LEGO Brand Retail
Jan 132013

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterThe Cosmic Catnip Bubble shooter has been thoroughly tested in the kitty testing lab (aka my home). I have seen this type of bubble blower in the toy stores and find it an interesting idea and a great way to save on batteries. This one just does not quite work. The kids versions of course are being used outside not inside so it does not matter what kind of mess is being made. Inside the house that is a different matter entirely.

This drips bubble fluid profusely. Since the star is so small and cannot be grabbed or squeezed with only one hand there is no way to hold the lid under the nozzle to catch all the dripping liquid. I had a soaking wet knee by the time I was done playing with Piper (and I think her head was a bit wet too). The packaging shows it being held and used with one hand. Unless you have immense hand strength there is no way you are getting bubbles out of this toy with one hand. Even with two hands it is sometimes hard to get more than one bubble at a time.

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterOne of my cats (Piper) simply adores bubbles and has even become very aware that this toy makes her prized bubbles. If I pick up the blower she will run over and wait for the bubbles to be made. However, we both soon became very frustrated with the lack of bubbles that come out of the blower (she is used to a battery operated blower – the noise does not bother her and she gets tons of bubbles without the mess), so this small shooter was a big disappointment for her and me.

Simply put, the amount of mess it makes combined with the difficulty in blowing the bubbles the toy is just not worth it. Sorry.