LEGO Brand Retail
Aug 242008

There is nothing worse than getting into a dark car on a hot summer day except getting into that same car when the air conditioner isn’t working properly. My friend’s new car (you know the one she got after our accident last November) just does not seem to cool off the car. There has to […]

Aug 062008

Aggressive drivers really should behave themselves while driving the company car. Maybe they get so caught up in their speeding and tailgating they forget they are in an easily identifiable vehicle.  I had this Comcast van (#50 by the way) riding my but the whole way up route 12 in Reading today (around 6:15). He […]

May 122008

Next time you need a car rental why not check out one of the smaller companies. Now mind you they are all that small as you will find pick up and drop off points and numerous US and international airports. They just aren’t every where like some companies, at least not yet. First thing that […]

Mar 242008
Liz Martelli You Will Be Missed

Two days ago a young girl in our neighborhood died in a car accident. She was only 24. Only a few years older than my niece. While I may not have personally known her I do remember hearing about her from my friend who was her art teacher in middle school and about how talented […]

Nov 162007

It is car registration time and that got me thinking about finally get that personalized license plate. You know for another way to express myself out on the road besides my bumper sticker and magnet. As a further way to express myself beyond my TREK “fish” and my Assimilation is not a Family Value bumper […]

Sep 172007

This past weekend a car zipped past me with the license plate number of DVS-6660. By the look of the plate and the fact that it ended in zero, I think it was a random plate straight from the DMV and not a personalized plate. Why add that trailing zero if it was personalized? Then […]