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Mar 052008

In honor of Easter being so early this year [it is the earliest Easter in 90 years] I am sharing my love of a certain cartoon bunny rabbit that I grew up watching and loving — Bugs Bunny. Here is my top ten list of the bestest Bugs cartoons.

1. Water Water Every Hare [An interesting monster with an interesting hairdo.]
2. What’s Opera Doc? [Kill the wabbit…]
3. Falling Hare [Gremlins]
4. Easter Yeggs [I wanna easter egg! You broke my little arm!]
5. Bugs and Thugs [You might rabbit. You might.]
6. Haredevil Hare [Bugs goes to the moon and meets Marvin the Martian.]
7. Duck, Rabbit, Duck [Duck Season! Rabbit Season!]
8. Bunny Hugged [The CRUSHER!]
9. The Big Snooze [The rabbits are coming hooray, hooray.]
10. Broomstick Bunny [Witch Hazel and her amazing hair pins.]

Not familiar with them? Then you had better get yourself the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volumes 1 through 5 and get to watching.