Body Pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Feb 132008

Girlfriend PillowToday on the Ellen show she was showing some interesting things from Japan. First she showed the boyfriend pillow and I thought boy that looks familiar. Then she showed the girlfriend pillow and I knew where I saw it. You can get these from

Boyfriend Pillow They have a huge collection of pop culture items from Japan for Adults to Kids, just make sure you don’t get the two mixed up if you know what I mean.

The funniest thing about the pillows is Ellen tried out the boyfriend pillow but refused to go near the girlfriend pillow. Guess she did not want her audience getting any ideas about her 😉