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Dec 232008

I might hate snow but it sure is beautiful. I don’t mind it as long as it stays off the roads. Problem is it does not stay off the roads. The east coast has been hit with snow, sleet and ice for the past few days. It is warming up and boy am I glad. Unfortunately, the warm up might take away the white Christmas so I took some pictures so we can all have a white xmas to look at.

Snowy morning More snow more snow white xmas trees

Mar 242008

Two days ago a young girl in our neighborhood died in a car accident. She was only 24. Only a few years older than my niece. While I may not have personally known her I do remember hearing about her from my friend who was her art teacher in middle school and about how talented and nice she was. Any time a life is taken it is sad, but when one has barely had time to start their life it is all the sadder.

Liz Martelli’s ArtworkLiz was a talented artist and quite the poet. You can read her poems at her MySpace page as long as they keep it up and as a memorial to her I will be posting her work on I just don’t think it should be lost.  The photo to the right is one of her pieces. You can see it as well as other fine artists on the Berks Humane Society’s Art of Arf’s Sake website.

An obituary for Elizabeth Martelli was posted on the Reading Eagle’s website.

Mar 222008

A Reading woman was killed Saturday morning when she lost control of her car on Route 30 in Hellam Township.

Elizabeth Martelli was westbound on Route 30 when she drove off the road between 6 and 7 a.m. and flipped into a cornfield about a mile east of the Hellam exit, York County Deputy Coroner Mary Breighner said.

The 24-year-old was ejected from the car and died from multiple blunt force trauma, Breighner said.

Toxicology tests – which are mandatory in all highway deaths – may take several weeks to be completed, Breighner said.

from the York Daily Record

Mar 012008

Turn signals, know what they are? Seems most people on the road these days have forgotten. Just a little reminder folks the turn signal is the lever on the left-hand side of your steering wheel that moves up and down. It turns on the flashing lights on either side of the car.

Lights that are to be used to signal other drivers of your intent to make a turn, change lanes or even merge, I believe you were instructed on how to use them when learning how to drive, but some where along the way apparently the world forgot how to use them.

The worst offenders are the people who need to warn us the most. I swear I am witness to at least five or six aggressive drivers weaving in and out of traffic, crossing over three lines lanes, or abruptly turning all without a turn signal. Maybe these people should all be given warning signs for their cars so we know what to expect. I am sure there is a store out there somewhere with an Aggressive Driver On Board sign.

Nothing like getting cut off by a jerk that doesn’t use his turn signal. A little heads up that you want my spot on the roadway would be nice.

I was cut off today by a Gertrude Hawk’s chocolate truck, not only are their drivers sucky so are their chocolates.

Okay, that is a little harsh. Their Chocolates are fine, but when you compare them to Asher’s Chocolates Asher’s wins hands down.