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Jul 012011

I was at the Reading Public Library today returning audiobooks which were due a week ago! Can’t believe I had to get sick again just when my library books were due. That will teach me for even going to the library. LOL

Anywho…since I knew they were late I decided to wait til the girl checked them in and just pay the fine right away. Instead of having 5 cents on my account for a year like I did when I checked these audiobooks out. Audiobooks are great for my long drive to work, but I digress.  As I stood there waiting I watched the guy next to her cleaning DVD cases. I could not figure out why he was cleaning them until he picked another one up and a bed bug crawled out of the case.

No wonder the schools in Reading are getting infested. I would bet that the kids are bring them in with their school bags. It appears the library is going to be taken over too thanks to the patrons. Yuck.

I shant be taking any DVDs out of the library that you very much. Besides I have Netflix without the bed bugs.

I did take out two books, but I hesitated when it came time to take the into the house.

Dec 142008

Spider on my carI found this photo when I was downloading my images the other day and thought I would share it here. One day on my way to work this past Fall I had a hitchhiker on my car antenna. I hope you can see how big and perfect this spider’s web was. I am not a fan of the arachnid, but as long as there is glass between us I can appreciate their beauty.

The spider along with his artwork did not last too long once my car hit about 30 mph.