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Aug 102010

Okay so if you are a person and want to express your displeasure with a company how do you complain? I voice my opinion to my friends and family and that circle has grown to include my online friends and family too. I also avoid using those products and services ever again, if I can help it.

Some examples of this are Comcast….hate them, their customer service, their product — everything but I still use them because cable companies are a monopoly and I have no other choice (don’t get me started on satellite TV). Thanks to my complaints here on my blog they did finally take notice and come out to fix both the DVR issues & the cable leading to my house.

Another example is the SCI FI Channel (now SyFy) for personal reasons I can not really spell out here, they did a great disservice to me back in 2000 & I have never gone back (only a few exceptions have occurred.

Then there is The Outback Restaurant. I some of the worst service by any waitress ever there, which was then followed up by the manager who only defended the waitress. I could not eat the food and was still charged. I actually had to take my complaint to to get the corporate office to notice my complaint and/or do anything about it. All they did was send me a gift card for a restaurant that I was never going to ever again (I have not been back in one in over 5 years). I gave the gift card to friend.

Latest example is BP. With this BIG problem in the Gulf I refuse to buy their gas (thank goodness there aren’t many around so I do not have to actively avoid them but I will drive by if there is one even if the gas is cheaper). Will I ever go back to BP? No.   I haven’t gone back to using Exxon gas for anything so why would I forgive BP?

That being said…I think you now know the answer to the question…do i hold grudges? YES.

Seems like companies these days are more about PR then they are about actual customer service. Shame, because those companies will never see my business again.

Feb 132010

Well I have pretty much already beat this to death, but I feel it needs repeating. FEARnet is the only horror channel on Comcast and quite frankly it is the worst one out there. Come on Comcast give us something better please.

Oh, you can ask for channels but they never add them so why bother?

Additional reasons that FEARnet and Comcast suck can be found here:

Feb 132010

Well if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I have an ongoing issue with Comcast Cable and their crappy service. This time it is their customer service. I have already pointed out their enormous cost before so let me just tell you how shocked I was by my bill once my triple play pricing special ran out. So I grabbed a phone and gave them a call. I was put on hold then disconnected. Okay, so I call back this time I get some one who says they are going to look into it for me. Again I am put on hold and the call is disconnected! At this point my frustration has turned to anger so I decide I am going to wait a few days and call back.

A couple of days go by and I try calling again. This time I get some one who seems eager to help and isn’t hanging up on me. He supposedly tries to  change my plans to reduce my costs, but every time he does his computer crashes. He reboots twice before telling me to call back again.

Well their ploy worked. I gave up trying and I continue to pay them way too much money all because I could not get any customer service.

Their commercials talk about how wonderful they are and how if they don’t fix something on the first call they’ll give you $20. Wonder if that guarantee works when you cannot get satisfaction from their call center?

Aug 212008

Comcast is so ticking me off again. They splash advertisements all over the place trying to get you to sign up for their triple play program (TV, internet and phone) by enticing you with a free gift. Last month it was a Wii, the month before that a TV this month it is a years free DVR rental.

Well I finally broke down and did it. Guess what? You have to be a new customer. Not just a new customer to the triple play (which I am), but never having had an account with Comcast ever. I don’t think their fine print that flashes across the screen says that. All it says is new customer and I fit that bill as I NEVER, EVER had a triple play account. Oh, and to top it all off the price I was quoted is only good for a year. I wasn’t told it was special pricing. I was told that was the price (by the lady in the corporate office). Now I learn it will mostly likely double after my year is up! Sometimes I hate Comcast (okay so most of the time I hate them).

Aug 062008

Aggressive drivers really should behave themselves while driving the company car. Maybe they get so caught up in their speeding and tailgating they forget they are in an easily identifiable vehicle.

 I had this Comcast van (#50 by the way) riding my but the whole way up route 12 in Reading today (around 6:15). He must have been late getting home or something. Finally, when he got off my bumper he whipped around me cutting me off a went speeding down the road.

 Isn’t there any way we can report aggressive drivers? Wish there was.

Jun 082008

Comcast came out to review the problems I am having with the DVR. Those problems being many like the screen going black when I try to play anything on the DVR or after I pause or try to rewind live TV, no sound after recording if the DVR was turned off at the time of […]