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Aug 172008

Well, I have been out of the loop a bit on my cryptozoology circles. I did not even hear that a Bigfoot body was found until my sister told me about it yesterday. I tend to stay away from watching news and reading papers. Most of what I hear is from online news sources and I don’t really check them on the weekends. Apparently two bigfoot hunters found a body in Georgia (USA state not the war torn country). After seeing the photo of the body I have to say this is a hoax and not a very good one. I guess with the demise of newspapers like the Weekly World News there isn’t an outlet for this type of faked news anymore other than online.

Bigfoot Body in FreezerThe two guys that found the body run the website Most likely they only wanted to drum up traffic to the site to hopefully convert it into sales of their merchandise. I do believe that some day someone will find a body or a skeleton of one of these creatures, but this is not it.

If it were real why not release more detailed photos? The press release says it is over 7’ tall, weighs over 500 lbs, male, feet are flat and human like, others where seen the same day and a press conference on DNA evidence was held. Okay, so why not treat this like a real autopsy and photograph every inch of the body and show us the photos of the face, hands, feet, etc? The Bigfoot DNA evidence has not been posted to their site but news sources say it is inconclusive (mix of human and possum DNA was found). Until I am proven wrong I am going to have to say this is a fake. What do you think?