LEGO Brand Retail
May 282008

I have been informed that my sponsored post will not be paid because the yutzes over at PPP think my little tirade about big corporations like those behind the Littermaid litter box trying to kill the little guy like the fine folks over at OurPet’s is a sponsored post. I link to both parties so […]

May 212008

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to impress the blogosphere? Well then prove it. Write your best post and then head on over to is a contest to find the best blog posts on the net. Each day a winner will be chosen. All the winners will then be compiled into […]

May 202008
Caught in Captcha Hell

I completely understand sights requesting captcha verification when submitting comments and feed back in online forms. Heck, I have even considered it for my commenting system on this blog due to all the mechanical spam messages I keep getting in my comments. But after tonights little mishap on another blog I whink I will reconsider. […]

May 132008
Few Simple Pros and Cons on

I have been a member of SocialSpark for two weeks now and I see many possibilities and a few drawbacks. Of course the biggest plus is the chance to make money from your blog posts. That’s a no brainer. It’s really all about the networking; making connections. Increase your link popularity by taking the blog […]

Feb 232008

Okay, so I have had lost of fun with YouTube [even though I generally hate the idea of uploading everything and anything to the web]. Some of the stuff is just great. As you can see by all my recent posts I like Chad Vader. But now to return to normal, okay, somewhat normal. Or […]

Aug 182007
More Creative Ways of Making Money Off Your Blog

This is part two of my article on making money from your blog or website. In the first part we focused on writing. And not everyone likes to write or wants to write. For these people their are alternatives to the standard blog. You can try your hand at video blogs. Tape yourself and your […]

Aug 172007
Make Money With Your Site or Blog

People don’t realize they can make money [or at least try] with their personal sites and blogs. First step is to sign up for quality affiliate programs with companies like Commission Junction, but don’t stop there you’ll find almost any store has an affiliate program if you look hard enough. But is a great […]