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Nov 062012


Salty tears sting my face
Sundry emotions begin to race
I miss you so
Why did you have to go
When my heart is wary
I come to this quiet cemetery
Standing beside your grave
Trying to be strong and brave
I touch your name engraved in stone
Somehow I feel so alone
Through my mortal heartache
I know God makes no mistakes
During my solace visit
I smile and reflect a bit
One day in Heaven we’ll be
Together again and happy

Nov 052012


Sunrise blazes the morning sky
Reflecting on a small pond nearby
Still surface, liquid glass
A mirror in the slumbering grass
Lucent colors of first morning
This sleepy pond is adorning
Watching from my dewy lawn
Absorbing pleasures of the dawn

Nov 042012


Blanched morning sky of blue
Host gentle clouds with gray bases
An easy wind is blowing
The Heavens are gathering souls
Will He call for her today
Or lend breath to stay
My soul is stirred by warm sunshine
Gleaming thru the window
Carrying me back to here

Nov 032012


I paused for a moment
And there I did see
This loving embrace
At the root of a tree

In the garden of love
Each other holding tight
Steadfast and true
Through everyday and every night

Upon the gentle earth
Lovers the world around
Long to hold each other
And say “I love you” without a sound.

Nov 022012
Cold Gentleness by Carla Weinhold

COLD GENTLENESS Powerful emotion in this stone Essence of her soul are shown Feel her cold gentleness Touching you with her tenderness Her compassion in contrast, due The very rock she is bound to She will remain timeless thru the ages Mystifying with her enchanted gazes

Nov 012012
Mystical Full Moon by Carla Weinhold

MYSTICAL FULL MOON Mystical full moon smiles at me Through naked, bent branches of an old tree Above the horizon situate high Laughing in the blue midnight sky Silent song the moon sings Lunar induced romance it brings Spilling silver beams of moonlight Robbing the black out of the night Surrounded by stars shimmering and […]