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Jan 132013

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterThe Cosmic Catnip Bubble shooter has been thoroughly tested in the kitty testing lab (aka my home). I have seen this type of bubble blower in the toy stores and find it an interesting idea and a great way to save on batteries. This one just does not quite work. The kids versions of course are being used outside not inside so it does not matter what kind of mess is being made. Inside the house that is a different matter entirely.

This drips bubble fluid profusely. Since the star is so small and cannot be grabbed or squeezed with only one hand there is no way to hold the lid under the nozzle to catch all the dripping liquid. I had a soaking wet knee by the time I was done playing with Piper (and I think her head was a bit wet too). The packaging shows it being held and used with one hand. Unless you have immense hand strength there is no way you are getting bubbles out of this toy with one hand. Even with two hands it is sometimes hard to get more than one bubble at a time.

Cosmic Catnip Bubble ShooterOne of my cats (Piper) simply adores bubbles and has even become very aware that this toy makes her prized bubbles. If I pick up the blower she will run over and wait for the bubbles to be made. However, we both soon became very frustrated with the lack of bubbles that come out of the blower (she is used to a battery operated blower – the noise does not bother her and she gets tons of bubbles without the mess), so this small shooter was a big disappointment for her and me.

Simply put, the amount of mess it makes combined with the difficulty in blowing the bubbles the toy is just not worth it. Sorry.

Dec 222012

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat I really thought this book was just going to be another Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus book using stereotypical dogs are dumb, cats are distant types of statements. I was wrong (I know hard to believe me admitting that, huh). As a pet person I honestly did not want to like this book. I thought it would give bad images of cats and dogs by trying to lump them into human personality traits (and I am not very fond of some of them, but overall I enjoyed the book). It gives you a new way to look at relationships.

The book is less a battle of the sexes and more a merging of species. Very funny and insightful (reading the descriptions of dogs vs cats you can honestly say, “I’m like that” or “I know someone just like that”). Makes us think about ourselves, our partners, and our relationships.

Book Description

[amazon_link id=”0983096813″ target=”_blank” ]I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat[/amazon_link] is a short, delightfully humorous book filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations that highlight the sometimes quirky personality traits of felines and canines and how they mirror those of humans, especially as it relates to their interpersonal relations. Dog and cat owners who are in relationships will understand and appreciate the correlations and conclusions drawn from this unique comparison. How wonderful it would be if we were able to discover a new insight that helped us all communicate more effectively with the special people in our life. This book will help you identify if you are hard-wired more like a cat or a dog and how to understand that dog or cat in your life. By using a little humor to gain a deeper appreciation of your partner, you can begin to understand their behavior and how to react in those instances when you just don’t see eye to eye on things. Visit and take the quiz.

About the Author

Marla Press was born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois. She attended college at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas-Austin. She has always had a great love of animals and has had many dogs and cats in her life (the four-legged kind). I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat: Love Lessons From Our Furry Friends was created as she tried to understand a new relationship in her life-thus the idea for the book. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her two real rescue dogs, Riley and Bella.

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat

Dogs are excitable creatures by nature!

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat

Cats are a bit more “low key”.

I'm a Dog, You're a Cat

Dec 172012

Carrot[amazon_link id=”0981971490″ target=”_blank” ]Carrot[/amazon_link] is written by Vanita Oelschlager and illustrated by Kristin Blackwood. Published by VanitaBooks LLC.

Dreams are okay, but sometimes reality is even better. Learn to accept what you have in your life through the eyes of an orange tabby cat named Carrot.

Cute kitty adventure illustrations are teamed up with a rhyming text that is sometimes well above a child’s reach (but I guess that is what parents are for — to explain those big words like caviar, champagne and cotillion).

Book Description

A playful and rhythmic page-turner, Carrot the Cat learns that to like who you are is right where it’s at. Carrot is a delightful story about a common house cat who finds that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Oct 222012

I just got a chance to try out the [amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] and while I am skeptical of ALL As Seen On TV products, I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

[amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]The Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] quickly and easily removed all cat hair left by my three kitties on their favorite sleeping spots.

It was super easy to clean (just run it under warm water and rub the crud away)  and it was ready to use again after only a few quick shakes to get the water off.

No more buy adhesive hair removers to clog up landfills. Sticky Buddy does the job and comes back for more!

But wait! You also get a travel size [amazon_link id=”B007FRSX0U” target=”_blank” ]Sticky Buddy[/amazon_link] with your purchase.

Sep 222012

Abby on my PC

Ever come home to find your cat on your PC? I don’t know why but mine have always been draw to it. Abby here always had to be on my lap or in this case on my laptop, whenever I worked on my computer.

But cats walking across a keyboard can actually be dangerous.

Not for the cat, but for the files on the PC.

I don’t know how many times she turned off my wifi just by hitting the right combo of keys. She even closed programs making me lose the file I was working on.

In this photo you can see she has brought up the task screen. Who knows what could have been deleted or reset on my PC!

Thank goodness I never lost any vital files (like all my photos of my kitties) or I would have been heartbroken.

Surdoc has the solution (and not just for us cat owners either). Get 30 GB of free online backup & storage for all your important files. Just use the promo code: CATPROOF to get your fee 30GB of backup storage now.

Here is a handy infographic with tips on how to cat proof your PC.

Cat Proof Your Computer


Aug 062012
LEGO Club MAX Promotional Minifgure

<a target=”_blank” href=””>LEGO Club MAX Minifgure Promotional Set 4pc MIP Hard to Find</a><img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=”[CACHEBUSTER]”> Selling this to help the Blind Cat Sanctuary. Please bid.

Aug 062012
LEGO Universe Rocket Ship Set 55001 & Minifigure Set 2853944

<a target=”_blank” href=””>LEGO Universe Rocket Ship 55001 & Minifigure 2853944</a><img style=”text-decoration:none;border:0;padding:0;margin:0;” src=”[CACHEBUSTER]”> Selling this to help the Blind Cat Sanctuary. Please bid.

Feb 282012

A friend of mine lost her house this week. She, her husband and her pets all got out safely. Fire really scares me  and this got me thinking about how quickly we could get the cats out of the house if this happened here. We will be setting up an emergency kitty kit  and getting a plan […]

Sep 082011

If you haven’t heard about it is about time you do. It is owned by the Halo company (you know the pet food company that has Ellen as an owner) and they have a different trivia question daily on their sites and (I just learned about the kitty one myself.) Every time […]

Sep 052011
Who Rescued Who

Boris was a rescue, but not your typical adoption. We actually adopted Boris before his furry little butt ever went to the humane society. We already had it in mind to adopt our next cat, but weren’t ready to do it just yet when he showed up on our doorstep.  Quite literally. One of our neighbors […]

Jun 132011
June is Adopt a Cat Month

June is Adopt a Cat Month so I think you should all go out right now and adopt a little kitty! My friends at One By One have cats for adoption at all the local Petsmart and Petco stores. So finding a little guy to save should not be a problem. In fact this sweet […]